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The Rock:

'I'd Make a DAMN Good President!'

7/14/2011 11:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson says he's a HUGE Barack Obama supporter, but he'd still give the chief executive a run for his money -- claiming, "I'd make a DAMN good president."

The Rock 2012?


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Oh, Great! that means he is an Idiot also. WTF??? OPEN YOUR EYES ROCK!!! Are you freakin Kidding me? Has Anyone had a Math class?????? WE ARE BROKE BECAUSE OF THIS IDIOT!!!

1198 days ago


May I be your Monica?

1198 days ago


2008 proved that the masses are sheeple that can be led by their noses. They believe everything they hear, repeat it like parrots and are to lazy to do any legitimate research on their own.

1198 days ago


LoudMouth 6 hours ago

The fact that he is a huge Obama supporter, and therefore by default must think Obama is doing a great job, automatically eliminates THE ROCK from running for anything more complicated than the local dog catcher.


1198 days ago


Just by admitting he's an Obama supporter shows he too stupid to bethe President.

1198 days ago


Voting- I will vote for anyone this next term who promises and kisses the ground of the USA, to get rid of all illegals, immigrants and drastically change our visa programs immediately. That is the only person I will vote for this year and should be the same for everyone. We are tired of seeing our nation pay most of our funds to illegals, immigrants and others who do NOT belong here, in our systems, or even able to go to a hospital and get free medical care.
This is the reason our programs are broke and we all know it.

1. Illegals out, lock stock and barrel, and their children, mothers fathers, no matter where they were born AFTER crossing the border. Same with immigrants.
2. Put an immediate ban on all visa's except for emergency visits to see terminally ill or dying family members.
-No more visa's for educations, we have USA Citizens here begging for educations.
-No more visa engagements, weddings. If a man or woman wants to marry someone from another country then they need to go to that country.
-After we contol of who and who isnt in our country then we can loosen up the visa system.
-Vacations but no longer then a month and they must sign in at a police department every 5 days. If not they immediately are dinged in the system and when they do turn up, automatically returned to their home country.
Otherwise there is no reason to be in our country at any time. If you get picked up, off you go, out.
+Also before visa's or passports are given out, I believe a longer process system needs to be in place, checks and balances, err back ground check that actually is accurate. This will prevent men like the airline bombers from getting in or at least help.

I can only manage that at some point our country can go back to the way it was on our streets, in our neighborhoods, countries as it was when I was growing up some 50 years ago. Don't worry I wont go as far as the white picket fence, but would be pleased to know my grandchildren can go outside to work or college without having to wear bullet proof clothes, car, or fight off drug dealers.

When someone will do the above, then I will vote AGAIN. Otherwise we wont have to worry about a president, we will be taken over like any other 3rd world country.

1198 days ago


He grew up in Bethlehem, PA. Such a shame he supports a loser President. But then again, no surprise since the majority is democratic in the city. Atleast Dwayne is still well respected and admired for his accomplishments in these parts even though his choice of leadership for our country is not.

1198 days ago


I would vote for him the Rock is my boy been liking him since the 90's so he cool

1198 days ago


as a wrestling fan. id vote for him!

1198 days ago


Everybody loved Obama a few short years ago. He inherited George Bush's mess. I think when you see the alternatives, you'll give Barack another chance. As for "The Rock" he sure is beautiful but I see shades of Schwartznegger. Hide he maid.

1198 days ago


Hell, Reagan made it in, so why not?

1198 days ago


He couldn't do any worse.

1198 days ago


Some of you folks are true idiots.. and I say that with love cause I know you can't help it.

Ok. For one stop blaming Bush.. that crap is old and its been 2 years... things are only getting worse and our debt situation is going to be our downfall. We need real leaders making tough decisions not people writing about voting for The Rock because he is "Hot"... that kind of talk makes me realize how much deep doodoo we are in as a country.

Obama has been a total bust and people were hypnotized by the shiny little campaign he ran back in 2008 but, now most people have awoken from that little stupor and realize the "Hope and Change" they voted for was really just more of the same old bullsh&&!! Only this time the bull added several more Trillion to the debt and inflation is out of control and gas is $3.75 a gallon.. the stock market is tumbling again and my neighbor still can't find a job. That "Hope and Change" really just meant... change for the worse, folks. Bet some of you had no idea things could get worse after Bush.. well, welcome to reality... things got much worse in 2 years!!

Anyone who still supports Obama.. (including Dwayne Johnson) has no clue about reality ... in fact I would say its fair to say they live in Lalaland. I tend to listen to people who actually have an IQ higher than 90... which pretty much eliminates most of the Obama supporters in Hollywood or in this forum.

I actually sort of liked The Rock but, I thought I had heard at one time he was conservative... well, now I see he is just like all the other Hollywood sheep.

It would be sort of refreshing to actually have a celebrity think for themselves and not be a part of the herd mentality.. too bad. They are like clones.

1198 days ago

jake lee    

i like the rock a lot less now.

1198 days ago

Osiris Reborn    

We're broke because the republicans elected a lame duck who gave a tax break to the rich during a time of war, then spent billions if not trillions on a lameo war that merely amped up the terrorists. The stimulus didn't cost nearly as much as the war that Bush started. And then the rights attempt to beat Obama involves a homophone who thinks homosexuality can be cured, even though her husband is still flaming brighter than Richard Simmons, and Romney? Romney is the one who created the healthcare reform the Obama admin ran with.

Then there's the immigration thing, the right are just pushing more and more minorities to the left.

Four more years.. w/o a doubt..

1198 days ago
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