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Casey Anthony's Parents

No Plans to See Her

7/16/2011 10:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Casey Anthony is scheduled to be released from prison tomorrow -- and if you were expecting a tearful reunion with her parents upon her exit ... think again. 

Mark Lippman, a lawyer for Cindy and George Anthony, tells TMZ his clients have had zero contact with Casey or her lawyers about her impending release.

Lippman says he isn't 100% sure his clients even want to see Casey, but it doesn't even matter. He tells us, "Mr. Baez and Mr. Mason (Casey's attorneys) have made it abundantly clear that their client will not have contact with my clients. We have no idea what the plans are for Casey, so even if she was out of jail we would not know where to contact her to even attempt to set up a meeting."

Cindy tried to visit Casey in prison last week, but Casey wasn't having it. 


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Kitty Angel    

Must be tough,after giving birth and raising a child,that she could make you wish she had never been born.

1139 days ago


Nice pink button up Casey, looks like a Liberace reject.

1139 days ago


All I have to say is look what has happened to all of O.J.'s defense team. Karma. this girl will get hers. It may take a few years but it will come and when it does I hope someone films it for all of us to see.

1139 days ago


Of course Baez is keeping her away from her parents. There is no way he wants to loose control of his money machine.

1139 days ago


I am a mother, and I thought about that for a while, and as tempting as it would be, I would not, I know my husband would not, but, I would encourage my child to tell the truth and cop a plea! If nothing else to live with that kind of lie, would most definetley ruin their life eventually, it would not be fair to your own child, it would be a short lived victory.

If they were not in the spot light, and lived down a country road with few neighbors, and no media, they could have kept the family secret, that she is nuts.

But as someone said they could have all been involved, I don't think the brother would have gone along.

I don't think Casey's father would have gone for it, he was too mad, however, I do think her mother went along without letting anyone know before she was on the stand, the prosecution was caught off guard, and the grandpa did kind of help her out by bumbling along, but he tried from the very beginning to get Casey to tell the truth.

I go back to Tim @equisearch, I don't think he cared for that family, he felt something odd was going on there.
We may never know! It's better to encourage the truth, move forward and try to help others, to help yourself get over any act of wrong doing, and guilt! The whole family has dysfunction, but what family doesn't have a little.

1139 days ago


is it true that her parents reared her?

1139 days ago


I can't believe what the lying slunts handlers are already doing for her. Setting up an LLC and will hold money for her in off-shore accounts, funneling her money as necessary. Just enough to keep the tax man, Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzales, Tim Miller, and Padilla at bay. The handlers (Baez, et al) will take their 40% fee off the top, and she'll have just enough to live the Bella Vita. Makes me sick. I'll be quite suprised if someone doesn't pop her in a week.

1139 days ago


She'll turn on Baez to (over $$$) and accuse him of rape and he'll lose his license...nothing like ole karma

1139 days ago


I can't wait until Baez and Casey have a falling out over $$$ and she accuses HIM of sexaully molesting her when they were spending days together after she was bailed that's going to be GREAT!

1139 days ago


I could be wrong but I suspect she's already out of jail, to throw the public off.

1139 days ago


The way this f-ing b*tch threw her parents under the bus - why would they even want to see her? You'll get yours Casey, one way or the other. If you don't get your punishment here on earth, God will deal with your sorry a** after you die. Either way, I wouldn't want to be you.
And by the way - F*** Y** you murdering piece of s**t!

1139 days ago


nof - you are the biggest dope to post on this forum yet!

1139 days ago


I think that's the best thing....can you imagine, every time they looked into her face, they would see the lies, the deceit, the MURDER`ER of their beautiful, helpless, little grandchild. That and they don't have to sleep with their eyes open at night...or hell, nap time.

1139 days ago


It is really sad that the American people are acting the way they are regarding Casey Anthony. Yes many are upset with the judicial system, but unfortunately we were not present in the court room to hear all of the testimony. Caylee is in a better place now as she doesn't have to see all the crap that is going on here. Yes she was a beautiful little girl and I hope that who ever did this will pay dearly, but we cannot be the jury or the judge for this unfortunate, sad, and unneccessary murder!! I hope the person or persons who did this SLEEP very well at night as I don't think anyone of sound mind could.

1139 days ago


Her mother went to see her to tell her, when she gets out, she wants an abortion!

1139 days ago
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