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Gerard Depardieu

A Real Pisser

On Air France

8/17/2011 7:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Gerard Depardieu
unloaded on an Air France jet Tuesday ... as in he pissed in the aisle.

Depardieu was on the ground in Paris, waiting for his plane to take off for Dublin, but a delay on the ground proved too much for the actor.

Depardieu told the flight attendant, "Je veux pisser," -- I have to pee -- but she was unmoved ... telling the famous Frenchie he would have to wait 15 minutes because the flight was about to take off.

According to witnesses, Depardieu unzipped his pants and pissed on the aisle carpet.

The jet returned to the gate and it took nearly 2 hours for the ground crew to clean up the mess.

Depardieu was escorted off the plane and it's unclear if authorities will take action against him. Witnesses say the actor was intoxicated.

The actor's reps could not be reached for comment.



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well since tsa made a old person remove their depends(adult diaper) before she could bored the flight ,i believe they are trying to make someone piss on theirselves. too much control to flight attendants and tsa seems to be getting out of hand.

1164 days ago


If any of us pulled that stunt, we would be looking through bars now. What a pig.

1164 days ago


I was returning from overseas. First time EVER feeling sick on a plane and the attendant told me to wait until the VIP's (pffft) had exited the plane before I could use the washroom. I told her I had no problem throwing up on VIP's. She moved. Just like having to's coming, whether you like it or not.

1164 days ago


Excruciating experience when you have to go but can't. Younger adults can manage it, but senior citizens lie Gerard have a tougher time managing their bladder. I read where a Japanese airline announces to their passengers to relieve themselves prior to boarding for different reasons : lighten the plane load. Not a bad idea either for pre-flight drinkers.

1164 days ago


could he be more disgusting!

1164 days ago


Some people, and I"m one of them, can only hold it for so long. No one has the right to tell you to hold it for another 15 minutes. That's ridiculous. And not healthy and can be very painful. It's a natural bodily function that cannot be regulated.

1164 days ago


Hmm... He actually peed in a plastic bottle because he couldn't wait more, and "some" fell on the carpet. he's an old person... And a bit spoiled... But please don't have stereotypes. He is a french person, yes, but i'm sure it could happen to an american or else. He is just stupid, as a lot of humans ! I am french, and i promise, i wouldn't pee on the carpet ! Don't insult a country because i person is stupid please !

1164 days ago


So why didn't the jackass go pee before they were going to take off? Disgusting Frenchman peeing on the floor of a plane! Class act.

1164 days ago


What an idiot!

1164 days ago


Does it mean to be G. Depardieu on ur illustration's pic?!Doesn't it? I think you just don't know who he is... because he is really lot more obnoxious than the guy in ur picture!

1164 days ago


Je veux pisser means I have to pee!
Also, this picture posted up here isn't even Gerard Despardieu

1164 days ago



1164 days ago


I have worked for an airline and some of these so called regulations are just plain stupid. The plane was going nowhere waiting their turn to take off, let him use the bathroom no big deal. By the same token, pissing in the aisle not good. If reports are true and he was drunk, he should have never been aloud to board the flight in the first place. This is where it bounces back to Air France or any Airline for that matter.

1164 days ago


I had to fly once when a terrible reaction to an antibiotic kicked in. I spent the entire landing in the lavatory vomiting - even after the flight attendant told me to stay seated. This was several years ago. These days, they probably would have had me arrested, as extreme as things have gotten. Of course it wasn't altogether safe - but it was better than vomiting all over the passengers around me. 10 of those little sick bags would have never done the job. If there's an issue before takeoff - no need to turn the plane back and delay everyone on-board.
Sometimes you just have to heed bodily functions - apply common sense - and adapt when really needed from the rules.

1164 days ago


I don't care where you are from or your "customs"...Crude & disgusting behavior is just that in any language or culture.

1164 days ago
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