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Gerard Depardieu

A Real Pisser

On Air France

8/17/2011 7:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Gerard Depardieu
unloaded on an Air France jet Tuesday ... as in he pissed in the aisle.

Depardieu was on the ground in Paris, waiting for his plane to take off for Dublin, but a delay on the ground proved too much for the actor.

Depardieu told the flight attendant, "Je veux pisser," -- I have to pee -- but she was unmoved ... telling the famous Frenchie he would have to wait 15 minutes because the flight was about to take off.

According to witnesses, Depardieu unzipped his pants and pissed on the aisle carpet.

The jet returned to the gate and it took nearly 2 hours for the ground crew to clean up the mess.

Depardieu was escorted off the plane and it's unclear if authorities will take action against him. Witnesses say the actor was intoxicated.

The actor's reps could not be reached for comment.



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What You Really Want To See    

VictoriaGirl: 17 minutes ago
Here's an obvious question, why didnt this jackass use the washroom BEFORE he boarded the plane?


okay, here's an obvious answer...
1. he may have, and so what?
2. he may not have needed to go at the time.

I'm not certain about most people, but I rarely go to the washroom because I might want to pee in half an hour's time...

So your question is just a blowhard illogical piece of whatever GD left on the carpet...

1160 days ago


The more I think about this the more I think he is not at fault. He had to go badly. They refused him. What was he supposed to do? A bladder full of alcohol isn't going to wait very long to be emptied. Even if he had gone prior to getting on the plane that means nothing. Sometimes you have to go 15 minutes later again. Shame on them for not allowing him to urinate when he so desperately needed to.

1160 days ago


his nose looks like a penis just sayin

1160 days ago


At least he didn't pee on an eleven year old o_O

1160 days ago


You can watch an animated video of Gerard Depardieu on the plane:

1160 days ago


Wait until he takes a big stinking, steaming, cracklin' dump on the plane. Then it will really make headlines!

1160 days ago


Wait until he takes a big stinking, steaming, cracklin' dump on the plane. Then it will really make headlines!

1160 days ago


And I was so looking forward to seeing him ski in the next Olympics.

1160 days ago

Craig E    

That's not how the story is being reported here in the UK. Reports here say that he was unable to hold-on, so decided to use an empty bottle but some spilled out. The report also specifically said that he was not intoxicated. I'm not saying you guys are wrong or lying, just pointing out the difference.

1160 days ago


Didn't Joni Mitchell say "In France the Piss on Main Street"
OH, wait,wait, That was Kiss.
Anyway Sure smells like it.

1160 days ago

Jack D. Harcourt    

Bravo! Monsieur Depardieu, BRAVO !!!
The airlines are all the same thoughtless, heartless ...
If you did it in a move the audience would applaud ?
So once again BRAVO! Mr. Depardieu, BRAVO !!!

1160 days ago


This guy is an absolutely disgusting piece of human garbage that he would impose that on innocent people. He had other options available to him. That's what happens when you make hollywood stars out of half wit and give them buckets of money and self-importance that they do not deserve.

1159 days ago


it's his panache.

1159 days ago


hum hum hum hum hum i dont know

443 days ago
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