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Headed South of Border

For Extreme Rehab

7/17/2011 9:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Brooke Mueller is going to Mexico to ingest a bunch of hallucionogens -- but not for fun -- to break her addictions.


Sources connected to Brooke tell TMZ ... Brooke is going to a treatment facility in Cancun that specializes in prescribing a drug that is not legal in the U.S. It's called Ibogaine, a substance extracted from an iboga plant. Some studies show it interrupts addictions to alcohol, cocaine, methadone and heroin. 

Brooke is saying the program is seven days and it's "extreme," but she's confident it will "rewire" her brain to break her addictions. 

Brooke has been hospitalized since her confrontation Thursday on a United jet bound for Cancun. We're told she'll make the trip when she's released from the hospital.


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I hope it works.

1195 days ago


So basically she was going to Cancun for treatment, was likely drug free on the plane and simply feeling sick for obvious reasons. Why to make a scandalous story out of nothing TMZ.

1195 days ago


Why = Way, need sleep.

1195 days ago


Ibogaine = I can't stop the cocaine.

Brooke Mueller doesn't get to start a whole new drug addiction. She is a simple crack-whore who likes to do any drug available until she can get some more crack.

I might sound hardened about crack-users and it's for a reason... they never get over this addiction. Death is the only way out unfortunately.

1195 days ago


I really wish our government would eradicate cocaine from our country.

But they don't care about anything but being re-elected.

1195 days ago


just because, I don't care if you are Charlie him self, this chick is stuck being on drugs after CS. The alimony she is paid is not nearly enough for him hooking her on drugs for the rest of her life.

I know way too closely about loving a crack-head... I still love her and it's many years later. Loving a crackhead is like loving a boulder falling down into the Grand Canyon... you need to step back and realize it's out of your control. And hate the people that have enslaved her for life...

1195 days ago


I hope this is on the up and up. I never heard of a drug that will stop you from doing other drugs but if it works then good for her. She needs to get herself straight for heself and her kids. Time will tell.

1195 days ago

joey _ I love TMZ 'til ya piss me off!    

Hey Brooke! I have a great idea! STAY THERE!!! I'm SICK of hearing about you! Oh, and take Paris H. with you!

1195 days ago


Yesss... Thats how we fight a crack addiction, By tripping balls on some ******* aloe vera moonshine medicine!! Clever thinking!! What the...? Nice try.. not gonna happen..

1195 days ago


She needs Jesus, not something that could potentially kill her.

1195 days ago

Mike C    

Another piece of white trash living off connections. F*ck off and die already. No one really cares about her skank ass.

1195 days ago


Can they cure her of Charlie?

1195 days ago


So wait.. Charlie Sheen was forced to give her custody of their kids, then pay her like, 50k a month in child support, BUT, she's been in "rehab" for like 6 out of the last 6 and a half months. (Either that or walking the streets, with her "publicist" or pretty much ANYWHERE other than with her kids. Now she's going to Mexico for "extreme rehab" and once again, the kids will be...

with her parents? The same parents who are enabling their daughter in the first place. They keep the kids so she can go off and do whatever she wants (drugs).

Sooooooo......why isn't Charlie allowed custody of his own kids when he seems to be doing MUCH better than Brooke right now. He's passed all his drug tests, hasn't been caught doing anything wrong since the whole thing started and HE'S the one with income.

Doesn't much make sense.

1195 days ago


and still she shares custody with the other drug addict

1195 days ago



1195 days ago
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