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Performing at MJ Tribute Concert

... Via Satellite

8/22/2011 11:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

just joined the growing list of A-listers performing at the upcoming MJ Tribute Concert in Wales -- but unlike the rest of the line-up ... she'll only be a glimmer of her former self.

Promoters behind the "Michael Forever Tribute" in October just posted the announcement to their Facebook page -- Bey will perform one of her favorite Jackson 5 songs ... via satellite.

Sadly, Beyonce couldn't perform live due to scheduling issues -- but this is almost the same, right? Right?


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She's as annoying as her annoying husband.

1104 days ago


I really like her, but phoning it in? C'mon.

1104 days ago


Someone please tell me why they used a picture where her eyes are closed.

1104 days ago


Someone please tell me why they used a picture where her eyes are closed.

cuz you`re on a Michael Jackson side and they take only one good pic per year here and this was last week.

1104 days ago


It seems that fans of Michael Jackson aren’t all getting behind the planned tribute concert in Cardiff, with over 30 fan communities have joined together to demand it be cancelled.

The letter, which is being led by the largest online community linked to the late star, states that they refuse to support the concert and claimed the gig is “doomed” already. It also claims that some reasons for the refusal to back the concert are the inclusion and subsequent removal of Gene Simmons, who publicly called Jackson a paedophile, and the fact that the concert is being held during the trial of Conrad Murray.

Despite the growing pressure on Global Live Events to cancel the gig, from Randy and Jermaine Jackson among others, organiser Paul Ring recently said to the BBC that the concert is “very much going ahead.” We shall see.


1104 days ago


It seems that lately Beyonce likes to perform via satellite. At the BET awards this year she performed via satellite while at the same time she was giving a concert at the Glastonbury music festival in England.

1104 days ago


MICHAEL Jackson fan Debbie Longshaw is appealing for fans to join her in a rally in Oxford for the trial of the doctor accused of killing him.

Mum-of-two Ms Longshaw, 49, from Charlbury, says she is co-ordinating the rally along with members of the international Justice4MJ group from Los Angeles, who hope to stage other rallies in New York, Los Angeles, Munich, Paris and Sydney.

She said: “It has been a long wait – two years for Dr Conrad Murray to come to trial – but we fans want to make sure his trial, which is set to begin on September 20, and what really happened to Michael, is in the front of everyone’s minds.”

She added: “Our goal is no longer to bring Conrad Murray to justice. We are aware we have no influence over the justice system in LA. It is more about correcting the public’s perception of Michael, which has been distorted by the media, and maintaining his legacy.”

Michael Jackson died on June 25, 2009, after suffering a cardiac arrest at his Beverley Hills home.

The 50-year-old star died allegedly from an acute intoxication of Propofol which his personal doctor, Conrad Murray, stands accused of giving him.

Murray now stands accused of involuntary manslaughter.

But latest reports suggest 103 witnesses will state the doctor is innocent and the superstar’s death was not helped by his erratic behaviour and demanding personality.

Jackson visited Oxford in March 2001 to address the Oxford Union.

Hundreds of fans gathered in the city for a chance to spot their idol.

Ms Longshaw said: “Michael has a history here and I feel there will be people who will want to join me in supporting the cause for justice for him.

“Like the rallies in other cities of the world, the Oxford one will be peaceful, with people holding banners showing their love of Michael and also singing his songs.

“Obviously it will need to be organised with the police and the county council, but I hope to see hundreds of people gathering in the town centre on a date close to the start of the trial date.”

While Michael Jackson has millions of fans worldwide, Ms Longshaw admitted her search for Oxfordshire-based fans has so far drawn a blank.

“I have been on forums everywhere trying to contact Oxfordshire-based fans, without any luck so far. There must be some out there. I’ll be waiting to hear from them.”

Ms Longshaw can be contacted via her email address or via her

1104 days ago


Why does anyone care what this no talent skank does? She blew her way into the biz, she can't sing, she's ugly as sin, and she should be paying 100% royalties to Antares Autotune for every tune she's ever recorded. What you are hearing isn't HER, it's Autotune.

1104 days ago


remembers the jackson five and forever michael..that was real...all this now is fake. I have fond memories of the seventies and thriller...then it all changed.

1104 days ago


she supports terriorism, she needs to be blackballed from the U.S. along with a few more getting paid big money by terrorist who want to destroy our country. She was on CNN in a concert she did for Ghadafi's daughter just this morning. I will have nothing to do with anything she stands for.

1104 days ago


Got to be there...

1104 days ago


Of course she performed via satellite. Ever hear her sing live without all the studio tweaking? Even her "performance" at Obama's inaugeration was canned and lipsynced. Please this woman is just a very well packaged and carefully presented product. She has very little real talent, average at best.

1104 days ago


She didn't know what ghadifi's family was involved with when she performed for him. And i bet everybody on this site and in America didn't even know who Ghadafi was until this year when all that stuff happened in Libya. She did that performances like two years ago when she didn't know Ghadifi was that type of person. Just like how everybody would dance and love Micheal Jackson's musi*****il they found out he could be a possible pedophile. She was naive and unaware.

1104 days ago
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