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Paris Hilton

All Over 'Hangover' Director

7/5/2011 4:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Recently single Paris Hilton has found herself a new man in comedy director Todd Phillips -- and TMZ has the photo of them locking lips. 

The photo was snapped Thursday night inside Beacher's Madhouse at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood.

But this is no one-night thing -- we're told Todd was at Paris' pre-July 4th party on Friday where the two "only had eyes for each other."

Go figure, usually the second time around for Todd isn't as good as the first.


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PRO US    

Maximus 13 hours ago


I think the blonde with the huge (fake?) boobies also dyes her hair. As long as she doesn't have a wang, who gives a rat's a$s?
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MightyMad 13 hours ago

@Maximus: I strongly second that. That's the only thing anyone should be concern about.

Well, since MightyMad and Maximus like fake blonde hair and fake implanted bags instead of real boobs, you'd both probably enjoy it if she had a fake "wang" (never heard the term but it sounds funny) too so she could probe your nether regions with it. You two should have fun with all the artificial and synthetic *****e. Leave the real women to the real men. You two posers wouldn't know what to do with them, obviously, given your own self descriptions of lovers of everything that is phony and fake. LOL

1204 days ago

PRO US    

zman 15 hours ago

@pro us

Geez!!!! Get a grip ;) Boobs are boobs! Real, fake, big or little. She's an attractive girl, regardless.

....So....Go cry a river, build a bridge...and..GET OVER IT!!!
@zman: So boobs are boobs, even if they're fake.

I guess you think money is money even if it's counterfeit and a drug is a drug even if it's a placebo.

Maybe your bank should pay you in counterfeit currency and your pharmacist should give you placebos instead of your real prescription drugs. Maybe then you'll learn that there's a difference between the real stuff and the fake stuff. God, you're a dumbass! You have my sympathies.

Oh and your girlfriend/boyfriend should only have fake orgasms with you since you think there's no difference between a real one and a fake one, it must mean you can't appreciate the difference. LOL

1204 days ago


She looks hot . But he is not soo cute for her .

1204 days ago


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1204 days ago

some guy    

I always like Paris.

I remember this one time on "Lockup" they were interviewing some felon. He took out a hand-written letter that was signed by Paris. She was going through some legal problems at the time (cookie if you can guess which one) and the guy wrote her a letter to hang in there or something. Paris wrote back thanking the guy for his support.

You could tell this letter meant alot to him. Kept it in really good shape. I always thought that was pretty classy of Paris to do that. I don't know how many celebrities would have done the same thing.

1204 days ago

some guy    

So is this really anger directed at some chick for making out with the dude or the fact that she's probably richer than all of you combined?

1204 days ago


ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww stds

1204 days ago

some guy    


I got an email from this Zimbabwean prince who needs some money up-front so he can transfer funds directly into my acct. Sounds like a good idea to make a quick buck. Can I get a loan? What's the interest like?

1204 days ago


She's such a HO, the old BF is hardly cold and she's on to the next man already...she's just so gross.

1204 days ago

some guy    

Eh, it's her vag. Paris seems like the type who always needs a guy around.

1204 days ago

Khate sucks    

That things lips, have been in TOO many places!!!! Disgusting! Pearass really needs to get into the plastic surgery know get SOME type of curves on that ugly body she has! Boobs, butt and a nose job would suit her well!

1204 days ago


interesting how the headline here reads to me

and let me preface this by saying I'm not a Paris fan--but I'm also not a Pari*****er..I'm indifferent to her....

SHE is ALL OVER him ....making her sound trashy

not HE is ALL OVER her...which could be said if you didn't know who they were

or even THEY are ALL OVER each other if you didn'tknow wo they were

so in a large part gossip sites/tabloids twist the headline to make one persons' reputation worse and most people don't think beyond that for themselves

sad really isn't it!

he was probably doing the same thing with other women/starlets in public/clubs etc. before-he's not a virgin people
nobody cared or phtographed it
but suddenly now with's a different story

nobody considers the possibility that some of the men she was involved with who claimed to love her were maybe using her to raise THEIR profile and get more press for themselves....and she may be just that naive and insecure to think she had a "real" relationship with them and maybe a future

I actually know a beautiful woman like, that who was very emotionally needy--a result of her childhood
she ended up with a "reputation" because of it..the men all skated....

who knows what kind of neglect/abuse Paris had as a child - parents, siblings, a series of paid nannys, child minders ....teachers who may have singled her out for not being much of an academic

rich people are not always "present" in their kids lives ...they're probably rarely interacting with thier kids in comparison to the rest of us
with travelling, socializing, business meetings, shopping, networking, throwing lavish parties, vacationing etc. little children may be in the way as much as the parents love them

and a lot of time those kids grow up thinking people have to be paid in order to want to be around them or care about them because of their life experience-(which is very different from ours)

so they end up emotionally needy, insecure, maybe rebelling/acting out for the attention they never got in their formative years and low self-esteem from feeling that if their own parent didn't want to be around them then who else would want to

outward attractivesnss has NOTHING to do with self-esteem/emotional stability no matter what some people may think

don't know about Paris-but rather than being so quick to judge her, we should at least acknowledge there may have been more going on that what the tabloid$/go$$ip $ite$ print profit!!

just sayin'.............

1204 days ago


curious as to why in my comment above that they have censured the word "Paris" and the word "hater" when they were used together
what is up with that!?!

1204 days ago

Dennis Johnson    

F Paris who is the real pretty girl with those real nice "BOOBS"

1204 days ago

some guy    


I agree with you. People getting fooled by what they read on the gossip rags is not the sign of a person who has thought about it.

These are also probably the same people who come on here and spew their hate. It is not the sign of someone very smart

1204 days ago
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