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Ryan O'Neal


8/4/2011 3:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Hours after one son was arrested for drug possession on Tuesday, his other son got into a gnarly head-on car accident -- and now, Hollywood legend Ryan O'Neal tells TMZ, his family is "falling apart."

The first son, 26-year-old Redmond O'Neal -- who has a long history with drugs -- pled "not guilty" to  heroin possession and unlawful possession of a firearm this morning ... but Ryan tells us, the kid "has a real problem."

Ryan hasn't seen his other son -- 46-year-old Griffin O'Neal -- in years ... but thankfully, he heard through the grapevine ... Griffin wasn't seriously injured in Tuesday's head-on collision.

All in all, Ryan's still optimistic despite the familial setbacks -- insisting, "We'll come back."


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Hey Dumb Sh*t....when was your life NOT falling apart?

1178 days ago


What happens when you raise rich, entitlist punks. And you haven't worked or done an effing thing but appear on TMZ in 27 years,

1178 days ago


"We'll come back" = I haven't burned thru Farrah's cash.

1178 days ago


Something can't fall apart if it was never put together.

1178 days ago


You have to get rid of the old guy on the show...the annoying old guy with the gray beard; the recent addition. He is absolutely horrible. Is he some type of sponsor of the show? Does he pay for the production costs? He is so annoying and horrible. Stick with the young the cute gal with the dimples. The old dude is not clever, he is not witty, he is not original. He is horrible and if he stays I will stop watching. He sucks.

PS: I am an old dude; that guy just sucks. I'm sure he's an OK dude, but keep him off the TV.

1178 days ago


Who is that woman walking with Ryan? Is that Tatum? If not, kinda creepy he's hanging out with a woman that looks so similar to his daughter.

I've got my own website and support TMZ on it as well!

1178 days ago


Could it have anything to do with the fact he is a lowlife douchebag? Ryan O'Neal is the poorest excuse for a father in history. No wonder all his kids are so screwed up

1178 days ago


Ryan ,look in the Mirror you Idiot Your Kids got the Bad genes from you you moron You are Nothing but a Drunk and Drug addict Its no wonder all of your Kids are messed up You all need about 5 Years straight in a rehab

1178 days ago


Who's the blonde next to him?

1178 days ago


All these kids are drug addicts and spoiled and need to take responsbility for their actions and stop blaming Ryan. They were given wonderful interesting lives and were spoiled rotten and did whatever they wanted. I am tired of hearing crack addict Tatum go on about her Dad - let him live in his world..move on.

1178 days ago


What do you expect from your kids. Using drugs and alcohol is genetic in your family because you had problems and so did your late wife. Even so, setting good examples for our children is how they learn. What the hell kind of good examples have you ever shown your kids? Having said that, your grown children know the difference between right and wrong so part of this is their fault. Your family will never get better because you are such a looser!

1178 days ago


Ryan, you are a no good azz, You abandoned your children to run off with Farrah so you can get laid - you should be ashamed. No woman or man is worth abandoning your child for and you did it to them. Get in touch with Griffin and beg for his forgiveness for being a miserable selfish father, same with Tatum and maybe with Redmond as well. All those kids deserve better than you. Now is the time for you to get off that high horse of yours and go to them and ask for their forgiveness for your selfishness. Your family is apart because of the lousy example YOU SET.

1178 days ago


The thing is that these kids should take responsibility for their actions. But, Ryan deserted them when they were very young so he could go play. It isn't easy raising yourself when your parents are absent. Ryan never mentions that part, does he? Besides, I still can't over his TV interview a few weeks ago where he blamed Tatum for causing Farrah's cancer because of the stress Tatum caused. Ryan will always be a cruel fraud.

1178 days ago


I caught his & tatum's reality show,and it really seems like he's right.tatum seems to hate his guts.i guess it's because of farrah(in her case,anyway)

1178 days ago


I was concerned when I read the news about the O'Neil family.
I'll be praying for them ,but they really need to get past their own agendas and self pity and come to God,recognize this is all sin,and ask for forgiveness by accepting what was done on the cross by Jesus,who took their(our,mine) place and overcame sin and death.
enough foolish pride folks.
Please consider becoming born again.You'll become a child of God and a new creation.
Best wishes.

1178 days ago
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