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Jermaine Jackson

MJ Tribute Promoters

Are Using My Mom

8/16/2011 5:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Jermaine Jackson believes the promoters of the Michael Jackson Tribute Concert are crassly taking advantage of an 81-year-old woman -- otherwise known as Katherine Jackson -- to "prop up its event."

Jermaine just went on a Twitter rant, claiming Global Live is using his mom.  And, he's particularly pissed at Global Live for its initial decision to have KISS perform, given that Gene Simmons has publicly accused MJ of being a hardcore child molester.

Jermaine tweeted, "I'm appalled as all fans that Global Live booked an artist like KISS after all Gene Simmons had said about Michael.  It doesn't matter KISS' invitation is revoked.  This mishandling reinforces my view that this promoter is getting it all wrong..."


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you must have stayed in the toilet all day long to produce that *******...

1132 days ago

Brigha from UK    

Oh Well

1132 days ago


Jerkmaine, first of all, thats the pot calling the kettle black. YOU use your mother constantly. Your kids, your ex-wife, remember them? Your son is a hood, you minimized what he tried to do to Michael's son Blanket, remember the stun gun incident? I do. You are just ticked because Joe Jackson cut you out of the profits from this "tribute". Let Michael's estate lawyers and trustees deal with Joe. You get a job and pay your child support, and for therapy for your hood son. Delete your twitter account, stomp your cell phone, and shut up.

1132 days ago


Geez Jerkmaine, isn't that like the pot calling the kettle black? You use your mother to provide support for your kids and your ex, you TRY to use your late brother's image for your own benefit. Sounds more like Joe Jackson cut you out and it ticks you off. Now, go to your corner, stomp your phone, delete your twitter account and go away.

1132 days ago


mj didn't hurt anyone. he never showed a book of nude diseased people to corey feldman. mj is alive. jermaine is a genius....


1131 days ago


Lisa : 23 hours ago
Michael was NOT A child molester or a pedophile!! I wish people would read the WHOLE story before making judgments. Michael wanted to take it to court..he was prepared to fight with his attorneys! They had witnesses stating that J. Chandler said Michael never did those sick things and that it was a lie! Michael did not pay off anybody--his insurance company did! Because all the people around Michael adviced him not to go through with it-because he was in the middle a concert and they would loose 3x the money the insurce was going to pay..
Jordan Chandler told private detective Anthony Pellicano in 1993 that his dad Evan was after Michael Jackson's money and that Michael Jackson was innocent and that the singer never touched him.

1131 days ago


yeah right. jordan continued sitting on jackson's lap while he supposedlt knew his father threatened mj for money. we expect to believe that mj ignored evan even though he cared about children. bullcrap.

1131 days ago


********NEWS FLASH********

It was just announced on HLN news - that the lawyers for Casey Anthony are heading to California to represent Dr. Conrad Murray on his upcoming Manslaughter trial of Michael Joesph Jackson.

1131 days ago


Well, maybe Jermaine is a hypocrite as well.
Quit trying to KISS-up to MJ fans by putting the
spotlight on everyone else.
So, Jermaine, are you going to be the FIRST to
tell the truth?
Here is what I want to know, should I ask you
How come you said "he is not doing well" referring to MJ in early 2009?
How much $$$$ have YOU personally made since
MJ's death?
How come you seemed so "giddy" with your Jackson 5 shirt and slurpee-a few days after the
WHERE is MJ really buried?
How much $$$$ have you made since MJ's death?
Where is your friend Tohme/Tohme?
Why was "everyone" hovering so close to the area
the "morning" of the death?
Ya know..answers to the REVELANT questions and not playing along with "the story".
It could be a bestseller!!

1131 days ago


Why would they have a Tribute concert for Michael, at a time that would make them unavailable to attend Murray's trial for killing him? I don't understand. Why would they have it now, at such a crucial time? How come they didn't have it during this past summer? When everyone was vacationing, even Murray himself.

1130 days ago


Promoters should never intrude in other people’s lives even if they are popular. You should never pursue personal interests by intruding on elders who are incapacitated. Strathclyde Associates

1124 days ago

Cathleen Demsky    

Funny how promoters try to make money out of somebody who has long been gone. They are investing on Michael Jackson’s career just to make money, even if they have to intrude with his family’s privacy.

1123 days ago

Cathleen Demsky    

Funny how promoters try to make money out of somebody who has long been gone. They are investing on Michael Jackson’s career just to make money, even if they have to intrude with his family’s privacy.

1123 days ago
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