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Hot "Poker After Dark" Host


8/7/2011 4:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Marianela Pereyra -- the host of NBC's "Poker After Dark" --felt the burn during a workout session in Hollywood this week ... when someone smashed one of the windows of her car and stole her purse. 

It all went down at the famous L.A. exercise hotspot Runyon Canyon -- where Marianela parked her car and set off on a good ol' fashioned hike. 

But when she finished her workout, Marianela noticed the right rear window of her car had been smashed and her new Michael Kors bag was missing.

The LAPD tells us they are looking into the incident, but stress that people shouldn't leave valuables in plain site when parking their car. Even hot chicks.


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joey _ I love TMZ 'til ya piss me off!    

wtf? Duh! Next time leave it unlocked so they don't break your window.

1140 days ago


Sounds like her car just got broken into. Don't know how that's a smash and grab but, hey, it's TMZ amirite?

A smash and grab raid or smash and grab attack (or simply a smash and grab) is a particular form of burglary. The distinctive characteristic of a smash and grab, that distinguishes it from other forms of burglary, is its elements of speed and surprise. A smash and grab involves smashing a barrier, usually a display window in a shop or a showcase, grabbing valuables, and then making a quick getaway, without concern for setting off alarms or creating noise. A failed smash and grab raid is indistinguishable from simple vandalism, or malicious damage.

1140 days ago


Is there somebody even remotely famous that TMZ doesn't call "hot"?

1140 days ago


Marienela hasnt been the host of Poker After Dark for a few years now.

1140 days ago

Bad Motherhugger    

"In plain site"? Maybe she should have parked on a hill then?

1140 days ago

some guy    

Eh... dunno how this is a story. A woman gets a purse stolen out of her car while she's in the gym? Serves her right for leaving it in the car. Doesn't she know people don't have jobs? Times are tough. People are desperate. She should've kept that purse out of sight.

I think Marianela needs to be punished for leaving her purse in her car. I'm thinking a spanking.

1140 days ago


DUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, WHY would you leave your purse in your car where someone could see it? Put it in the trunk at least!

1139 days ago

karen darvin    

obviously expensive and currently trendy designer bag in plain sight, duh!

1139 days ago


Who's dumb enough to leave their purse in the car? Marianela Pereyra! She basically asked for it.

1139 days ago


that is why you don't leave your purse in your car...goodness gracious people!!!! thats like saying, "hey, heres my purse full of all my stuff, please smash my window and take me" i know its her car and she can leave her stuff in..but we live in a world now where you just can't leave stuff out in your car..and don't try to outsmart the thieves by putting your purse in your trunk..most of the time their staking the parking lot out and seeing who does this...

1139 days ago

Ca Girl    

Hmmmm, lets see...thug comes along, thug sees purse in window, thug breaks window to get purse! ...??..
Put your purse in the TRUNK ladies!!

1139 days ago


What idiot leaves their purse in a car in plain sight?

1139 days ago

Bad Motherhugger    

She looks a bit like a certain golden-shower-enthusiastic pornstar / reality TV personality in that picture.

Lawsuit in 3... 2...

1139 days ago

francyne Ferraro    

never leave anything in your car put it in the trunk.. a thief will break a window to steal anything. a lipstick pennies.. clean out your car every week.. i never feel sorry for a girl who leaves a purse in sight.. she says / i did not have any money? oh did the thief know? he will sell the purse for 5 dollars for dope... now who is the dope.. all of us who do not clean out their cars.....

1139 days ago


You shouldn't make fun of stupid people if you can't even spell SIGHT properly, TMZ.

1139 days ago
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