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Rep. Gabrielle Giffords

Returns to Congress

8/1/2011 4:14 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Nearly 6 months after she was shot in the head, Arizona congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords WALKED into the House of Representatives in D.C. today ... to a standing ovation.

Giffords made the appearance to personally cast her vote in favor of the debt ceiling bill.

FYI -- it passed. Hooray America.  

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No Avatar


Did she know what she voted for?

1179 days ago


This debt vote was a stunt. She is being used for a distraction.

1179 days ago


I have tears of joy in my eyes! What a courageous woman and courageous moment. May God continue to heal and bless you Congresswoman Giffords!

1179 days ago


Yea Gabby! Thank you. We need more like you. Best wishes.

1179 days ago


She looked great on the House floor. I was expecting her injury to be apparent when we saw her again, but she appeared very normal.

1179 days ago

Montclair Grandma    

Two Cents:

What an insensitive clod you are. For those of you others who
question her ability/right to cast a vote, it wasn't a tie so
her casting a vote didn't hurt anything and it cheered up the rest of the nation to see her do it.

1179 days ago


So our President who has sat in office for OVER 800!!! days without a Budget & the Democrats, who had BOTH houses for his first 2 YEARS, who had CHOOSEN to NOT do a Federal Budget in 2010 because they didn't want to screw themselves in the election (see how that worked?), trotted out poor Gifford today. You do realize Harry Reid who stopped every vote on every single Budget sent them and which were PASSED by Congress - who's the obstructionist now? - and the President are the ones who created this crisis and whom, by the way (the President), is the one who would have control over who got paid and who didn't if we defaulted so when he threatened Seniors they might not get paid, HE would have been the one CHOOSING not to pay them just like it was the Democrats who CHOOSE not to do a Budget WHEN THEY WERE SUPPOSED TO!

1179 days ago


What a winner, what a strong woman, God Bless You!

1179 days ago


Now the left-wing can use her like an old sock.

1179 days ago


When do we get to hear her speak?

1179 days ago


Shockingly triumphant. I didn't even know she was up and walking. I knew she watched the last shuttle launch but this??? WOW

1179 days ago


lol "FYI -- it passed. Hooray America."
How is this a good thing?!

1179 days ago


Terrific to see Rep Giffords back in the House and looking so good. She appears to be in amazingly good shape mentally. Thank god.

1179 days ago


Hooray American? Yes, sure. Well done for increasing your debt limit, more debt, yippee!! Instead of cutting debt, you allow more!

1179 days ago


Congrats..We have solved our debt problem with more debt and both parties have proven themselves to be 1 party who pretend these are cuts but are merely spending slows. We have a false economy based upon money printing and Wall Street pilfers the production. So yes..what a great time to use this poor woman's ordeal and spin it politically for both the Repubs, Dems and White House.
You should all be ashamed of yourself. We have solved none of the issues which caused our economic collapse in 2008 and only made them worse. The rest of America goes through a depression while Wall Street flourishes and continues to fund both parties in order to purchase the political structure. Now ..we export Snooki's and printed paper.

1179 days ago
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