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Arnold's Mistress & Love Child -- Picking Up the Pizzas

6/30/2011 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Arnold Schwarzenegger's baby mama Mildred Baena is living large with their son, Joseph ... dining this afternoon on pizza and wine at a California Pizza Kitchen in Tarzana, CA.

Mother and son ordered a BBQ chicken pizza, crispy mac and cheese, half a Caesar salad, and another specialty pizza.

We don't know the identity of the man in the plaid shirt, but we do know that Mildred's older son was sitting to her right.  The waitress told other employees that the older son was hitting on her, asking if she'd go to the beach with him.  She says she declined.

And, the waitress was grousing that she only got a 10% tip.


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Stupid waitress, you got your money from selling the story b*tch.
So 10% is not enough? How much would satisfy you - $100?

1209 days ago


this is not okay, tmz. leave this kid alone. you are crossing the line on this one.

1209 days ago


The American paparazzi are disgusting - she is never going to heal with that garbage lurking around!

1209 days ago


Leave the kid alone! He doesn't belong on TMZ. Poor kid.

1209 days ago


They're fair game for the paps. Didn't mom sell the story to a british rag recently and plastered her & jr's face all over the cover? They're eating up the attention--and everything else in sight, it looks like. and if you don't have the money to tip the standard 15% at a minimum, then stuff your face at home.

1209 days ago


Seriously TMZ, stop posting pics of this kid!! He didn't ask for any of this. He doesn't deserve this attention. It's hard enough to be a teenager. He doesn't need TMZ posting pictures of him!

1209 days ago


Why Arnie wanted to tap that ass is beyond me.
She's stone fugly. I feel badly for the child.
He's got to put up with this crap for a long time.

1209 days ago


Media is not being fair to this kid. If his mom wants to be a fame ho, let her, but leave the kid out of it, he didn't choose this mess, his so-called parents did

1209 days ago


Don't care, but she is one fugly woman!

1209 days ago


The child IS NOT fair game. He had no say in any of this, and anyone who stalks him should be ashamed, if not prosecuted.

1209 days ago


"And, the waitress was grousing that she only got a 10% tip."

Well then good thing the back stabbing bitch got a story out of it to sell to TMZ like the money grubbin' ho she is. I'm sure she wouldn't have sold her crappy story to TMZ if she had gotten a bigger tip, right bitch? OH wait that's right you were going to sell it anyway.

At least she got a crappy tip. She doesn't deserve any tip for running her mouth to the tabloids about a non-story like this. They came in and ordered lunch. There's absolutely no story here.

TMZ are douchebags for paying for crap like this. The guy probably didn't even hit on her and she just made it up to have something even remotely interesting to say.

And you know damned well it was the waitress that took those spy pics so she would have something to sell.

If you're famous this is what you too can expect when you eat out at the California Pizza Kitchen in Tarzana, CA!

Real classy joint...

1209 days ago


Why the H#ll does the child have to be photographed? It's not HIS fault that his parents had an affair. He's a KID! Leave him alone!

1209 days ago


This story just highlights everything that is disgusting and reprehensible about the paparazzi and TMZ in particular...

And you people lap it up like kittens drinking milk. And here i thought the paps were stupid. You people are retarded as they come! *shakes head*

1209 days ago


Leave the boy alone! He can't help who his father is. You have really sunk to the lowest part of s***iness to chase after a child so you can post his picture on your site.

1209 days ago


a puelka whore and her b;stard child....nothing new here!

1209 days ago
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