8/3/2011 10:00 AM PDT

Casey Anthony -- NO Extra Security for Probation Check-In

Casey Anthony now has a 10AM deadline to check in with her probation officer in Orlando tomorrow -- and law enforcement officials tell TMZ there will NOT be an extra show of force for her arrival.

This morning on "Today" ... Anthony's attorney, Jose Baez, said there is "an issue of safety" -- but the Department of Corrections Orlando Intake Office says it "does not have the resources to provide extra security" for Anthony.

Orlando PD also says they won't provide security ... and the local sheriff is still assessing the situation.

If Anthony fails to show up by the deadline ... she would be in violation of her current probation order -- at which point, we're told, a judge would likely issue a bench warrant for her arrest.

UPDATE: Casey will no longer have to check in with her probation officer tomorrow, according to members of her defense team -- but it's unclear why there's been a sudden change in plans.

A probation hearing in Orlando has been set for Friday -- and we're told, Casey will NOT be present.