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'Price Is Right' Secret Unlocks TMZ Mystery Video

7/4/2011 12:07 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A "Price is Right" beauty revealed a MAJOR secret about the show -- which lead to an EVEN BIGGER bombshell ... a super secret video of one TMZ staffer that was NEVER supposed to see the light of day.070111_TV_claudia_v2_still

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♫♪Happy `4th` of July everyone♪♫

1205 days ago



1205 days ago


that dog was cool to lay down, wish mine could do that

1205 days ago


Love your dog, Charles!! That's adorable.

1205 days ago


Happy Fourth TMZ! Really cute video!

1205 days ago


Charles...I love seeing you loosen up a bit. Dude (yes, this 53 y/o from Ohio just called you dude)I always knew there was a fun guy locked up in that serious persona. Give the pup an extra treat tonight...he/she deserves it.

1205 days ago

Mary P    

Doug Pound's comments are exactly the reason some people stay racist.

I shall set forth the black code of conduct, outlined by numerous comments and articles across the internet.

1) You must listen to all rap. You must honor Run DMC and 2 Live Crew and must still know all the lyrics to 50 cent, just in case someone questions your "blackness" from rap songs.

2) You must wear your shorts around your knees. Keeping them up proper is a white thing. Functional belts will be taken and used to beat the black back into you.

3) You must talk and act ghetto at all times. If you attempt to speak clearly and thoughtfully, you are trying to be white, so stop it, you're black.

4) You must remind everyone you are black every time you open your mouth so you can gain advantages over everyone else.

5) You must not own a nice home, unless you are an aforementioned rapper, in which case, you must fill it with white, trashy women who walk around in bikinis.

6) You may not own SmartCar or a Hyundai. That's for white people.

7) You may not own a Harley Davidson. It's for racist pigs who are all part of biker gangs.

8) You must eat fried chicken and watermelon but complain about stereotypes any time you do.

9) You must know how to grind your butt on the floor and slam dance your date. Anything else is white/Latino dancing and you are a self-hating racist against your own kind.

10) You may not enter college and get an education. That's something white people do. If you attempt to get educated, hold a good job and good pay - you are trying to act white.

11) You must hate Bill Cosby. He wants to be white because his show didn't stereotype, they were doctors and lawyers and that's only something for whites and Asians. How dare he call out the black community to help themselves! People should be on their knees to help us since slavery was 150 years ago and people need to step up and recognize!

12) You must idolize all aspects of MLK, even though a great speech giver and equality minded, we'll forget he was a pesky adulterer, cheating on his wife. No discussion to negative events shall be tolerated, or you are a white trying to knock MLK's good works too!

That about cover all these stupid comments made when a black person doesn't "act black enough"?

1205 days ago


You go Mary P!!! Best post I've read in response to racist trolling anywhere:)

Doug Pound's just mad because he's a homosexual(not that there's anything wrong with that) trapped in a red neck's body.

1205 days ago


Shes so pretty.(The price is right lady)

1205 days ago

jealous of kate    

Going back to the 'PRICE IS RIGHT SCANDAL!!!!' The models 'helping' the contestants is nothing new. This goes back to the ORIGINAL BARKER'S BEAUTYS who would do the same thing-nod, wink, move the winning card a little more. And most probably DON'T GET THE HINTS!!!!

And Charle's dog is cute, funny how they 'taught' him how to fall down with them.

1205 days ago

American Pie    

Could you PLEASE get rid of the dreads??? Your starting to look like a science fiction monster that has tenticles...Its pretty gross dude...and its not like they are real...

1205 days ago

Scott Aguiar    

Why do some people feel the need to say hateful, racial comments on message boards? How were you raised? Love the video Charles!

1205 days ago


Mary P, you had me right up to #12. MLK was a great man (period). Don't try to take away from his significance by bringing up adultery. That's a matter between him, his wife, and whomever he may have been having an affair with - we all have vices, but Martin Luther King was a great man (enough said)

1205 days ago


Charles, it just made me like you even more.

To all those pickingon Charles, why can't he jsut be who he wants to be, a Human being. His color should not dictate his actions.

1205 days ago


That video is delightful!

Mary P, you are a genious.

1205 days ago
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