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Rep. Gabrielle Giffords

Tribute Planned at the Site

Of Tragic Shooting

8/8/2011 4:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The people who run the Arizona grocery store where Rep. Gabrielle Giffords was shot in the head have been so inspired by her recovery, they are planning to pay tribute to Gabby by erecting a monument in her honor ... TMZ has learned.

According to our sources, the bigwigs at Safeway in Casas Adobes are hoping to install 3 new flagpoles at the spot of the January 8th shooting ... to proudly display the U.S. flag, a flag with a congressional seal and the state flag of Arizona. 

In addition to the flags, we're told organizers are hoping to hang a plaque outside of the store commemorating Giffords' strength and fighting spirit ... because the entire Tucson community is extremely proud of the fact that Giffords went back to work after the shooting.

A rep for Safeway acknowledged the plans are in motion, but tells us nothing has been finalized yet. 


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so sick of hearing about this woman..yeah she was shot...yeah she survived...yeah move on...there are people everyday who get shot by being in the wrong place just as she the media make a big thing about I am tired of hearing when this woman talks , farts etc.......move on already!

1141 days ago


Always some BS waste-of-money monument going up for no reason other than for publicity! Yeah, of course, the non-famous people are insignificant to these people.

1141 days ago


An amazing recovery.

1141 days ago


I am sickened by these comments. You all are not well. How are you going to go and hate on a woman who was shot through the head doing her job? What is wrong with you people? Yes she's gotten a lot of news coverage, her recovery was miraculous! It was horrible what happened that day, that 6 people died for no reason. But honor them rather than hate on the main target. And did I read "too bad she made it"? What the hell? The fact this woman was out listening to her constituants, was shot through the head and is still alive is a miracle! And you all claim she has had so much media coverage, yet you know nothing about her current condition. She is not a walking vegetable. In fact, on the plane to DC she asked for a copy of the debt ceiling bill and all it entitles, she read it in no time with no complications, something most of you probably couldn't do. She is walking on her own, talking, comprehends everything. And because she isn't back to work yet, because she isnt walking around talking at 100 words a minute, you don't think she is able? She worked harder while in Congress than most of the other elected officials! And now she is working even harder to get back to Congress. This is one person that actually wants good for the people she represents and for our country and you guys wish she had died. How can you wish death on someone? You know, it's nice to see news about something positive for a change, and it's always the American people who complain of all the negativity in the news, then when something positive does come up, you ba*****! I think the memorial is a great idea. I'm sure the site will honor those who died.

1141 days ago


I agree with Kevin - where was the security???? Six people killed, several others injured - the monument should be for them,not someome whose biggest concern was getting re-elected.

1141 days ago


Call me insensitive.. but just because she was in congress does not mean she is the only one who was affected by this tragedy. OTHERS LOST THEIR LIVES! Why the eff should she get a tribute? It really saddens me that anytime they talk about the shooting the innocent victims are never mentioned? where is the tribute for those who weren't lucky enough to have even had a fighting chance?

1141 days ago

Lo From Wisco    

It's pretty extraordinary that she was shot in the head and managed to pull through -- but let's be real here. It's disrespectful that there's no mention of those who died. There were CHILDREN that died during this massacre. All who died, no matter what gender, age, race, career they had deserve to be honored. Not just one semi-famous name.

1141 days ago


Safeway cashing in,
how about a tribute about the ones that died?
Then there is talk of her running in 2012? I'm sorry for her but ---------------------

1141 days ago


I can understand the hardship of recovery but if she cannot even talk or walk right, she need to be off OUR payroll and go home and rest or write a book.

1141 days ago


Thank you for agreeing with me Diane, and like i said before, considering all the history of asssassinations and attempts on American politicians.. it was just pure ignnorance from her to think she could speak out in public without security.. So she is to blame.. but then again most all Americans are ignorant and arrogant so it does not surprise me.

1141 days ago


Great, the walking Zombies of Congress are getting special treatment again. She can't speak, she doesn't make her own decisions but she votes and destroys the entire United States. Way to go! She's a sheeple.

I do believe that the OTHER people involved should be getting the attention, not this side show attraction!

1141 days ago


All heroes are accidental.
This woman happens to be a Jewish democrat (oxymoron), so it's a big deal, I guess. "Keep spending the money we don't have, honey. That's a good girl... Give it all way to the 'disenfranchised' brown horde so you'll get their vote next time..."

1141 days ago

Jenn of the Jungle     

Yet no memorial for the 30 killed at Fort Hood by a psychotic terrorist.

1141 days ago


@"Call me insensitive.. but just because she was in congress does not mean she is the only one who was affected by this tragedy. OTHERS LOST THEIR LIVES! Why the eff should she get a tribute? "
The VA hospitals have real heroes completely ignored with gunshot wounds from the war with several shot every day, but you wouldn't know that by reading El's irrational post. This was some amazing miracle from God and the event should make your eyes well up in tears, or so says the emotional basketcase. You're not insensitive, and be glad you're not an emotional cripple like poor ole mentally unstable El.

1140 days ago


These comments are retarded.
Of COURSE the are monuments, billboards and plaques all over town for those who died. I guess you might not realize that if you get all your news from tmz.

1140 days ago
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