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Lindsay Lohan + Worm + Tequila = SCANDAL???!

7/22/2011 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan was at a house party last week POUNDING TEQUILA ... at least that's the way  the guy who handed Lindsay the bottle wanted it to appear when he set her up for this photo.

Lindsay Lohan
Sources close to Lindsay tell us .. the actress was hanging out in Venice last week when a friend-of-a-friend asked if he could take a picture with LiLo.

When she said, "yes" -- we're told the guy handed her the bottle and told her to smile! Lindsay is telling friends she didn't take ONE single sip of alcohol that night and put the bottle back down after the photo.

Here's the thing -- it's TOTALLY legal for Lindsay to drink ... but still, we gotta ask ...


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thats second photo doesnt even LOOK like her. Wow.

1158 days ago

Professor Chaos    

Who cares. She's an adult.

1158 days ago


When you are the type of person that kidnaps people and takes off in random cars when you drink, you do not need to drink, period.
This girl needs to fall off the face of the Earth - when she's sober she's a thief and when she's drunk and high, she's liable to kill someone. JUST GO AWAY TRASH!

1158 days ago


What is she holding in her other hand?

1158 days ago


I believe she didn't drink anything after the photo. she seems to busy on the phone and whenever Lindsay is drinking on purpose-she always pays attention to the liquor itself.

1158 days ago


What's with Lindsay news at 1 AM

guy name is Cesario "Block" Montano legendary skater / producer

"Sources close to Lindsay tell us"
LoL what sources?

Stop stealing personal photo tmz ... but still, we gotta ask ...

1158 days ago


Yes we know...its never her fault, its always someone setting her up. Let her drin*****il her damn liver falls out, who cares!

1158 days ago


It is obvious that she is more interested about what she is hearing on her phone, than what the guy next to her is telling to the persone who made the picture. It seems that she is holding that glass FOR the picture.

1158 days ago


Poor Lindsay, always the victim.

Why is she even relevant? She is just some bimbo that poses for slutty pics.

1158 days ago


I don't get what people see in her. To me, she just looks like hick trash trying too hard to act cool.

1158 days ago


OMG TMZ...really? There is no story here. She was on the phone while some douchebag sneaked in a photo while asking her to hold the skull. I drink and I would have not even known if that was a liquor bottle. Come on seriously, are you running out of news stories?

P.S. She is clearly on the phone and is more interested to what a person has to say on the other line. Stop making stuff out of nothing. She can legally drink so....if she wants to, leave her be.

1158 days ago


Let her drink. WTH! when did it become wrong?
I'm Stoned as I'm typing this. So F**K them Old ass People
Talking ****.

1158 days ago

RJ Hunt    

Not drinking...I think Lindsay is still riding the "sober bus"...and even though the "bus" makes many stops, and people get on & off...I think she is starting to see the light. Look at her, she looks better than she ever has...Only time will tell.

1158 days ago

Good riddance!    

She may not have drank that tequila, but it's not like she isn't a total drunken loser anyway. She'll flush her life away drinking and drugging, so I say go for it! Full speed ahead!

1158 days ago


its always a set up..they could have video of her going into liquor store..opening a bottle of liquor and drinking it.she would swear it isnt her and the store owner made her do it so he could get pics.

1158 days ago
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