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Donald Rumsfeld -- Is That a Gun In Your Pocket?

7/13/2011 4:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

No one is immune to the probing hands of the TSA ... including former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld ... who got the pat-down at Chicago's O'Hare airport this afternoon ... and TMZ has the pics.


Sources at the airport tell TMZ ... Rummy was all smiles during the body sweep and was "very nice" throughout the procedure.

We're told several people recognized Donald ... and at one point, he waved to a group of soldiers who were dressed in their military uniforms.

Eventually, TSA agents cleared Rumsfeld and he was allowed to travel like everyone else ... ever so slightly violated.


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PRO US    

It's not the fault of the TSA agents. They're just following their standard operating procedures (SOP's). If they don't, they'd be fired. It's the fault of the morons who wrote the SOP's. Obviously, a former member of a President's Cabinet is not going to be a security risk on a plane.

It's all being done in the name of political correctness so the guys who are the real threats won't be insulted and the countries they're from won't stop producing the stuff you put in your gas tanks. We all know who those guys are but we can't only give them enhanced searches because they'd cry "racism" and "prejudice". Cry me a river. Meanwhile, they murder our men and women in our armed forces every month. Hint: the real threats aren't blonde, blue-eyed Christian, Jewish, Hindu, Sikh, Shinto or Buddhist Swedish volleyball players. Anyone who pretends they don't know who the real threats are, are either naive, liberal morons or are real threats themselves.

1199 days ago


He was buddies with Saddam Hussein and was responsible for shooting down Flight 93 on 9/11. He should be on the no-fly list.

1199 days ago

PRO US    

Jackmeoffski 8 minutes ago

America - Land of the Sheep!

911 = inside job! Study building 7 sheep!

NWO is here!!
Begin rant

You don't have to invent fake enemies when you've got real ones. Osama Bin Laden, Al Quaida, the Muslim Brotherhood and all the radical, fundamentalist, terrorist organizations that are using violence, bombs, suicide bombing, etc. in their attempt to destroy Western Civilization and democratic, secular countries where individuals have rights and freedoms, even if imperfect, and establish a world-wide Caliphate, violence like in Mumbai, India today where 21 people were killed and 141 people injured by 3 simultaneous bombs, they're your real enemy because they want to kill or convert you to their ideology. Some pipsqueak corrupt businessmen from Colorado or Texas are not your main problems because they just want to squeeze all your money out of you so they'll have more money and power, they don't want to kill you. If you think they are your biggest problem, then you will never beat your real enemies because you don't even recognize your real enemies. Enjoy your stupid conspiracy theories while the terrorists and their millions of supporters keep tying to kill and destroy us.

End rant

1199 days ago

The Seer    

Bull**** Pro US. Following orders is what the camp guards said somewhere in time. IT IS NOT A VALID EXCUSE. If you do the evil, you are the evil - period. Fired be damned, shouldn't work there to begin with.

Political correctness as an excuse is false also. They (security theater) are doing this to train control and compliance amongst the population - period.

They can call it what they want.
They can call it SOP.
They can say we are just being fair.
They are lying.

An age is called dark not because the light doesn't shine, but because people (you) refuse to see it. The light of liberty grows dimmer with every sentence that types like Pro US speak.
That is all.

1199 days ago

Roger Fenwick    

They actually patted him down. The terrorist have won. This country has lost all of it's common sense.

1199 days ago

PRO US    

MarkP 3 minutes ago

He was buddies with Saddam Hussein and was responsible for shooting down Flight 93 on 9/11. He should be on the no-fly list.

As they say in Missouri, or used to say: "Show me" the evidence. All you've got is your conspiracy theories and wild, baseless speculation. In a world with Wikileaks, if anything like that (American official ordering the shooting down of an American passenger plane) happened, there'd be no way that that story wouldn't get out and we'd be hearing from and seeing witnesses. While you're worried about an incompetent former Secretary of Defense like Rumsfeld, the real threats, the terrorists who want to enslave, convert or kill you and destroy your country and democracy, are laughing in your face at your delusions and naivete. Thank God you conspiracy nutcases are in the minority in America or the terrorists would succeed and America would be destroyed.

1199 days ago

What You Really Want To See    

What's the problem? Isn't this how Republicans have sex?

1199 days ago

PRO US    

Roger Fenwick 3 minutes ago

They actually patted him down. The terrorist have won. This country has lost all of it's common sense.

That's what happens when the leaders would rather be politically correct and not offend or insult the groups of people from which the terrorists spring from, than protect the lives of Americans or defend the United States from terrorist attacks. If 99% of the terrorist belong to XYZ religion or come from ZYX countries or wear YXZ hats, why are the TSA agents pretending that those people who don't meet those criteria are in as much of need of being closely frisked and X-rayed as those people who fit the profile of 99% of terrorists? We have to pretend we don't know what we know so some people won't get offended, and 99% of Americans have to be majorly inconvenienced so 1% of Americans and tourists won't be fairly singled out for closer inspections. What a joke of a security system.

1199 days ago

PRO US    

@The Seer:

Sure our freedoms are being eroded because of the political correctness of our Federal Government, pretending that the people most likely to be terrorists (even if it's only 1 out of every 10,000 of them) aren't what they are, forcing the TSA agents to frisk 96 year old, disabled women wearing absorbent underpants, children and even former members of President's Cabinets. What a waste of time!

But when you compare TSA agents who are frisking airport travelers to Nazi or Imperial Japanese Concentration Camp guards, you're being absurd and going off the deep end. There is no genocide or murder or torture being committed by TSA agents at airports.

1199 days ago



No conspiracy theories here. Rummy said it himself that Flight 93 was shot down. You didn't know Rummy and the rest of the GOP were allies of Saddam? Google either item and you'll see for yourself.
Rummy was live on TV when he said 93 was shot down and check out the pics of Rummy and Saddam shaking hands. You're welcome.

1199 days ago

PRO US    

jason about an hour ago

That we search the former Secretary of Defense in the same way we search anyone else proves how messed up and wrong-headed is our basic security strategy.

Absolutely 100% fracking right. What's next, are they going to strip search Condoleeza Rice? Stupid is as stupid does.

1199 days ago

The Seer    

I never said the TSA is murdering anyone.

I said that if you do evil the evil, you are the evil - period. I also said that Political Correctness is not an excuse either. Sure that is what they want you to believe, and you have demonstrated that they are successful - with you. With me, not so much.

Open your eyes dude/dudette. Ben Franklin would be ashamed of you. I'll leave it to you to figure out why, and one day you will.

1199 days ago

JugEars McKenyan Sr..    

This is freaking Madness while freaking Muslims you can smell from the next terminal waddle onto the planes unmolested and cause mid air disturbances with regularity that cost tens of thousands just in fuel to deal with as they get pummeled by passengers on the way down, which now happens every week in the air.

Yea, Don Rumsfeld is a freaking terrorist who's gonna take down the plane he's getting on but *****head Muhammad isn't.

Moronic Nazi TSA Gestapo. If you work for these people and you're reading this, you're a freaking traitor and should be shot for taking your paycheck from harassing Americans all day and night. You people are shameless freaking mutt s***.

1199 days ago


God I miss him. He didn't take crap from anyone and cared only for the United States well being. We're so weak and dumbed down now....

1199 days ago


I'm confused, isnt this guy on the terroris*****ch list?

1199 days ago
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