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Casey Anthony -- 7 Beers From HOTness

7/26/2011 12:02 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Is Casey Anthony hot? That's the question few will ask ... and even fewer want to answer -- but we're about to do both. Begin judging in 3 ... 2... 

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Not hot all ALL - she looks like a troll. A murderous troll.

1156 days ago


HELL NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
THE PIG's A MINUS ZERO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1156 days ago


There once was a girl named Casey
Who partied so hard she was hazy.
Her daughter she sealed
And dumped in field
But in Orlando that doesn't seem crazy.

Casey Anthony makes me cringe
She killed her kid and went on a binge
She partied all night
and hid the corpse out of sight
But the jury was made up of a lunatic fringe

Casey's legal team was considered absurd
When Baez uttered these words:
"Caley drowned in a pool
by her granddad the fool!"
but in the end flipped everyone the bird.

When she was in court, Casey wore a frown.
She never smiled and always looked down.
But she got off scott free
and again let herself be
The party girl who knows how to let 'er hair down.

Casey Anthony's situaton was dire
A top lawyer she needed to hire
Her legal team worked for free
For their own celebrity
And scoffed at the smell in her Sunfire.

Casey's future has no tomorrow
She's broke and for money must borrow
Her only chance for hope
Is to sell some dope
'Cause Vivid said "no" to a porno

1156 days ago

My Little Girls    

I hear Geraldo Rivera has his own Island... Now that's the ticket.

Geraldo, Beaz and Casey can enjoy the " Beautiful Life ", on his Island.
Go ahead Geraldo, interview Casey knowing that Caylee was sacrificed for 15 minutes of fame.
Your career with FOX would be history.

Your the only fan she's got.... your career as a reporter is finished if you proceed with an interview.

Unless you give her a live polygraph on air with Jose Beaz and it's done for "Free".

My Opinion Only....

1156 days ago


The ONLY hot she'll ever be is when she enters HELL, then and ONLY then... she'll Be Smokin!

Casey is a Sociopatic Killer and a Pathological Liar with No Conscience, No Guilt or Remorse, and No genuine feelings for others and it's Appalling that she walked. Little Caylee was dumped in a Swamp to Rot by her own mother. Don't forget for one moment, Not guilty does NOT mean Innocent and you have to be functionally cognitively impaired to believe she had nothing to do with her daughter's death.
Not that many years ago she would have been a Social Outcast! And now??
If Casey thinks she's going to live "a beautiful life" from here on out, she's only fooling herself. Any guy she hooks up with could be the one that takes her out... Permanently!!!!!

1156 days ago


I'd be down with a lil' bit o' the in-out-in-out. Reckon I'd leave some baby juice in her, and let her deal with it in two-years nine-months. Not my problem.

1156 days ago


She is soooooo unattractive! Men: take her body out of the equation, take a good look at her FACE & you'll realize what a DOG she actually is...

1156 days ago


she is hot , those who say no well your problem

1156 days ago

Professor Chaos    

Hell yes she's hot. I know all the overweight housewives on this site want to hate on her but she's fine as all hell. I'd bang that girl without hesitation.

1156 days ago


I'd hit it! I had hoped to do her while she was getting the lethal injection so I could see her come and go at the same time.

1156 days ago


Shes obviously good looking, there's just a mental block. Knowing what she did makes her unattractive

1156 days ago


Only if you're into necrophilia.

1156 days ago


Id say a solid 12 beers and 3 shots. The morning would suck though waking up next to her ouch. Oh the shame and then the whole i slept with casey thing that would suck.

1156 days ago


Wow TMZ. You've jumped the shark with this story. Time to delete you from my 'favorites' and move on. Casey isn't a celeb that needs your attention. It's sad you are using the nation's outrage at her acquittal (and the record number of posts to a recent story you did about a possible tv interview) to continue to talk about her. I was planning on boycotting any network tv station that airs an interview with her, but I didn't expect to have to add your site to that list. You are profiting from her crime by acting like a 14 year old boy on Facebook listing who's hot and who's not at school and getting all your 'friends' to pay attention to your 'status'. Casey murdered her daughter and now you should be ashamed.

1156 days ago


so PHIL, Do You Mean - Offing Casey Before Getting Their Rocks Off?

Well Now..

1156 days ago
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