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Artie Hasn't Asked Me

For His Job Back

7/18/2011 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Artie Lange said he'd do ANYTHING to get his job back on the Howard Stern Show -- but according to Howard, his former radio pal still hasn't taken one very important step ... actually ASK for it.

Artie Lange
Howard briefly discussed Artie on the Stern show this morning -- claiming, "Artie had said he wishes he was back on the show ... [which] stirred up a whole bunch of conversation that I don't even know how to begin to address."

When Robin asked if Artie ever personally approached Howard to ask for his job back, Howard replied, "No, but I think he would if he could get a hold of me."

As for Artie's possible return to radio with a new show -- Howard said, "Of course I support it. I think it would be great. I'd like to listen to Artie."

Howard adds, "I'm glad to hear that he's feeling better ... I'm really pulling for him. I hope he does okay."


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some guy    

Ugh... Artie should be the one to try and reach Howard. Artie's like a skid mark on Howard's underwear.

If I were Artie I'd send some flowers to Howard. Maybe some anal.

Catching for Artie, I mean. Howard can pitch if he wants, although I wouldn't.

1195 days ago


Why do we care?
This is news?
really this is news? aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa no

1195 days ago


Perhaps because your a junkie and nobody wants you overdosing on their watch?
Howard owes you squat.
Stop being a selfish pig and start playing by the rules of society.

1195 days ago


It's good for Artie to take a STAB at a new show!!!

1195 days ago


I never found Artie or his problems funny. He wasted all of his money on food, booze, drugs and whores, then tried to kill himself. Now he wants back in even though he's more pathetic than anyone he makes fun of. Not impressed. Howard should tell him 'thanks, but no.'

1195 days ago


Can someone Please get both these Morons away from the media?

Sick of hearing about their lame fabricated dramas

1195 days ago

artie help    

boy you really do have a soft spot for this never has been, why? pay your bills fatso, meet you in the casino in the park jersey city, you know the place.

1195 days ago


@Doug, no one wants to see that chit! I HATE Sal and Richard and really wish Howard would keep them off the air.

Also, I think the show is better without Artie. There's no BS Norm stories or him quoting Biggie for the 7,000th time. I was sad when The Jokeman left and felt that Artie was just a substitute that kept showing up. He was too much of "a fan" of Howard's to be a good employee.

1195 days ago


Blah! blah! blah!.....Stern ia a FREAK......humiliating, degrading, and manipulating people.....

Can't wait for the day it realizes GOD ALMIGHTY actually exists......

1195 days ago


If Artie can understand that he can't do heroin like a gentlemen he may be ready to come back. I wonder if he is funny when he's not on the sh_it?

1195 days ago

Rafaelle Zuccaro    

Stern about Howard Stern is only an INDICATION of how far this country has gone into the TOILET--- This filthy MINDED, Ugly ASSED parasite has NO BUSINESS on the AIR WAVES-- He is, and always will be a DECADENT, DISGUSTING, USELESS DIRT BAG

1195 days ago


There's no such thing as humor or ball busting on the show. He wouldn't have Artie back. It would take too much time away from discussing his sunday-circular model wife, "fertography", doing hour long impressions of his parents, and having his Hamptons douchebag friends on the show. He also has to explain that 1 billion dollars isn't enough and how those XM subscribers who don't hear his show should be counted as listeners. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

1195 days ago


That was Stern's cowardly way of saying "Don't call us...we'll call you."

1195 days ago


Artie needs to move forward not go back to the old days. Go back on the road, work on new material, start eating health and get some exercise. Comae back in a year or two with a new track record of sobriety.

1195 days ago


Thanks TMZ, but if i gave a crap about what Howard Stern thinks i would actually listen to Howard stern show.

*Yawn* His shtick is old as dirt.

MedicareFraud, is the show THAT bad now? lol

1195 days ago
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