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Amy Winehouse -- Signs of Life When Help Arrived

7/23/2011 4:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sources connected with the Amy Winehouse death investigation tell TMZ ... paramedics found "signs of life" when they arrived Saturday afternoon, but she died before they could transport her.

0722_amy_EX4Our sources were not specific as to the exact nature of the "signs of life."

According to our sources, law enforcement "is operating under the suspicion" this an overdose, although police will not say on the record it's an overdose until the first postmortem exam Sunday morning.

As TMZ first reported, police on the scene determined there were no signs of foul play and there is nothing suspicious about the death.


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Oh my heart is broken.

1154 days ago


I love you with all of my heart Amy, I hope you can find peace.

1154 days ago


why would her people let her go on stage last show of her life drunk/high? You don't say NO to very rich people, your meal ticket. I love her viedo "Just friends" RIP

1154 days ago


Nicole 5 hours ago
Sooo sad that she couldn't get the help she needed before it came to this. RIP

How many times did she go to re-hab? Is it possible she wouldn't accept the help that was offered to her?

1154 days ago

Hello is anybody in there?    

Her legacy be known for being a great artist and winning 5 Grammy's. Ya she will be known for the drugs and booze but she will be remembered for ever like Jimi,Kurt and all the great artist who died way too young.

R.I.P. Amy Winehouse

1154 days ago


Amy Winehouse dead, so tragic. Think of the poor guys at the morgue.

The autopsy results may as well just say which drugs WEREN'T in her at the time.

R.I.P Amy Winehouse, Dust to dust, Ashes to ashes, Cask to casket

If Amy Winehouse's record company release any more of her music they'll just be flogging a dead horse.

With the death of Amy Winehouse there are to be some economic set-backs.
There's even rumor that 6 out of 10 British drug dealers will be effected by this.

Amy Winehouse has died of natural causes. Naturally, she'd taken too many drugs.

1154 days ago

No comment    

Flash forward, Halloween 2011, West Hollywood. Hundreds of people dressed as Amy Winehouse, mostly men rockin the behive, minidress, and eyeliner.

She will become a iconic Halloween costume...thanks and RIP

1154 days ago


No sh** that this wasn't a surprise, so why do the armchair commentators insist on stating the obvious as if they're telling the rest of us something?

Yeah, geniuses, this was inevitable, but what really sucks is that we all saw it coming, and we had no choice but to watch a young woman unravel in clear view of the world.

Her death proves rebabs are a joke and that fame and money don't mean a damned thing. If anything, it does nothing but exacerbate problems.

Anyhoo: Amy, R.I.P. I hope you finally find peace.

1154 days ago


So sorry to hear this tragedy...Rest in peace and for the other comments that are so hateful and disrespectful, I think your in a better place although I dont think it was your time but God did. I hope you finally find your peace and whatever caused your greeting to god is nobody's business but your's and him!! R.I.P.

1154 days ago


seriously people who a void of feelings of sympathy and empathy. didnt your mothers teach you if you dont have anything nice to say dont say anything at all. Yes we know Amy had demons and issues with alcohol and drugs and staying in rehab. Regardless of anything she was very talented and had an amazing voice and is someones child,sister,friend,godmother. She had issues and maybe she did do it to herself but it is still very sad and she is gone way to soon. You all obviously dont know that addiction is a disease and that rehab does not work all the time. RIP AMY you will be missed but your music will live on.

1154 days ago


Although I didn't care much for her music I do care about what happened and it is sad!!!!!! She had some mental problems and that combined with her drug and alcohol abuse made her a ticking time bomb! I feel for her family. It also is so strange how many talented people we have lost at the age of 27. Kurt Cobain, Brian Jones, Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin just to name a few. RIP Amy& If their is Rock n Roll in heaven you are their with some of the very best!

1154 days ago


STD's 21 minutes ago
Flash forward, Halloween 2011, West Hollywood. Hundreds of people dressed as Amy Winehouse, mostly men rockin the behive, minidress, and eyeliner.

She will become a iconic Halloween costume...thanks and RIP
New Flash - I live in WeHo and the "characters" you describe are something one see's on any given saturday night so what is your point?

1154 days ago


So Sad !

1154 days ago


So sad :(

1154 days ago

about 2 yrs ago    


You were so talented. And to always have disgusting losers put you down cuz you had a struggle is a shame. (Some ex-jealous prostitute - in particular)

Yeah, we knew that path you were on but kept hoping that every time you went to rehab it was going to help but soo soo desperately sad each time you got worse.

You were the top, baby! The absolutely Freakin' TOP! Let all the jealous slobs promote themselves now about how great they are and how knowledgeable they are cuz they "knew" - you are an in the heavens.

Thank you for sharing what you could.

LONG LIVE AMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


1154 days ago
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