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What Would You Do With

"Real Housewives"?

8/20/2011 12:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The death of Russell Armstrong has put the spotlight on "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" and reality TV. Is it just plain ol' entertainment or has it crossed the line into the danger zone? We want to know ...


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People don't kill themselves because of TV shows and divorces and what other people say. They kill themselves because they have depressive mental disorders.

And you 30% who say you wouldn't go on the show for $1 million, give us a break OK? Honestly.

1128 days ago


I'm a dumb skanky xakk gurk,

1128 days ago

No Words    

I would dump Taylor like a hot potato...she is the most vicious woman on television. I would erase every trace of her from the season and go on with the rest of the Housewives, who are actually pretty cool, especially Lisa.

1128 days ago


Bravo is not to blame over Russell killing himself. His own guilt led to that. Bravo does not have the power over life and death! Russell had the choice to either be on the show or not be on it. Kim Zolciak's ex lover never agreed to be on the show and Russel could have done the same thing. I don't get how people can blame Bravo or the show for this.

1128 days ago

an honest liberal    

Amgeleyes...jealous YOU can't afford hair extensions?

1128 days ago


The "Housewives" shows rank toward the bottom of "reality" entertainment quality in my book. I couldn't care less than I already do, and I simply chose to comment because I need the typing practice. Thanks.

1128 days ago

Lashika Boggs    

I don't feel like Bravo is to blame. Last season you could see the tension between Taylor and Russell. I'm sure his finances played a major part, as well as him impending divorce. Suicide, is the wealthies new bankruptcy these days:(

1128 days ago


How very classy of her camp to oust these allegations when he is gone and cannot defend himself... Nothing but damage control from a guilty conscience. Talk about low..... She'll be doing mature porn in a few months to keep gas in the tank of her '93 Camry.... KARMA : )

1128 days ago

some guy    

Hmmm... so I was thinking about this show, and what's happened recently. Pretty serious stuff. Should never happen again. Definitely have a responsibility to tell the authorities IMO.

I've noticed alot of Bravo's programming is revolved around the "Real Housewives" series. Alot of people like to create drama, I guess. Some people have a natural flair for it and enjoy doing it.

I'm OK with that, as long as there are not kids involved that are too young. If the kids are older, say around mid-late teens, I think they're old enough to realize that alot of it's created just for the camera. Any younger and I think they would have trouble understanding that.

Maybe there should be a closer look at families that have young children in the household. I do not believe it is a healthy environment for them.

1128 days ago


Dear TMZ - please view last year of RHOBH - you will see that Taylor was proved repeatedly to be a liar - most hilariously when she was busted on the reunion show for claiming Adrienne Maloof was her child's Godmother - Adrienne set the record straight - once again revealing another lie from Taylor - well we should say Shana - because Taylor is not even her real name. Taylor knew Russell's finances were dwindling fast when she signed on for Season 1 - hence - belittling and portraying him in a false light pretty much the first full season so that she could cry victim when she decided to leave him after he had successfully made her a reality star or a wannabe reality star by footing everyone of her extravagant demands. Make no doubt about it - if Russell's finance were in the same category as they were when she went after him - yes she admits - she had to push the relationship - think he knew way back then this woman was nothing but a gold digger - Taylor would have portrayed him as the most loving and caring husband one could hope for. Seriously, TMZ and all you others out there calling Russell all these horrible things - please go back and view Season 1 and watch the lies and poor acting job that Taylor put on week after week.

1128 days ago


Did you guys know that reality shows AREN'T real? Wow, how would we ever have known without the free education offered here in the TMZ comments? No one with a bit of sense or a smidgen of intelligence would ever figure that out for themselves.

The only victims here are Russell's three children, who will not only get to grow up without their Daddy, but with the adults remaining in their lives pointing fingers and assigning blame. And of course, the lawsuits that will eventually come, as mercenary family members go after deep pockets Bravo. My thoughts and prayers are with those poor kids.

1128 days ago


Here's the real deal, HWofBVH is boring, and most of them aren't even housevifes at all, theyre all doing businesses and promoting stuff.. On eth other hand , HWofNJ is a traincrash i cannot get enough of., also HWofNY is great, the rest of them ,can'*****ch. "FINALLY A TOPIC I'M AN ECPERT ON" hahahahahaaha

1127 days ago


oh wait , forgot to comment, i heard that people who commit suicide are also in danger of comititing murder, the suicide won't boost ratings but a murder would have...just sayin' they should pull him out of it , but leave the rest , too much money lost oterwise. imo.

So while it is sad for the kids to grow up without their real dad, i m sure they'll get some stepdads along the way, at least . so why he'd do it ? Everyone suffers , it is part of the deal.

1127 days ago


1% fewer people would go on the show for $1 Mil than for $50,000. WTF?!

Why make trillions when we could make billions?! Mwahahaha!

1127 days ago


1. Dig large hole.

2. Gather up all existing film (Real Housewives of Orange County, Arlanta, New Jersey, Washington D.C and Beverly Hills) did I miss any? Oh, yes, New York City--and see if there is room for "The Millionaire Matchmaker",

3. Start large contained fire in large hole.

Bravo, can't you do better than this junk?

1127 days ago
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