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Matt Damon RIPS Reporter


8/2/2011 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Matt Damon Teachers
Matt Damon channeled the spirit of Will Hunting this weekend at an education rally in DC -- unapologetically OWNING a hapless reporter, who implied teachers are ONLY motivated by fear of losing their jobs. 

How do you like them apples?



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Way to go Matt! I always knew you were a class act guy!

1186 days ago


$75,000 is a teacher at the top of the payscale, probably a doctorate degree. The run of the mill teacher makes about $35-40,000 and brings plenty of work HOME. Furthermore we are not paid for summer vacation we are paid for the 189 days of our contract. Yes there are bad teachers as well as good teachers just like any other profession has good people and bad people. I am so tired of being beat up by people that don't know what they are talking about.

1186 days ago

john talone    

I am glad spoke up the teachers,that reporter in a *******.

1186 days ago


"Maybe you're a ****ty cameraman" Ha!
Matt Damon, you have a new fan.

1186 days ago


That shows how idealistic he is. Teachers take the job because it pays well, has huge vacations, is rote, etc.... That is like thinking a Dr. doesn't know the end result of all his education and training - he wants to heal, but the money comes with it, or he would be doing his services for free. I am SO sick of whining teachers, get another job if you cannot afford it or if you are mistreated! Good luck finding one that is M-F, good hours, fabulous vacations and lets you bitch and whine about it. F U

1186 days ago


first off, matt damon is a total *******
he is only standing up for teachers unions. he is an old-fashioned east coast democrat.
nothing more.

1186 days ago


Yeah, right. My kids last teacher was there because she wanted to teach? She was burnt out. I truely believe, along with other parents of students in her class, that she was there for one thing... to collect a paycheck.

Matt, maybe you're an actor because you really, really love acting. And I'm sure it's easy to continue doing what you love when you have a pretty decent sized bank account. But many people do what they have to do, include teaching, in order to pay the bills. Not all teachers are doing it because they "love it"... a lot are doing it because they need to.

And an average salary of $50,000 isn't really a bad salary when you get 2 months off in the summer, 2 weeks off for Christmas, a week for spring break, plus numerous 3 day weekends throughout the year.

1186 days ago


Sh$%^y pay? Maybe from what he makes a year, let me introduce you to middle class America Matt.

Long hours? Are you frickin nutz? No more and most likely less than the blue collar worker at the assembly line or the small business owner.

I like Matt's movies, but he is the typical Hollywood type.

1186 days ago


I'm laughing pretty hard at some of the ignorance in the comments. Teachers do not teach 9 am to 3 pm. They do not have the luxury of going home after work and not thinking about work. They have grading to do, classes to prep, and extra curriculars to teach. Many coach - or volunteer their time with study groups. I don't know about the USA but up here in Canada a starting teacher makes $40,000 per year if they are lucky. That two month summer vacation is spent prepping for the next year. Any teacher earning $75,000 or more in a year has to have a master's degree and at least 10 years experience - with tenure. It is a very rare thing to make this much. Maybe you all think you had sh**ty teachers because you were sh**ty students.

1186 days ago


"I'm not gay, but if I were I would wanna have his baby. I love you Matt!"

1186 days ago


Matt, are you kidding me? You're obviously not as intelligent as you try to make yourself look. Teachers make great money. Their salaries are amongst the highest you will see in the public sector. They also have tremendous health care. Again, some of the best available. Oh, and the long hours. Sure, during the school year they may have to work a little extra creating lesson plans, grading tests, etc..., but that id only for new teachers. Teachers who have been teaching for more than 3 years will already have that stuff readily available. Oh, and those long summer hours, right Matt? I taught for 5 years. I know how difficult it could be, but don't say that teachers don't do it for the money, because if you do, you're dead wrong.

1186 days ago


To whoever said he probably has a 9th grade education.. He went to Harvard for 3 years so he is obviously not stupid..

1186 days ago


Good reply Matt, those reporters sounded ignorant and uninformed!

1186 days ago


Good reply Matt, those reporters sounded ignorant and very uninformed

1186 days ago

meghan anderson    

This is a profession that is involves our children, hello!! They should be well compensated, and for the most part they aren't. They do not work just the school hours but spend many hours after 2 or 3pm working and probably some sundays. However, there absolutley should not be tenure. No job should be guaranteed no matter how long you have been in the profession. If a teacher is not doing what they should be, they should be fired and not having the unions stop that. Matt is a typical massachusetts liberal, they love those unions and or kids are the ones who pay the price.

1186 days ago
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