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Jen Aniston -- Blamed for Homeless Man's Misfortune

7/11/2011 2:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jennifer Aniston allegedly got some dude tossed off the set of a movie ... and now he's living on the streets?! Welcome to Hollywood ... where even the homeless are pitching outrageous stories.

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Sugar Kitty    

Sorry dude, looks like she's happy financing her current hobo.

1197 days ago


OMG! Does anyone beleive this guy? I doubt and if you do you are as stupid as he is. TMZ Don't give people like this guy attention. All he is looking for is a quick buck and his 15 minutes of fame that he should never have. PLEASE STOP WITH ALL THIS MONEY GRUBBERS.

1197 days ago


I've heard that she's an absolute BITCH, so I wouldn't doubt it.

1197 days ago


This guy is not homeless. He is actually one of those annoying characters on hollywood Blvd, he is Spiderman.

1197 days ago


Ummm, he was an extra... If he was a cameraman or had a an actual part and Aniston swung her weight around to get him fired and then things crumbled from there, I may have pity. But dude seriously needs to start owning up to his own mistakes and stop looking to blame others.

1197 days ago

Honey Badger Don't Care    

Honey Badger don't care

1197 days ago


LOL I guess standing all day holding a sign is much better than actually going out and getting a job? This guy needs to give it a rest! He's homeless because he's choosing to be! Otherwise go get a job flipping burgers or serving coffee if you REALLY want a job!

1197 days ago


I am the dude in this video!And theres more to the story than you knowAnd its a very true story!When the tv show Friends was breakin up!I put on the message boards at , I dont know what I'm gonna do now!Looks like me and my friends are gonna Break Up!What a drag!That sucks!I also put in another posting that me and Jen otta go to a RollingStonesConcert!So the first movie Jen does after the tv show ends is TheBreakUp!And I end up in a concert scene with her!Im the guy behind her in the concert scene with my shirt open!Ya see ! My friends who own the only movie production company in Chicago coned Vince Vaughn into making the movie TheBreakUp in Chicago,just so I could see a concert with Jen!I even seen my buddies sister,she was even workin on the set!She said yea we still own this company!Keep in mind that while I'm no youngster, I really am TheChicagoKid ! And I normally get what I want in Chicago! I know the real Capone family!Although Al Capone is gone ! God Bless him !Maybe it wasnt TheRollingStones!But TheOld97s were pretty good!So ya see all the money Jen made off that movie ,in real life did happen because of me ! And thats why at the end of the movie Vince Vaughn never shows up at the concert!Maybe Jen didnt know it ! But the dude she was suppose to meet at the concert was was me ! GregoryA.Marzec ~ TheChicagoKid ~ ! And in real life ! Any money she made off TheBreakUp was because of me ! And thats why if ya watch the movie youll see me right behind Jen with my shirt open! It was open because a female P.A. told me to have it open! But Jen had me kicked off the set for having it open!Hey!Have ya ever seen TheSting with Jackie Gleason?Well!It was kinda like that!Only Jen dissed me ! Now she owes me money!For MaciousInjury , and Defamation Of Charactor!I need my money before I drop dead!So I hope she hurrys up !

1197 days ago


To Mr. Marzec: I can't imagine why Ms. Aniston would not want you on her movie set. You sound like a very intelligent fellow, and not scary at all.

1197 days ago

Johnny 5    

"Working" at McDonalds is not a job; it's legalized slavery. You can't afford an apartment, groceries AND electricity if you're owned by McD's.

This guy "chose" to be homeless?! BS. The free-market, capitalist system f*cked him just as it has scr@wed so many others.

1197 days ago

Honey Badger Don't Care    

Cry me a river. We all got our own sad stories. People getting laid off, fired and screwed over by their employers everyday. Welcome to America.

1197 days ago

how lame    

We all want our money back after watching a Jennifer aniston movie. Duh.

1197 days ago


What a nasty bitch she is! I can't wait 'til this latest dude drops her after his name becomes known. Why else would anyone put up with her egocentric, anal behavior?

1197 days ago


This just makes YOU look bad! I'd remove it ASAP, if I were you.

1197 days ago


What an idiot. And if that wierdo guy posting really is the homeless man, last I checked TMZ was not a job listing site. Stop looking for your 15 minutes and go get a job. Or maybe a mental institution. Any money she made was not because of you, you are psyco. You were an extra,as in someone who hadn't and more than likely was not going to make it. JA is not at fault for that. And to the guy that said McDonalds is legalized slavary, you're an idiot too. It is an honest job. Sorry, not everyone is qualified to be a lawyer, doctor, policeman and so on. Someone has to make the food and sell it. I'm sure you have no problem eating at fast food places but you want to complain about it? A job is a job and I would be a lot prouder working at McDonalds than living on the street trying to blame my failures on someone else or living off welfare like some people who think they are too good for low paying jobs. It's attitudes like yours that keep welfare going. "Oh, I'm gonna sit on my a** and wait for that $15 an hour job I'm not qualified for to fall in my lap and let the idiots who drag their a**'s out of bed every morning to go to their job support me" And before you get even higher on your horse, I'm not insinuating you are on welfare, just that your attitude is a poor one to have.

1197 days ago
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