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O.J.'s Vegas Judge: Karma's A Bitch

7/19/2011 9:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The judge who put O.J. Simpson behind bars for robbing people in Vegas back in 2007 tells TMZ ... she believes karma may have done in The Juice ... you know, because he killed those two people.


TMZ spoke with Judge Jackie Glass -- who's set to take over for Nancy Grace on "Swift Justice" -- when we brought up the Simpson case.

Clearly, Glass believes Simpson's guilty verdict was cosmic retribution for his past sins.

Back in 2008, Glass sentenced Simpson to serve 33 years in prison for the Vegas incident ... but he's eligible for parole after 9 ... unless karma really kicks in.


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33 Years is crazy. I honestly dont blame OJ for going in there to get his stuff. Kidnapping? He wouldnt let them leave the room for like 3 minutes, get real. Not talking about what he did in the past, but with this incident, 33 years is a joke.

1195 days ago


And this person was a judge? If I were his defense attorneys, I would appeal this sentence. Is she relied on "karma" to pass judgement, what happened to the rule of law?

1195 days ago

She's baaaack    

He's probably already courting that whoor from Florida who killed her child and got off. What a lovely couple they'll make.

1195 days ago


dang it tmz, more data on the hot daughter standing next to her!

1195 days ago

Trev the 1    

She only imposed the maximum sentence. Trust me no judge usually hands out maximum sentences but in this case the guilty should serve at least nine years behind bars. Thats just how our legal system works if you get off on something watch out next time you go to court because another judge may not like what you were sentenced to. I guarantee if casey anthony ever goes to court for even something small they will impose maximum sentencing on her.

1195 days ago

Chef Jack Tripper    

RIP Gary Coleman. "Everybody's got a special kind of story, everybody's finds a way to shine. It don't matter that you got not a lot, so what."

I miss you GC, you adorable lil bastard.

1195 days ago


can only hope karma gets casey also, and quickly....heard she was in vegas visiting OJ so he can help her with her new book, "HAHAHA this IS how I did it..and no one can do anything about it...thanks stupid arses of pinnellas county" ...then they will both die a horrible death and burn in hell together..

1195 days ago


THIS IS GREAT!!! O.J. is a thug and is exactly where he should be. Also, if there is a HELL, he'll be there soon enough as well!

1195 days ago


Looks like this judge had a bias against OJ going into this case and because of her ill advised comments here, could end up giving him the opportunity to appeal his case. Thanks attention ho

1195 days ago


@niles....uuhhhh Karma IS Universal Law. If everyone followed this there would be no need for man-made law. When one understands this resentment of ANYTHING becomes a waste of time as there are much bigger forces working to balance things out. The biggest misconception is to "think" you can get away with misdeeds. I myself find the mystery of Life fascinating....the best reality show ever!! We do indeed reap what we sow......

1195 days ago


When she sentenced him to 33 years I had a great laugh.....cause 33 has a great significance spiritually! Would not be at all surprised if she was amused by this when handing it down

1195 days ago


She was really sentencing him for murder wasn't she? It was a biased decision.

Don't like that smug bastard O.J and he was guilty as sin but wasn't the outrage really about him killing a white woman? What about Robert Blake and others who got away with murder?

1195 days ago

Angie Diego    

Of course OJ killed Nicole and her lover. He was a crazy wife-beating, drunk jerk. The motive was there and he had a past of insanely abusing Nicole and leaving her black and blue. The only reason he got off the hook was because he is black, and famous. Same thing with Obama. Please google about the men in his Chicago church who were assassinated just prior to election. And also google the alleged murder of his grandmother, also on the eve of election. The media only shows you what they want to, and they pick a favorite to be their darling to be the current president, rock star, en vogue B.S. ...

1195 days ago

Sociopaths are Sad    

@SharJoy: I do hope you are right about Karma. Let's pray together.

1195 days ago


Karma had nothing to do with it. You were just being White. Everybody on this planet, especially every race in the U.S. knows that this country belongs to you all. You all just let blacks, hispanics,e.t.c. live here. You all make the laws and you all carry them out. You just put a couple blacks and hispanics in office so that people will believe everyone is a part of the U.S. But this is YOUR country and your decision to give that outragious sentence. Karma my a&&.

1195 days ago
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