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Jani Lane

Banned from L.A. Hotel

Weeks Before Death

8/14/2011 6:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jani Lane
had been frequenting L.A. area hotels in the weeks before he died -- and trashed one of his rooms so badly, that he was BANNED from the hotel ... TMZ has learned.

Sources tell us Lane had been kicked out of the Hilton Woodland Hills sometime in the last month -- after hotel employees noticed that he had torn his room apart.

We're told Jani was "not rude" about the situation -- and understood why he had to leave.

Lane, we're told, had recently earned a reputation in the area for trashing his hotel rooms -- one source tells us he had been kicked out of multiple places within the last few weeks of his life.

As TMZ first reported, Lane died at a Comfort Inn hotel in L.A. on Thursday evening. Investigators have not released an official cause of death ... but report that a half-bottle of vodka and prescription drugs were found in the room.


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anthony sabetta    

A great talent. my prayers go out to him and his family.the few times jamming with him and throwing around ideas was alot of fun and a pleasure. a legend in my another fellow ohioan.god bless.sincerely anthony sabetta of strutter

1112 days ago


No way. I've trashed at least a dozen and I'm not famous. It gets expensive though, maybe it's less at the Comfort joke on him, it sucks he's always the booze...not the drugs...anyone else seem to notice that? Of course it's reported the other way around....

1112 days ago

Pam T    

When a person is a threat of hurting himself/herself or other people, legally they can be court ordered into treatment.

There is a moral responsibility to help people. It is a pitiful shame that everyone will remember Jani Lane/John Oswald dying alone in a freaking Comfort Inn hotel surrounded by vodka and prescription pills. Very sad!

I also agree with some that all we hear is how great someone was after he/she died but while they are alive functioning at best as a trainwreck in progress, we read the media coverage about the latest drama they have gotten themselves into.

TMZ, maybe you all can be proactive, and begin a crusade in saving lives by getting these messed up celebs court ordered into long term rehab. You all see the train wrecks in progress on a regular basis. Yes, the chances of relapse are high but at least their lives are saved temporarily thanks to you having the guts to take a stand. This behavior is not acceptable!

What I think is that Jani Lane/John Oswald must have really hated himself so much to engage in the behaviors and addictions he did. This is very sad considering the level of success he has had in the past. He must have felt so lonely when he died. He unfortunately had to face the consequence of his actions. Hopefully now he is resting in peace.

If there were reports that he was damaging hotel rooms, then he should have been arrested like everyone would be. This way he could be forced into treatment and that is people showing they actually cared about his welfare.

1112 days ago

peggy bundy    

Like some of the other people have asked...I too am wondering why did he have to die this way...alone. Where were all the so called friends? I think it's just shameful and heartbreaking that when someone is not on top of the world anymore all the coat tail riders and hangers on crawl back under their rocks. You don't abandon your friends just because it's too inconvenient for you anymore or they have an addiction and you can't deal with them. Where were all his former friends to just listen to him for a night? Take him out and let him know he's not so alone. Why stay in various hotels around the city..that's gotta be the worst. He wrote alot of great songs...but typical Hollywood..just because he wasn't top of the list anymore he was dropped and everyone disappeared on him. Maybe just maybe...if he had someone to really listen for one day we wouldn't be reading this right now. I know everyone said he was an alcoholic, etc..but I still can't help but wonder if he still had the status he had back in the day would he have been so alone..alone to the point of self destruction. When you have a good support system and people that love you unconditionally and don't care if you are famous or not, maybe he would still be here. I just read the bio he updated recently on his web page. Reading that and then reading about his death and what people are's like two different people. So sad. RIP

1112 days ago


To the blowhard ass-bag who ignorantly wrote: 'Knowing what I do about him, it's really hard to feel sorry for him or be sympathetic about his passing. He was an alcoholic/pill popper for over 20 years and was an all around *******. I know you shouldn't speak ill of the dead, but he really was a complete jerk. I don't understand at all why all these people come crawling out of the woodwork, acting like he was so talented and was this amazing musician and person. He was a washed up, 1 hit wonder (ok, 2 or 3 maybe) alcoholic who was very disrespectful to other people. It would be very easy for TMZ to dig up some dirt on him.'
... You really are the biggest dumbass, agenda-driven loser ever. You DON'T know that, because he didn't get into real trouble with booze 'till the latter 1/2 of the '90s ... And he had way more than 2 or 3 hits ~ "Downboys", "Heaven", "Sometimes She Cries", "Big Talk", .. "Cherry Pie", "I Saw Red", "Uncle Tom's Cabin", "Blind Faith", "Machine Gun" ... That's EIGHT, Sherlock ... All charted Top 40 or Top 50, three of them Top 10. Some people who read TMZ for the most part don't happen to be very up on bands, and artists from this music genre, and this is another example. Also​ch?v=fMxdu0wU9x0 .. This is a couple years ago; does this singing voice (listen to that singing at the end) sound 'washed up'? He was awesome when he was sober. The guy played guitar, and played the drums (his first instrument), as well as was a great singer. And was an awesome songwriter; he wrote pretty much all of Warrant'*****s. Warrant hasn't had a hit, with a singer in the band, other than Jani. Get a ----in' clue.

1112 days ago


IDK what makes you people think we don't remember those damn songs. You couldn't turn on MTV without seeing their videos ad nauseum. All of the hair band videos were all the same and it all sounded the same. Did it ever occur to you that some of us just think it's sh*t? Don't get me started on the cornball ballads!

CPG did disappear for quite a while or else I would have recognized him. When I saw his picture I thought it was Brett Michaels with gout. Reading his bio it did occur to me that I remember his first band 'Dorian Grey' from Spring Breaks in Daytona. It was a good cover band and all of the guys in it were hot with the exception of 1. I dug up my old photos and had pics of all of them but him. (because he was the odd looking one) But I digress...

You guys sound like a bunch of enablers. If you think others should have wiped this guy's ass because he had a 20 year butt hurt you're crazy. Once he had kids his priorities should have shifted regardless of how unhappy he was with his personal life and choices. It's been rumored that he was a closeted homosexual and I believe it. He was too chicken to come out because he was afraid of what it would do to his career and his fan base, most of whom are stuck in a time warp.

1112 days ago

Bridget Gaouette    

I think its sad about what has happened to Jani. I think this note posted by Sebastian Bach on his facebook page says it all.

Jani Lane: His Only Real Friend... That Killed Him in the End RIPby Sebastian Bach on Friday, August 12, 2011 at 5:53pm
People have been asking me about Jani Lane & I really don't know what to say. Picturing him by himself in a Comfort Inn in Woodland Hills with a bottle of vodka & a bottle of pills is so typical of what a rock musicians life actually is. It is a life marked by extremes. Extreme attention from people you don't know, while all the work & travel takes you away from those you actually do know. Playing to thousands of people & then going back to your hotel room & shutting the door. When the door shuts... the quiet is the exact opposite of the volume of the concert. The solitude of the empty hotel room becomes the diametric parallel of the adulation of strangers. For some, the bottle of vodka or whatever becomes a friend that is always there for you while others come & go. Yes I have felt these emotions myself. If you see me going head over heels over a girl, it's because all I have ever wanted is to have a girl to love & share my life with, & for the one I love to be with me wherever I'm at, travel with me to distant locales & stay in nice kick ass hotel suites & have fun & sing & dance & see the world. But so far this is a fantasy. Just like Jani, I spend most of my time alone in a hotel room dreaming o*****irl I love who is somewhere else. I bet Jani Lane felt exactly what I feel. How could he not?

I remember decades ago being invited to Janis house for a barbeque, which we went to. But Jani didn't show up. So I spent the afternoon with Janis dad cooking burgers & steaks & having a wonderful day with his family. My condolences to his family & especially Janis children who now only have memories of their dad to hold on to. That is truly heartbreaking. Let this be yet another lesson to tell someone some kind words sometimes... before it's too late... while they are still alive. I can guarantee Jani Lane would not have anticipated everyone coming out of the woodwork extolling the life & times of Jani Lane. Which is why he probably died alone. In a hotel room. With his only real friend...that killed him in the end.

1112 days ago


First of all, didn't some of you read the heartfelt words that Russell Brand recently wrote about alochol/drug abuse? Second of all, to those criticizing people "coming out of the woodwork" to say how much they liked Jani...what exactly would you have liked the average person to do to get Jani some help when they didn't know him or wouldn't even know where to find him? That's for his family and friends to deal with. If you can't understand what it's like for the average fan who maybe Warrant's music played a part in their life at the time and have fond memories of that time, you are not too smart or empathetic. I'm sure you have the ones that YOU like who YOU will be coming "out of the woodwork" for also when the time comes. And I would say anyone who does not like someone and they are spending their time on the internet writing negative things about that person truly has no life themselves. But of course, you are always perfect, right?

1112 days ago


I agree with darrien! To all those offering nothing but criticim and asking why all these people are "crawling out of the woodwork"...what exactly would you have liked the average fan to do to help Jani when they don't know personally and wouldn't know where to find him??? That was the business of his family and friends. If you are not here to share with others who feel the loss and only have negative things to say, you are the ones who truly have no life. Jani didn't kill anyone here. He was human being with a lot of issues and demons in his life. Of course, I'm sure you wouldn't understand that because you are perfect and everyone in your life is always perfect, right? Clearly, you have no empathy and don't understand what it's like to have fond memories of Warrant's music or any other music and the fun times in their lives associated with it. One day YOU will be the ones "coming out of the woodwork" over someone who YOU liked and other people will have no respect for your feelings and that a human being died and you will see how others felt when you bashed them.

1112 days ago

Debbie LA    

I was very sad to hear about Jani, I would have never thought he would have die at this age . It really hit me being I'm only a year younger. Is there any word on what is the cause of death and have what funeral arraignments will be?? He would be missed dearly , Debbie

1112 days ago
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