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7/30/2011 12:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Casey Anthony Treatment
Casey Anthony
won't be sitting down with ABC .. NBC ... CBS or any other network for at least a couple of months -- TMZ has learned Casey will be seeking professional treatment for serious mental issues instead.

Sources close to Anthony tell us ... Casey is seeking treatment for three reasons:

First, Casey now realizes that her questionable behavior when her daughter Caylee went missing back in 2008 stemmed from "obvious mental health issues."

The second reason -- Casey still needs help coping with the "obvious trauma of losing her child."

Third, Casey spent nearly three years in solitary confinement in a Florida jail ... where she spent 23 hours a day in a 4x9 foot cell ... all while facing murder chargers. Our source, directly connected to Casey, tells us, "It messed with her head."

We're told Anthony's attorney, Jose Baez, will continue to field offers on behalf of Casey ... and when she's healthy, Anthony will have the final word on where and how her story will be told.


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some guy    

I just hope this means Casey stays out of the public eye and deals with her issues.
Kinda sad, but Casey makes more sense than Lindsay.

1079 days ago


Sad... the reality here is just sad! In all likelyhood a deal has already been struck and the media outlets are already hard at work to reinvent and cleanup her image so that 6 months from now they can make the interview more palatable for the public. Claiming that no money changed hands. It otherwise does not make sense! She has no money, and all of a sudden has to pay for intensive therapy for several months? YOu don't have to be a genious to figure out she is getting payed from someone....

The idea here is to try and make people feel sorry for her... the unfortunate thing though is that it may very well work! The public is very fickle and forget very easily. I'd be suprised if Casey did not have a book, movie and TV deal by this time next year!

These networks have been around for a LONG time... and they know how to spin a story better than any single entity on this planet and when there is money to be made... whats to stop them?


1079 days ago


Her head was messed up long before anyone even knew who she was. I'd like to go back to that time and forget I ever heard mention of her name. She doesn't need help, She needs to face who she really is, and what she has done to an innocent child. nobody has any sympathy for her. I take joy in knowing she will rot in hell for what she has done! Just because a jury found her innocent DOESN'T mean she is. It just means they pulled one over on them. Plain and simple she got away with MURDER!

1079 days ago


She wants the public's sympathy. Its all an act. She has proven she lies well.

1079 days ago


She thinks this will rework her image and make us accept her. Bull. She is a piece of trash that needs to be taken to the dump and never heard from again. There's some guy in the news right now that kidnapped his 5 month old child 30 days ago and won't tell police where it is..... Sound like husband material, Casey!!!!!

1079 days ago

some guy    

I'm sure I mentioned this before, but...
The courts found Casey not guilty. If you have a problem with that, take it up with the courts. Casey didn't have any say over the outcome of the verdict.

1079 days ago


Funny, during the trial they said she was sane. More lies, to cover up more lies. Unbelievable! They are just holding out for this bitch to make more millions.

1079 days ago


Honestly? I haven'*****ched any of the Casey Anthony hoopla. I think it's horrible that little girl was killed and I know she's taken care of in heaven. I think if her mother lied about it then she probably did it or was involved in it somehow. Personally I don't think Casey Anthony should be getting any publicity AT ALL. I definitely don't think she should EVER make any money off the death of her daughter regardless of the timing. It's like so many other cases where someone murders another human being, denies it and ends up getting out of jail and then writes a book and does media interviews to rake in the dollars, it's barbaric! I won't read or watch anything with Casey Anthony involved and I know lots of others who feel exactly the same way. If she wants to write a book or do interviews I believe all the money for it should go to a charity that helps children (maybe child abuse prevention or something like that). There are so many other things that deserve media attention, other than people like Casey Anthony, that Peterson guy, and O.J. Simpson who murder someone, become famous by denying it and then think they can get rich from it. Wake up America. Murder is NOT entertainment.

1079 days ago


Seeking treatment, rehab, whatever, has been the popular stunt used by celebrities to clean up their public image. If not, Dr. Phil and Dr. Drew wouldn't be so rich.

You cannot change the human brain to feel guilt. Casey doesn't have an ounce of guilt in her body. For her to appeal her 4 charges of lying just shows how ignorant she really is. I have lost all respect for Jose Baez and feel he is leading a poor example with the Florida Bar Association.

1079 days ago


And a good therapist will hopefully alleviate all that guilt from murdering her child, right? Isn't goina happen Casey, you're now a prisoner of your mind, of your own actions.

1079 days ago


The ONLY reason she's not doing interviews now is because the networks fear boycotts, and with good reason. This was predictable and total BULL ****. They'll try to remake her image then market her again. Guess what, BAEZ. It's not going to work. People are smarter than you think (except for those idiotic jurors) Keep her in hiding forever and do the world a favor. WHAT A BUNCH OF LOSERS!

1079 days ago

Rhon McMahon    

There will be no "Not Guilty" pleas when this cold-hearted killer bitch faces her maker, The Lord Jesus Christ...Rest assured, she's gonna burn regardless of what anyone thinks or says !!! Payback's a bitch, hey Casey !!!

1079 days ago


C'mon there is no story. She killed her daughter and had no problem partying and having a ton of people help her find Caylee who was already dead and thrown in a swamp. She got away with murder that simple.

Baez is pissed because he may not be getting the big payday 40%. She would not tell the truth anyway so why pay for an interview.

Maybe the public outrage is working. The tabloid shows are milking this because they have nothing else to talk about.

1079 days ago


It's Simple... The networks are getting slammed with Hate Mail so no one will touch her. So by saying she's going into rehab is a PR Stunt to clean up her image so the networks can get her interview. But think about this... Will she go into rehab? You'll never know because they are not going to tell you where she is so there is NO way of proving she went! It's a PR Stunt that's all trying to clean her image up to generate money.

We nick named her the "Hit Woman" down here in Florida... "She killed her daughter and got paid for it"

1079 days ago


These Casey Anthony posts are like TMZ throwing flanks of raw meat into an aquarium full of piranha. LOL

Beasts you are!! Beasts who pretend they know stuff they cannot know...

Big Poppa

1079 days ago
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