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Dogfight Over Lohan Necklace Surveillance Video

7/16/2011 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The owners of the jewelry store where Lindsay Lohan walked out with that necklace are now at war with the guy who was out selling the surveillance video -- and a lawsuit could be looming.


Here's the lowdown. Geoff and Sofia Kaman, the owners of the Kamofie & Company jewelry store, hired a broker -- Christopher Spencer -- to sell the surveillance tape.

Spencer then cut a deal with the Associated Press, which agreed to sell the tape to various media outlets and give Spencer a cut of the profits that he would share with the Kamans. 

But we're told the Kamans felt Spencer was withholding a big chunk of their share, so they sent and an email to the Associated Press to see if Spencer was up to no good.  In the email they asked, "We were wondering if there have been more payments ..."

Spencer was indignant, and fired off a cease and desist letter to the Kamans, saying, "You do not have any legal right to contact the AP and suggest I've been ripping you off which is what you've done."

Spencer says the Kamans are ingrates, claiming, "I am in disbelief that, after achieving so much in your benefit, you'd be reaching out to someone and suggest that my company or I are not paying you money that's owed to you."

Spencer threatens if the Kamans don't back off, he'll sue their behinds. The Kamans had no comment.


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The broker sounds like a sleaze. There is nothing wrong with double-checking this way when you are suspicious that you are being cheated. If he were honest, he would welcome it because the answer from AP would have been "no". And how else is someone supposed to know if you're telling the truth about such things, except by asking the other party to the agreement? He's just trying to intimidate them.

1164 days ago


My guess is they need the money because their company is going down the pooper. Anyone going into that store knows they could be the next person to be profitted from.

1164 days ago


i would be doing the same exact thing if I thought that I was getting cheated in some way.

1164 days ago


''Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive''

1164 days ago


Wait. He's surprised lying s*** that put an innocent(previously troublesome) girl on house arrest for profit and publicity is digging into their arrangement for more money...and more publicity? He shouldn't've repped the trash in the first place.

1164 days ago


It sounds like they only reported Lindsay for the $$$$.

1164 days ago

Give Ben some prison "love"    

So funny that the jeweler that was getting ripped of is now talking about getting ripped off by someone who was hired to sell the tape of the 1st party ripoff!!! ...Who's on first??

1164 days ago

Blue Lake    

I hope none of them make a dime. The less LiLo, the better. But Spencer is in the wrong here and should not have any compunction with the store people checking out his deal, if it was on the up and up. He's clearly a crook.

1164 days ago


What is up w/ the 2061 date on the vid?

1164 days ago

terry j vey    

I hope they end up in court and end up paying all the money they made from the film to lawyers!

1164 days ago

Professor Chaos    

The jewelers are obviously money hungry sleaze bags. Sold the surveillance tape.. tried to get a book deal.. tried to get a website up devoted to telling the true story and selling the video. S***bags. I'm no Lohan fan but I hope the store goes out of business. They're obviously shady pieces of s***.

1164 days ago


The jewelers sound like greedy, evil people. I'm glad Lindsay got out of that mess with them.

1164 days ago


@professor---the kamans are not sleaze bags,they never tried to make a buck,just wanted the right things done,they dont call tmz or any other site,with there dealings,spencer did that and so do the lohans...every freakin day!!...and by the way its there store,and there tape,they can do what they want with it!

1164 days ago


You see, time ALWAYS tell ..... i would not be surprise if all this mess with Lilo was a plan to make a fast buck of her in first place !

1164 days ago

Good riddance!    

And none of this big mess would have ever have happened if Lohan wasn't a thieving scofflaw sociopath.

1164 days ago
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