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Kat Von D


8/18/2011 12:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TLC has had enough of Kat Von D -- the network has announced her reality show "LA Ink" has officially been canceled.

A rep for TLC just released a statement, claiming, the network "has decided that the current season of LA Ink will be its last." The final episode will air next month.

The rep adds, "The network is proud of what the series has accomplished in its four seasons, following Kat Von D's journey as an artist from Miami to Los Angeles."

The show originally premiered in 2007 -- and got a small ratings boost last month, after Kat split from Jesse James. But apparently it wasn't enough.

1:55 PM: Kat posted a statement on Twitter claiming SHE made the decision to end "L.A. Ink" ... not TLC ... and insinuates the network is spinning the truth to make her look bad.

Kat writes, "I love how me deciding to not continue doing LA Ink, turns into being 'cancelled.' Thanks @TLC."


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As usual, everything out of her mouth is a lie. TLC cancelled it. Before this season even aired, she knew it may be her last, if ratings didn't improve, which is why it seemed like the whole Jesse thing was for ratings only. Why would a network want to make someone on a failing show look bad? That makes no sense what so ever. She can't take not being liked or being the center of attention, so of course she's going to try to make it look like she was the one who didn't want to continue on with it. She deserves ever bad thing that happens to her and I am SO glad her stupid show was cancelled! Now she can go back to being a nobody/hanger-oner that no one gives a crap about.

1130 days ago

Sharon A    

I'm so happy ! No more silly little Kat, and now trying to play it off like she quit? what? who does she think will believe that? where's your soulmate Kat? oh right, you left him, hmmm? and the interview you walked out on, that was their fault, right? Grow up already, in private not on t.v.!!! goodbye and good riddance

1130 days ago

Rex Kramer    

Yeah. Sure it was your decision, Kat. If it was so successful that TLC couldn't walk away from, you would've been offered more $$ than you could refuse. Try again.

1130 days ago


Thank God! I used to look at her show, but not this season. Her publicity stunt with JJ was the last straw. Good riddance.

1130 days ago


She looks bad all on her own. Doesn't need the network to help her with that.

1130 days ago


at last, what a relief.

1130 days ago


The show sucked anymore anyway. The bitch got too Hollywood. What a whack job she became.

1130 days ago

Professor Chaos    

Lulz. Apparently she's back with Jesse James and they're engaged again. A lot of Kat Von D news today.
It's nice to see these two kids worked things out. They're the new JFK and Jackie O. Camelot has returned!

1130 days ago


Yeah and this broad has the most annoying voice for an annoying person. Please tatoo your mouth shut.

1130 days ago


HA HA!!! Death to reality shows!!!!! All those dumb skanky lowlife bitches don't deserve to be making money from glorifying their immoral lifestyles!

1130 days ago


Ever since the original group of tattoo artists left, especially Corey the show and Kat has gotten boring. I am sure TLC is starting to clean house of the prima donnas. Kate and Kat.

1130 days ago


I was fortunate enough to get a tat by Corey Miller @ L.A. Ink. Even he didn't like the "drama"!! The show should have stayed with the premise of doing awesome tattoos with incredible artists! No one wants to watch a soap opera in a tattoo shop. And the saddest of all was Kat turned into a raving selfish bitch as the show went on. Her art was NEVER as good as those around her either. Hopefully, TLC was put on something that is actually interesting and fun, instead of the made up garbage that is on now! Via con Kat Von D, you raging bitch!! You are SO PASSE!!!

1130 days ago

St Murphy    

i watched 2 episodes awhile back and COULD NOT STAND all the chick drama in the show.maybe if it was based more on tatooing and not who she is screwing it might have made it better!

1130 days ago


If she did decided to end the show (which I doubt) TLC sure didn't waste anytime yelling about a contract, they were pretty quick to show her to door and announce the end!

1130 days ago


Another tramp stamp bitch hoe.

1130 days ago
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