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Jani Lane

Banned from L.A. Hotel

Weeks Before Death

8/14/2011 6:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jani Lane
had been frequenting L.A. area hotels in the weeks before he died -- and trashed one of his rooms so badly, that he was BANNED from the hotel ... TMZ has learned.

Sources tell us Lane had been kicked out of the Hilton Woodland Hills sometime in the last month -- after hotel employees noticed that he had torn his room apart.

We're told Jani was "not rude" about the situation -- and understood why he had to leave.

Lane, we're told, had recently earned a reputation in the area for trashing his hotel rooms -- one source tells us he had been kicked out of multiple places within the last few weeks of his life.

As TMZ first reported, Lane died at a Comfort Inn hotel in L.A. on Thursday evening. Investigators have not released an official cause of death ... but report that a half-bottle of vodka and prescription drugs were found in the room.


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Poor Cherry Pie Guy. He was a misunderstood and tortured soul. It's such a shame he took an early dirt nap. sigh.

1167 days ago


Hard to have sympathy for someone so thoughtless.

1166 days ago


Where was all his friends when he was torning down and why was he staying in hotels?

1166 days ago

Sin D    

This story just gets sadder. I hope his family and chlidren will heal soon. Jus*****ched the Uncle Toms Cabin will always rock. RIP

1166 days ago


what a juvenile imbecile. shoulda grown up a long time ago and had some personal responsibility. no his kids pay the price.

1166 days ago


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1166 days ago


Knowing what I do about him, it's really hard to feel sorry for him or be sympathetic about his passing. He was an alcoholic/pill popper for over 20 years and was an all around *******. I know you shouldn't speak ill of the dead, but he really was a complete jerk. I don't understand at all why all these people come crawling out of the woodwork, acting like he was so talented and was this amazing musician and person. He was a washed up, 1 hit wonder (ok, 2 or 3 maybe) alcoholic who was very disrespectful to other people. It would be very easy for TMZ to dig up some dirt on him.

1166 days ago


Moving from hotel to hotel, trashing them and getting banned. I agree, all these people saying, what a great loss, so sad, we will miss him. I wonder if any of those people ever tried to get him some help? Sad.

1166 days ago


I personally broke the bondage of drugs and alchohol on my own, some people just dont have the will power to do so, its a shame because of the friends and family I lost during 30 years of abuse. Only a lucky few get away from it. RIP Jani, I know what you were going through. Oh by the way why couldnt it had been that ***** Brett Michaels

1166 days ago


Sad! This sounds more like a suicide everyday. Where were all of his friends? Wife? Kids? All those people will be sorry they didn't try to help more. Atleast they could have kept him from dying alone in a dumpy hotel room. Any big shots on TMZ who are calling him a junky and saying who cares will be changing their tune when it's you or one of your family members. Just because you don't know any alcohol or drug abusers now doesn't mean you won't know any later in life. You are s***bags for dogging people with this disease.

1166 days ago


I had the opportunity to work with Jani in a professional capacity twice. Once when he was on top of the world, and once many years later when he wasn't doing so well. Both times he was a rather unpleasant person to be around. So while it's sad situation that I would never hope for anybody, I can't say I'm surprised to hear that he was alone and bouncing around from motel to motel. I always just wrote it off as maybe I caught him at a bad time twice. Apparently he had heavier issues.

1166 days ago

PRO US    

You'd think the hotel chains would create a "Do not sleep" list and ban those people who've trashed their rooms. So, he trashed some hotel rooms, drank some booze and took some drugs. Is that all you can find, TMZ? Maybe he liked dogs? Maybe he held doors open for older ladies? Why concentrate only on the bad things he did? No one's perfect, not even you.

1166 days ago


As sad as it is, he may be in a better place now. Seems he was in a lot of pain and for those saying 'why didn't his family and friends help??' it is hard with an addict. Sometimes nothing helps. It sucks for those loved ones he did leave behind, but they may be comforted knowing he is finally out of pain. He was obviously past the point of getting or wanting help. Sad, yes, but a lot of times in those cases all you can do is helplessly watch the person suffer and know there is nothing you can do. IT SUCKS. So please don't bash his friends and family for not trying to help him, you can't help somebody who does not listen or does not want to be helped...:/

1166 days ago


I can't trash him, nor can I write about feeling sad or whatever, because I never heard of this person. His name doesn't ring any bell.

1166 days ago


Rest in Peace Jani. You'll always be remembered for your music. I particularly liked that song "Heaven". It's a shame he couldn't get into rehab and overcome his substance abuse issues. It kills all too many rock stars as everyone knows.

It's a definite classic from the 1980s. Those were good times back then. Back when rock and roll was really big and it seemed like bands were cranking out big hits every couple of weeks.

1166 days ago
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