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Denise Richards Adopts Newborn

6/29/2011 5:08 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Denise Richards has adopted a newborn baby ... TMZ has confirmed.


It's a girl, who is now a few weeks old.  Denise named the baby Eloise Joni, after her mom Joni, who died in 2007.

The biological mother gave birth in the U.S.

Eloise joins Sam, 7, and Lola, 6, in the Richards brood.      


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@nola......I think they mentioned that the child was born in America, because everyone was up in arms over so many adoptions from other countries when there were so many from the USA that needed to be adopted..just guessing

1214 days ago


Man, there are a bunch of haters out there! There has never been anything written or said that was bad about Denise Richards and the way she raises her own children. She cannot be blamed for her ex's problems. she is a good mother and believe me, there are PLENTY of babies that need adopting. Good for you girl!

1214 days ago

Denise Fan    

Good for her & the baby! Denise has a net worth of 12 million dollars. Denise will support the child, not Charlie. She is an excellent mother who will love, protect and cherish this baby as if it was her own blood. Go Denise!

1214 days ago


That is BULLSH/ T!!! My sister has been with her husband for 15 years, married for 2, and they are having a hard time adopting a baby. They would be great parents, and here this single woman can adopt a (probably white) newborn with no trouble. That is wrong on so many levels. Committed, loving couples can't easily adopt, but a single b-list actress with $ can. BULLSH/ T!!!

1214 days ago


How is the baby only a few weeks old if the biological mother died in 2007??

1214 days ago


Bailey, are you serious? It is saying that Denise named the baby after her own mother, like if you named your baby after your Mom. It was poorly written, which is no surprise here on TMZ, but it should've been pretty clear what it meant after 2 seconds of thought.

1214 days ago


Does she even have a job besides Charlies Child support? Child supports supposed to be for Chucks kids? You should have a non child support income before adopting?? shouldn't you?

1214 days ago


Good for her. She seems to be a good mom. Her girls will love help taking care of the new baby. At 50,000 a month from Charlie she should have no problem having enough money. If Charlie dont get a show soon Im sure those payments to the x will go down. Its amazing the amount they get for support, 50,000 is more than alot of people make in a year. ANYWAY I wish you the best Denise many years of happiness.

1214 days ago


As an adopted child I commend Denise for her actions. Too many children now are put into foster care or raised by parents who are simply not ready or not capable of properly caring for their children. People might say she's "broke" but let's be honest, she can provide a much better life for her children then a young mother on her own. Adoption is a thing looked down on by many but family is love, not blood, so I think its phenomenal.

1214 days ago


God help those kids. What judge in his or her right mind would that that tramp adopt an innocent child. I guess trashing her marriage to Charlie and then screwing around with a married rocker and screwing him up to the point that he's been in and out rehab how many times!!!!!!!!!! Was not enough.

Now she is raising another child. Please!!!!!!!!!!!!

1214 days ago

Khate sucks    

Poor child! D.R is a weirdo!

1214 days ago


To "LA" in the hellz is it Denise's fault that Richie Sambora is a drunk? He was a drunk long before she met him. This girl seem to only be attracted to troubled, damaged men.

1214 days ago


Why is everybody biatching Denise out for "adopting" a baby, saying "My sister wants to adopt a baby but she can't" etc. She could have hired a surrograte who was inseminated with doner sperm.

She has tons of money. She gets it from Charlie Sheen, but she has tons of money and she can afford to hire a surrograte.

1214 days ago


She may have been on a list for years...we don't know. Good luck Denise! Keep the girls away from Charlie.

1213 days ago


"keep the girls away from Charlie." I hope Charlie gets more visitation to see the girls. Think what you want about the guy, he loves all his kids, & should at least get supervised visits.

1213 days ago
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