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Muska's Sponsor -- We DO NOT Condone N-Word Rant

7/16/2011 5:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Element Skateboards is taking a much more serious approach to Chad Muska's use of the N-word during his arrest this week -- now saying they are "extremely disappointed with his behavior."

As TMZ first reported, Muska was arrested vandalizing two buildings on Wednesday night -- and hurled the N-word at security guards several times during the ordeal. 

At the time, TMZ spoke with a marketing director who played the whole thing off, telling us, "There is a major difference between n**ga and n***** and it's totally obvious he is not being racial at all."

0716_muska_video_smallBut now the company has toughened up and a rep for Element tells TMZ, "So that there is no misunderstanding, the entire Element family is troubled by this incident and particularly by the use of this inappropriate language. Element does not in any way condone the use of this word. Element is extremely disappointed with the alleged behavior ... [and] is further investigating the matter and will take appropriate action over these matters."


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This douche always seemed arrogant. Anybody remember when he tried to make music? With his little skateboard beat. Haha.

1194 days ago

PRO US    

To the company, Element Skateboards, that sponsors that vandalizing, racist insulting bum Chad Muska:

"He that lies down with dogs, shall rise up with fleas."

--- Benjamin Franklin

1194 days ago


So is this a case of Element having an idiot for a marketing director and cleaning up after him or a matter of bad publicity is putting business deals at risk?

1194 days ago

PRO US    

Derek 7 minutes ago

REALLY?! Ok, so he was a lil' intoxicated. Who hasn't been?! As far as being racist, he wasn't calling them slaves, N____ers, or nappy head ppl! The worst you can call him is Ghetto! He's from the streets and uses a lot of slang. for ex: ******". Are African American's racist against themselves for using it? Nope. It's in music and all around us. I guess, "Haters are gonna Hate" Just pulling a reason outta their asses to be negative.


So, you obviously don't understand that he was vandalizing private property that didn't belong to him and he was abusive to the security guards who were just doing their job guarding that store.

If Muska is a hero or role model or "good guy" or blameless or "not a criminal" in your eyes, you're a moron.

And yes, I admit it, I have very little patience for morons. In fact, part of me hates morons. So if I hate you for you being a moron, please show me some understanding and tolerance and don't hate me for hating you. LOL YSMF

1194 days ago


It's not just his using "*****" or "******", but his use of "honkie" as well. He's an idiot. Referring to himself stupidly doesn't give him a pass to refer to others stupidly.

1194 days ago


@ Dirty south: You made a valid point! The guy is an idiot for sure.

1194 days ago

amos moses    

I just wanna know why ****** gets censored but cracker and honkie don't. seems like a double standard to me.

1194 days ago


@dirty south! what ups! I'm from out that was as well. Anyways, to answer your comment is: He's Ghetto as I said.

1194 days ago


I'm glad Element "clarified" their opinions on racial intolerance. Regardless of whether the N word is in pop culture and even used by some African American individuals--it's still not okay. The word got its origin from hate and just should not be used!

1194 days ago


@PRO HOE, I mean, PRO US. So sorry I forgot you are the perferct person the bible was talking about. Your comment just lower youself to me and the rest of the world. We are all human and make mistakes. We aren't robots and perfect and are subject to error. On a more positive note: Everybody enjoy your wkend!

1194 days ago


How is it inappropriate? He wasn't at the dinner table. He can say what he wants.

1194 days ago

Gsharon 710    

TMZ, we know what was said, and it did not have a chain reaction, so move on and it will blow over faster than when I scan your "Breaking News" bull crap.

1194 days ago


It's a smoke and mirrors PR statement!

The corrective action is...?

Nothing - the same as before, but this time they released a BS statement!

If you're gonna back him, then do so publicly like the original statement!

Max at TMZ is a perfect example: when John Wayne or Mel Gibson are brought-up he states everyone is good and bad, which is true, but it's quite clear that he and people like him (surfers - skateboarders) don't care if Chad is racist!

Which is why element didn't care about it when it happened and they only somewhat care now because it may affect their business!

Sounds like Muska had a xenophobic good-time in Berlin!

1194 days ago

PRO US    


I couldn't lower myself to your level if I bought a shovel and dug a tunnel to China. Not that I would want to.

You stood up for the c-r-a-p that Muska said and did.

You're in the wrong, buddy and everyone except you and trash like you knows it.

Deal with it.

Have a nice life.

1194 days ago



Lemme make is simple for ya. You're making mtns outta a mole and you've already dug that hole! Church!

1194 days ago
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