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Pie Thrower



7/29/2011 9:52 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The pie throwing moron who went after Rupert Murdoch inside the House of Commons earlier this month just ot served a big, tasty slice of justice -- after a U.K. court found him guilty of assault.

The attacker -- a self-described "comic" named Jonathan May-Bowles -- pled guilty in a Westminster courtroom ... and is scheduled to be sentenced on August 2. 


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the Pat-Mann    

Now, why in hell can't OUR court system move this fast?

1180 days ago


Murdoch owns TMZ. Harvey knows who pays his bills so of course hes gonna act like a bitch and take that old bastard Ruperts side.

1180 days ago


I guess the moron who wrote the story doesn't like the patriot who got some foam on the poor multi billionare, whose publication has probably destroyed many a lives.

1180 days ago


A court finding him guilty and him making a guilty plea isn't the same thing, bozos.

Funny how people think this guy is a moron when he hesitated and messed-up the pieing. If he went ahead and pied the old, greedy, selfish a-hole, then people would be cheering him for doing it.

1180 days ago


You'll have to go to ROL or Gawker to get the truth about the NewsCorp scandal in the UK!

TMZ is rolling over like a b. i. t. c. h.!

1180 days ago

Paul Lynde    

Too bad it wasn't a brick.

1180 days ago


Oh yeah, Murdoch and his vice hold control over so much of the media has The News Of The World exposed for hacking into the phone lines and mobile phones of murder victims, their families, celebs, royals, politicians, 9/11 victims, dead service personnel family's and the guy throwing a shaving foam pie at him is the bad guy?!!
Murdoch knew this stuff was going on, no way he didn't, as did Rebecca Brookes who he went to such extremes to save, as she was Editor on his New International owned by News Corp the company being flagged up! Everyone else he was prepared to throw to the wolves, the Murdochs KNEW about this years ago and now it's come to light they have been paying the attorney fees for the P.I Mulcaire involved,so now they've cut his financial support off to avoid more bad p.r!! Mulcaire is now about to spill his guts and everyone involved had better take cover!
Murdoch's staff hacked into the mobile phone of dead teenager Milly Dowler in the UK, listened to her voicemails THEN DELETED them so the cops and family thought she was still alive and deleting the messages herself!! Now it seems Sarah Payne has been a victim too and the mobile phone hacked was GIVEN to her by none other than Rebecca Brookes Editor of the News of The World at the time!! She is distraught and obviously now doesn't know WHO to trust!
I don't know how anyone managed to get into the House of Commons in the 1st place with a shaving foam pie or the ingredients to make one - personally the guy did at least something to show the outrage and contempt the victims felt for this man and his employees! A shaving foam pie? Comedians have been using those for years even when in their 70's!! Just because Murdoch is 80 doesn't mean he's any the less ruthless than he has always been, crocodile tears are easy to shed when you risk losing BskyB and your other media outlets are also questioned!
His wallet is hurting, but not half as much as everyone else's who has lost their jobs because the paper was shut down, or been thrown to the wolves by him and his staff!!

1180 days ago


Damon ROL is no better with it's news reporting of the hacking scandal - the only places you get the real run down is at here's a link to prove it!

1180 days ago


Filmed in bald spot vision.

1180 days ago


Rupert Murdoch was described by another media mogul of being "the most evil man in the world." Did you see his eyes when he was shown at the table during the testimony? Enough said. The guy with the pie should be rewarded, not convicted.

1179 days ago



1176 days ago


These pictures are now on every webpage in the world, together with a story line about the "brave" Ms. Deng. But what I see is that the attacker is foiled by an unnamed woman in gray (who was sitting to Ms. Deng's left) who really has almost preternatu­rally fast reactions. Ms Deng did not enter into the fray until later and then only to land the lightest of blows, chiefly with her right hand (not the the "left hook" that is universall­y recorded).

What is going on? I know that News is a fast business these days, but I would have thought that somebody would look at the pictures before slavishly repeating the canned story. In my mind it raises the question of whether there was not some PR input into this tale. But who might benefit from that? I should like to suggest that the real story here is "what really happened?"­. It would appear that the "woman in gray" is part of a private security detail (an idea that struck me as soon as the hearings opened, actually I would take payday loans no fax in order to know the truth); might it not be that this was a "put up" job?

1033 days ago
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