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Oksana Grigorieva to Mel Gibson:

I'm Calling the Shots

On Lucia's Schooling

8/16/2011 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mel Gibson may be rich and famous, but he's dealing with the same issues millions of fathers struggle with after separating from their partners -- how can he keep a relationship with his child, when his baby mama tries to keep him away?

Mel and Oksana Grigorieva are deep in the throes of mediation, and one of the big issues is where baby Lucia goes to school.  Oksana wants to put Lucia in a private school by her home in the San Fernando Valley.  Mel does not want to drive from Malibu to the Valley -- a long drive when there's no traffic -- when he picks Lucia up and drops her off.  He wants a school half way between their homes.

Sources tell TMZ ... Mel and Oksana are miles apart in settling the custody case.  Mel wants 50/50 custody, and he believes that would solve most of their issues, but Oksana is vehemently opposed to an equal split.

And, sources say, even Oksana's lawyers want her to settle with Mel, in no small part because they want to get paid, but she's refusing to budge.  We're told Oksana is still so bitter, she'd rather drag Mel through the mud than settle and just walk away.


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little aussie reader    

"We're told Oksana is still so bitter, she'd rather drag Mel through the mud than settle and just walk away."

How admirable that she's putting Lucia's interests ahead of her own agenda. Such a caring mother!

982 days ago

little aussie reader    

realist: 4 hours ago

Since everybody is repeating things, I'd like to repeat this:

"Children begin by loving their parents. Later they judge them. Sometimes they forgive them." Oscar Wilde

Seems fitting here.


And also here.

982 days ago

little aussie reader    

"And, sources say, even Oksana's lawyers want her to settle with Mel, in no small part because they want to get paid, but she's refusing to budge."

Horroditz wants out? He wants his payday? Bugger me! I guess he's over the beautiful, talented and dignified grifter. There's a surprise. Weird how she has that effect on people. LOL!

982 days ago


Isn't it a bit premature to start worrying about school since they're all still sh*tting their diapers? Apparently OG's don't have a leak guard barrier.

982 days ago


This scenario has been played out thousands of times. In the coming years OG will try her best to spoil this little girl's regard for her father. MG will try his best to spoil this little girl during his time with her in an attempt to counteract her mother's poison. It will mess this little girl up, royally.

This battle between her parents will wage in one form or another until that poor little girl is an adult and decides for herself what's what with her parents. Even then the battle will likely still continue in the minds of the parents.

982 days ago


I like that last sentence..."We're told Oksana is still so bitter..." She brought that upon herself. OG is angry because she has lost Mel's affection and money. She thought that she would have the upper hand in all of this by releasing the audio tapes. Just as she stated in her communication to her attorney about Mel not wanting the audio tapes to get out. I really believe she thought in her evil mind that she would be rolling in all kinds of money by now, and the truth is, it hasn't worked out for her. She has not been able to set aside the custody agreement that is in place, or the cohabitation agreement. Both do***ents she agreed to and signed off on. She is angry because things have not gone her way. She did win an increase in child support, but she's lost much more in winning that. If OG's lawyers are wanting her to settle, then I believe that she is not going to get the thngs she wants. If the attorneys have realized that Judge Gordon is going to make a decision that suits Lucia and not OG. I think 50/50 is the answer, but the school will have to be in close proximity to BOTH parents. What's wrong with the school Alexander attends? He attends Buckley School which has classes for K-12. That one is located close to OG's home? Why would she want to send Lucia further away?

982 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

This whore needs to OD already, there's a grave suited for her and Gloria awaiting them.

982 days ago


They both behave very immature. Feel so sorry for their daughter.

982 days ago

little aussie reader    

In Oz, if you're among the rich folk and you want to get your child into a "good" school you need to make arrangements waaaay ahead, I imagine it is the same (if not more so) in the U.S.

Morals, Education, Religion, rules for their children are all things parents should, ideally, discuss before even becoming pregnant (if the child is planned). Parents who are on the same page as far as child raising is concerned have a greater chance of raising a secure, happy and productive member of society.

If Oksana's eye is on the "prize" of dragging Mel through the mud then she is doing nothing to help or show her love for Lucia and it speaks volumes about her sense of values and her personality.

982 days ago


Yes mel should make all the decisions that would benefit him LOL ain't gonna happen pal she's in contol and he is just trying to control her the courts don't allow that honey

982 days ago

little aussie reader    

Fuddy - Hi! So glad to see you back and posting! :o)

Interesting that Ox wants to send Lucy to a school further away than Sacha's.

I agree with your comments re: the lawyers - looks like they're ready to throw themselves under the bus - LOL!

982 days ago


OG is not in control; the judge is.

982 days ago


Hello, LAR! Nice to see you, too! Things are still hectic here, but at least we are back in our home. Just got back a couple of weeks ago. I hope you are doing well...

I think Horowitz has reached the point where he realizes that not much will change with the agreement already in place. They haven't been successful in getting the agreement set aside.

982 days ago

D Ross    

The courts should just tell macho man to buy a sweet executive chopper, and just pop over the Santa Monica mountains. About a five minute hop by helicopter. And here we thought this guy was so tough - yeah right, tough on his females.

982 days ago

little aussie reader    

Fuddy - All good here. I can relate to your situation, there are ppl here who are still not back in their homes after Cyclone Yasi in February. What we here in Northern Oz saw of your tornado was all too familiar. I think of you often.

I agree - that agreement is a fly in the ointment. Clever Mel! ;o)

982 days ago
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