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Casey Anthony's Lawyer


8/3/2011 6:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

080311_jose_baez_videoCasey Anthony's lawyer says Anthony could be in danger if she's required to return to Florida this week to meet with a probation officer -- telling Matt Lauer, "The last thing we wanna do is put Casey in harm's way."

Attorney Jose Baez appeared on "Today" this morning ... and explained, "We have an issue of safety." He was not specific about the potential threat.

Earlier this week, Judge Stan Strickland ordered Anthony back to Orlando to begin probation for a 2010 check fraud conviction. Baez believes the judge is exceeding his authority by requiring Anthony to return to Florida because the Department of Corrections already certified that she completed her probation.

But around the same time Baez appeared on "Today" -- Judge Strickland officially recused himself from the case ... but did not give a reason for his decision to step down. 

No word on who will replace Strickland --or if that person will enforce his order requiring Casey to return to Florida.


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Cravin Morehead    

I disagree. I'd love to see her put in harm's way...just like her daughter was!

1146 days ago


How is it she's safe in OH but not FL? She'*****ed EVERYWHERE. And let's see the 'proof' of these death threats...because this defense team IS slimy enough to create 'death threats' just to get her out of probation, etc.

1146 days ago


"The last thing we wanna do is put Casey in harm's way."

If only she would have extended her daughter that same courtesy.

1146 days ago


BS...She was shopping around and now she is not safe.Huh!

1146 days ago


What about Caylee's safety? Wish we knew then to be worried about her. Maybe Casey will be found with duct tape and a heart shaped sticker....I'm just sayin'

1146 days ago


who cares if she is safe she did that herself...Caylee wasnt safe either if she gets what she deserves justice will be stop talking about this waste of a life unless you have news she died or someone served her street justice

1146 days ago


The incognito pics -- the most severe threats are faked.

1146 days ago


God, Jose is hot.......

1146 days ago


Yeah and the courts know that! Since they screwed up they want some maniac to take her out....I see the Court System's Conspiracy here.....We cvouldnt convict her so let some nut job do it! Leave her be...she was aquitted by the system..which means she is innocent...I know she had something to do with it...but her Lawyers did their job...and if I am ever in serious trouble....Bet your sweet a.s.s., Im going to seek her lawyers out! And all that is seeking or wishing harm to her are just as bad as she is...IF ALL YOU IDIOTS WANT REVENGE...THEN SEEK IT OUT WITH THE LOSERS THAT LOST THIS CASE....THE PROSECUTORS!

1146 days ago


You don't have to like her, you can think of her as a murderer, but it is too late to bring her back. The Judge was wrong in ammending this order.

She was not left off the hook for any of her other crimes, she was sentenced on all of them. What has happened now is that more than a year later after the judge sentenced her on the check fraud charges he has decided to enter an amended sentence to make her do probation that he had previously, according to his ruling, allowed to be while she was being held in jail. I may not like her, but I don't like the law being played with even more. How would you like it if you were charged and sentenced, let's say for a misdemeanor in January 2010, you served that sentence, it was probation and after a year it would go off your record, you were released and then in August of 2011 the Judge decided that wasn't good enough and came back re-wrote the sentencing by an amendment. Do you want to allow the legal rulers in this country that much power just because you don't like one person who may have slipped through the system? So much power that in the future once you advocate for its precedent that it may affect someone totally innocent?

Better to let 100 guilty people free, than jail one innocent one, and we all know how many of the innocent we have jailed.

1146 days ago


Baez = pond s***!

1146 days ago


Casey is as safe in Florida as Caylee was with Casey. It's about time Casey started taking care of herself - walk it off. If Caylee was safe with Casey , Casey deserves to be just as safe as she kept Caylee. It's only fair - right Bozo? I'm sure you would agree - right Bozo?

1146 days ago


Who really cares if she's in harms way? Is that a bad thing?

1146 days ago


Sorry, but in my opinion, Casey is not safe ANYWHERE, not just in Florida. Have they forgotten that most of the US was watching this unfold for the past 3 years?

1146 days ago


In a world where toddlers are not safe with their own mothers, well, **** happens. Hire some bodyguards and buy kevlar, bitch.

1146 days ago
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