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Casey Anthony's Lawyer

Investigated By State Bar

8/18/2011 7:21 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Jose Baez, Casey Anthony's lawyer, is being investigated by the State Bar of Florida, for possible ethical violations -- specifically, hiding information from the court.

The probe was triggered over a dogfight involving Anthony's 2010 conviction for check fraud.  She was placed on 1 year's probation, but the judge in the case made it clear on the bench -- the time Casey sat in jail awaiting her murder trial would not count toward the completion of probation.

Here's the problem ... the judge screwed up, and when he wrote the order placing Anthony on probation, it mistakenly read that the jail time would count toward completing probation.

Anthony's lawyers acted as if the written order was the final word, and as a result authorities -- who were in the dark -- determined Anthony had completed her probation.

The Chief Judge of the court lashed out at Baez, saying, "Our system of justice should never be in the position of rewarding someone who willfully hides the ball," adding, Baez may have violated "an attorney's duty of candor."

On Baez' part, he told the judge he did indeed know about the trial judge's error but felt he had no obligation to inform the court.

The State Bar of Florida is now investigating the matter.


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He KNEW about it but didn't think he needed to advise the proper authorities? Burn his Bar card...both of them.

1165 days ago

Luke Mason    

this is sour grapes on FLA's part .


1165 days ago


Seriously?! Some of you are crazy!

Orders and minute entry are amended all the time due to clerical errors. This doesn’t make the judge or the clerk incompetent, it makes them human.

And yes, an attorney DOES have an obligation to report errors.

1165 days ago


Thank you TMZ...ya just gave me my morning chuckle...

1165 days ago


Jose Baez slammed by judge during this weeks court hearing

In this weeks order quashing, Jose Baez’s motion to set aside a Court Order for
Casey Anthony’s probation, Judge Belvin Perry, Jr. makes special notice of Baez’s dishonesty in not calling to the attention of the court an error in Anthony’s probation orders of January 2010.
Anthony was convicted of check fraud in 2010 and Judge Stan Strickland withheld adjudication, but orally sentenced her to one-year probation after her release from jail, if that should happen after her then pending murder trial.

At the conclusion of the murder trial this summer, Anthony did not report for probation, and Judge Strickland then made a corrected order for probation for her to report within 72 hours of July 29th, 2011.

Baez filed a motion to overturn the order.

In Friday’s order from Judge Perry, ordering Anthony to report to probation by August 26, a separate section of the order is entitled “Duty to the Court” where Baez’ failure to notify the court of the scrivener’s error in the original order for Anthony’s probation.

Perry slams Baez not only for his failure to notify but for his claim that his client was harmed by the new order to serve probation.

Perry addresses in this section about the duty an attorney, “an officer of the court, owe (sic) to our system of justice to see that the lawful orders of the court are followed.”

Baez told the court he knew about the requirement for Anthony to report for sentenced one year probation after release from jail, but told Perry at a recent hearing he did not have any responsibility to notify the court of any error in Judge Strickland’s original probation order.

Perry admonishes in the order that Baez has a duty not only to his client but to the public interest, and may not act in a manner that would serve his client “if doing so would put the administration of justice and the public’s confidence in the profession at risk.”

Perry says Baez has a “duty of candor” and the failure of an attorney to notify the court of a scrivener’s error may be a violation of an attorney’s duty of candor. No attorney should act in a manner that impedes a court order, he says, and goes on to cite the Florida Bar’s Rules of Professional Conduct regarding a lawyers’ responsibility, alleging Baez may have violated same.

Baez had numerous run-ins with the Judge during the murder trial and Perry indicated the possibility of sanctions and referral to the Florida Bar for Baez’ missteps during the proceedings.

1165 days ago


Kinda surprised nobody's noticed Baez, like Casey, has a big forehead . . . suitable for target practice . . . They deserve each other.

1165 days ago


We all know how Casey is thanking Jose!

1165 days ago


Baez is such a pompous a**!The ONLY reason why he and his legal team( and I use the term loosely) won is, because they had 12 incompetences as jurors.I truly hope severe sanctions are levied against him. If it does happen, and his child asks him," Daddy what did you do today?" He can reply, I lost my job because I am a pimp and I don't follow the law...

1165 days ago


TMZ has it wrong! It was the clerk of the court that miswrote the order, not Judge Strickland, and the Dept of Corrections followed the written order. The judge was always very clear as to his intentions and made no mistake. Bozo Baez is in deep this time for his upteenth ethical lapse in thinking that the clerk's mistake was their problem and his gain and that he had no duty to report it to the court. Maybe this time they'll throw the book at him. It's interesting to note that the current appeal of this issue does not contain Bozo Baez' name on it, although he is the baby killer's attorney of record.

1165 days ago

Granny Linda    

I hope that lying dog gets dis-barred! He lied to get Casey off and was lucky he got a jury that didn't feel like doing their job! Check out if you want to read and listen to the evidence...all of it!

1165 days ago


Whaaaat?..he doesn't look sleazy. Can't imagine a lawyer withholding information to protect an evil client. It's almmost as if you think criminal lawyers are sneaky, underhanded, hellbent on getting murders set free...oh yeah. Never mind.

1165 days ago


Say it ain't so! Jose Baez under investigation for ethical violations? What is this world coming to???? NAIL THE DBAG!

1165 days ago


This is great news! I hooe that they also look into Cheney Mason as well! Considering Baez's past and current conduct, I am sure that they will find that he has has been unethical and deceptive in many ways and in many things. (Lepords Don't Change Their Spots!) The way that Cheney and Baez practice law, and all the unethical things in which they have done - I hope that they are both looked into by the State and DisBarred!

1165 days ago


This clown Baez is a disgrace to both the bar and Florida. He should be disbarred.

1165 days ago

Granny Linda    

I hope that lying dog gets dis-barred! He lied to get Casey off and was lucky he got a lazy jury that didn't feel like doing their job! Check out if you want to read and listen to the evidence...all of it!

1165 days ago
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