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MJ Tribute Concert

Gene Simmons to Perform

Despite Calling MJ a Pedophile

8/15/2011 10:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson Tribute Concert
Pretty ironic -- Gene Simmons, who called Michael Jackson a hard-core pedophile, will perform at the MJ Tribute Concert.

Katherine Jackson was on CNN this AM, talking about the concert, when promoters revealed that KISS would be performing.

Yet Gene Simmons went on record last year -- mind you, a year after MJ died -- saying, "There is no question in my mind he molested those kids.  Not a doubt."

Simmons went on to say, "The only sexual references ever made about Michael Jackson that were made by anyone, anywhere around the world, have always been made by kids, and specifically males usually 10 to 14 years of age; never females, that age or older, and never grown men."

Hate the man.  Love the music.


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Michael Bull    

They should just leave him to rest in peace... and stop clamoring for press attention

1128 days ago



Your last couple of posts are just sad. I feel embarrazzed for you. You need to get some sleep ...

1128 days ago


KISS: Knights In Satan's Service. Truly Mrs. Jackson did not extend an invitation to them (jmo). The concert promoters, whom are the real money makers are behind this entire event.
Told yall, Mrs. Jackson is a pawn. They are using her to cover their evil money grubbing tracks.........I know Mrs. Jackson loved her son but the promoters are up to no always.

Will the invited guests perform their own songs or Michael's???? omgawd!...........omgawd!

1128 days ago

name provided    

Maybe Genie should have checked the birth certificates of those 14 year old groupies! Did it take one shot of beer to get them in bed? Real challenging.

The proof is in the FBI files. MJ was blackmailed by both kids.

Maybe Genie can answer why the Dentist (the father of the first kid) committed suicide when the files were to be released after MJ's death. The kid has since denounced the claims.

The mother of the second child was a convicted scam artist.

Where is the proof Genie?

He should be banned from any association with MJ.

1128 days ago

michaels angel    

gene you are a ugly jealous peace of **** you have no business anywhere near mj or his family. mj love kids he would never harm them maybe you are the one who has harmed kids an you want someone to blame. why dont you jump off this earth you peace of ****

1128 days ago


remember, mj went from being calm and thoughtful in the 1980s to conflicted and unfulfilled because his family went on tv to brag that NO was not what they said to him in the 1990s.

1128 days ago


"no". they were on abc. jermaine on bbc, etc.
as long as they were spoiled, they gushed that
mj was too good to do misguided things.
joe pretended that whatever plastic surgery they had was similar to "caucasians tanning to look dark". katherine agreed in 1993...
apparently, she changed her mind in 2009.
la toya uttered her "mj is almost god" crap.

1128 days ago


Who cares what geno thinks. He will never be as famous as MJ which is really the problem with him.

1128 days ago


Do you guys think Katherine knows about Gene´s MJ-comment??
When it comes to Mummy Jackson, I think she is being taking advantage of by money-hungry people, just like she was with Joe. She could and should stand up for herself and her children. She doesn´t. Because if she does, the moneytrain just won´t stop at her station. So I think she just gracefully looks the other way, feeling it is ok as long as she stays ignorant.

1128 days ago


Is there something MJ fans to do to protest KISS at tribute.

Help Help someone

1127 days ago


What an idiot Gene Simmons is. He really has alot of nerve to perform at Michael Jacksons tribute concert. He should be denied to play. Who ever lets Gene play at MJ's tribute is no better then a Moron themselves. Someone needs to STOP Gene Simmons!!!

1127 days ago


How wonderful and charitable of Mr. Simmons to "forgive" MJ in this manner.


1127 days ago


August 16th, 2011
Michael Forever: Letter From The Estate Of Michael Jackson

There have been many questions regarding the proposed tribute concert (Michael Forever), here is an open letter from Howard Weitzman, on behalf of The Estate Of Michael Jackson that has been sent to MJSTAR to share with the fans:

For those looking for additional information on the man identified as Head Of US Operations for Global Live Events (on a recent appearance on CNN alongside Katherine Jackson):

MJ Online Team
The Official Online Team of the Michael Jackson Estate™


1127 days ago


If he really thinks what he said why would this jerk want to be anywhere near the tribute? After all there must be other places where he could make money seems to me this ******* like other after THE KING died came out for their 15 minutes and he couldn't sue them being you know ...DEAD.
So bash a dead guy who can't sue you = Attention and money (from tabloids) win/win situation .
I find it hilarious those spineless bastards could say those things TO HIS FACE ...

1127 days ago
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