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Pandora EXPLODES -- Everyone Wants Winehouse!

7/25/2011 3:54 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Amy Winehouse's death made her 100 times more popular ... at least on the Internet -- because TMZ has learned, online radio station Pandora went off the charts with Winehouse requests last weekend.

Amy Winehouse Pandora

A rep for Pandora -- VP of Communication Deborah Roth -- tells TMZ, users typically create between 700-900 Amy Winehouse radio stations every day ... but on Saturday, that number skyrocketed to 75,000!!!

Glass half full?


No Avatar


The white trash crack whore's music sucked as much as she snorted coke. Can we please move on form this piece of garbage. Don't you have more Lindsey Lohan bs to share?

1153 days ago


well. all those super interested people are a day late and a dollar short

1153 days ago


I truly believe that Amy intended to kill herself. On TV they said she purchased a lethal ****tail the night before she died!

Amy knew she could never kick her habits!

She killed herself to become a member of the 27 Club!

1152 days ago


I wonder if she would have been so sad if she knew how much everyone appreciated her while she was alive. This is a terrible waste. Her poor Mother.

1152 days ago

Kartrashian Klown    

I don't know PANDORA but good for her, she's gonna have her parents live well for the rest of their lives..I guess.

1152 days ago


Well, the folks in the UK might be crying in their soup over this but I don't think we really give a crap here in the US. This girl was a train wreck waiting to happen from day 1. Was just a matter of time and type of drug that did her in.

1152 days ago


Glass half full? Seriously?

"Well Amy Winehouse, you're dead, but your Pandora requests are through the roof! We'll call this a win."

Boo TMZ, boo.

1152 days ago


Saddend by the stupid polls you have posted. And also by lack of humanity shown by so many posters. Guess a person has to figure that this is a gossip website and it will bring out the worst of humanity as well as some just looking for lighthearted entertainement. I fall into the latter and just want to say that I am profoundly saddend by Amy Winehouse's death. I feel for her parents who have lost their child.

1152 days ago


Such a unique wonderful voice she had in her songs one of a kind.

1152 days ago


Only read a few comments before feeling sick!
IT IS NO WONDER SOME NEED TO DRINK AND DO DRUGS: Gentle souls, unable to live in a world that has so many mean, nasty and angry people, not to mention righteous!I wonder, how clean is YOUR side of the street. Sorry, but Amy and her music will be remembered, whether you like it or not. But you won't.

1152 days ago


Amy made her choices and we have no alternative but to accept it but she left behind some outstanding music that will immortalize her forever as the brilliant sing she was.

1152 days ago


I never listen to her music before she passed away and now that I have I love it and I will be buying some CDs of hers now to. I never listened to it because all I ever seen of her was nothing but a drugie, now that I've listen to her music and read about her life I feel bad for her and feel she realy cheated herself and never seen herself for what she realy was and could be it's sad!

1152 days ago


Do you really think Amy wanted to be sick, wanted to crave drugs. You all really have no idea what it means to have an addiction. Some people can walk away some can't. She was one of them who could not. It doesn't mean she didn't want to. She wasn't strong like all you loud mouth a holes.
Pity the humane being of today.

1152 days ago

tracy redekopp    

I am disgusted by the disregard for the loss of this amazing tortured artist and caring human being, how dare anyone to disrespect this girl to her family, you should be ashamed. I truly wish we could have seen her past her troubles and pain, and experienced her as she grew to the amazing talented artist she would have become. For those of you with negative coments as to her talents, turn off your top 40 manufactured crap and listen to a true artist, unfortunately those of you have commented negatively probably have no idea what artistic talent truly is. God Bless Amy & your loved ones, you will truly be missed, many years to come.

1152 days ago


She is going to be worth more dead just like all the rest.

1152 days ago
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