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Kate vs. Charlene

Who'd You Rather?

7/3/2011 5:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Here's Kate Middleton (left) on her wedding day back in April, and Charlene Wittsock (right) who married Prince Albert II of Monaco yesterday. 

Question is ... 


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Neither of them really do that much for me.

1206 days ago


There's something odd about that Kate's face. I can't put my finger on it.

1206 days ago


Charlene looked like a princess on her wedding day - not a happy one but a princess. Her dress was breathtaking. But the royals, I use the term loosely, of Monaco are there for PR it is basically a Casino for the rich and nothing more. Kate looks like a plain middle aged matron who did not have time to comb her hair before she slapped on the boring hand me down, cheap copy of Princess Graces wedding dress. She just looked like a soccer mom frump. Her sister who is also not that attractive had nothing more than a simple tight dress on and overshadowed her. No one will even remember the wedding if they even watched. The only reason people voted for her is that William and her look like they care for each other. Maybe if they were still young it might be sweet but those two look in their 40s and there is simply no appeal and appeal is the only thing the royals have going for them. With the world's economy going down the drain to have one of the riches families in the world living off of the public's hard earned taxes is really disgusting. It is the equivalent of our tax money going to pay for the rich Hilton's to walk around shaking hands with people while we pay for their expensive clothes and trips. Time for the Brits to wake up. Princess Di was the last of the royals now Charles & Camilla and Will & Kate are a complete waste of space and tax payers money.

1206 days ago


Neither. I don't "take" what belongs to someone else.

1206 days ago


Not a fair comparison as Charlene had extensive plastic surgery including nose and boob job since shacking with Albert to make her more acceptable and "Grace-like". Still Charlene looks manly. Princess Charlene sounds more like a hooker or exotic dancer. Katherine is at least college educated, fresh, intelligent and charismatic.

1206 days ago


Charlene is real princess and her dress is better.

1206 days ago


I think it's incredibly distasteful that you'd even ask, TMZ. I am as wild and crazy as a single girl can be, but this is off limits. Poor taste. Booooooo to you.

1206 days ago

andy least Kate-William marriage is a real relationship. Charlene and Albert's relationship is a farce...she knows he has not been faithful (pix of Charlene looking at mag cover as he gropes other women). What can she expect...Charlene met Albert when she was 23 and he 43 on a self-described booty call. She is a high school drop out who moved to Monaco with no income to provide "company" to Albert. He most likely thought her a good cover for his missteps and to help revive the horrid finances of Monaco. All this does is create fodder for tabloids...and seriously damages the reputation of Prince Albert and Monaco... An anulment would be first honest thing he's done in years....

1206 days ago


Alex: What a complete ASS you are. Catherine and William are NOT sucking the system dry. They live quite modestly and I am pretty sure that The Queen and tradition has dictated clothing attire and travel. You are quite the bitter Betty if you ask me. You remind me of my ex-husband who woke up every day pissed off he wasn't handed a trust fund like some of his relatives. Why are you so mad at the wealthy? Would you rather these two lived in a 3rd world country in a shack? Hell NO! They are entitled to everything they have. Beat it, if yu don't like it here, clown. To say that The Duchess of Cambridge was wearing a "hand-me-down" gown shows your ignorance. But I bet you were up to watch the whole royal procession, eh? Hey......ever wonder Alex.....why you can't keep a woman or man in your life....let alone get anone to procreate with you? It's everyone else's fault, isn't it?

1205 days ago


Andy: I feel so bad for Char...she knows it's all wrong and couldn't back out. So do Kate and Wills....otherwise their travel plans would have accommodated such an affair. I can't say what I would like to post here, but she is one miserable woman who got herself in a pickly with a fella that refuses to take "no" for an answer. Not she has to suc***b to his threats and desires. I wasted the best years of my life on a loser who controlled its her turn. Lets hope she does not bare children. Just another thing to hold over her head and keep them connected. This relationship is, and has been doomed. Just to be a Princess? I think if she had HER way......this marriage wouldn't have happened. Once a womanizer, always a womanizer.

1205 days ago


Bubba: Like you had a chance in hell, anyway.

1205 days ago


Majestik get a life!

1205 days ago


Charlene is so much better looking, classier, with depth and sophistication, the Middletons ...nothing else except the big stupid smile all the time.

1205 days ago


Andrea - "The royal tour of Canada is expected to cost around $1.5 million" What an idiot someone gives an opinion and you leap in with bizarre and stupid comments about the writer. I live in Quebec, I have 4 children and work (something you probably don't do) Single mom's in the UK and Canada are tired of supporting them on our tax money. From what you write I would guess that you spend most of your day watching soap operas and ready trashy romance books while your parents or husband work to support your lazy lifestyle. To say that they spend nothing on these trips and are frugal as the other writer. There trip cost the tax payers "The royal tour of Canada is expected to cost around $1.5 million" so dream on. And if you don't think Canada pays dream again

1205 days ago


@BigTim: +1. Looks like she has some kind of paralysis going on.

1205 days ago
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