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Casey Anthony

Double Secret Probation

8/25/2011 8:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Casey Anthony
is still living in fear of death threats ... and the Florida Department of Corrections has announced it will keep all of Casey's probation information CONFIDENTIAL in an effort to keep her safe.

The FDOC released a statement to TMZ saying, "The court has directed us to keep confidential the offender’s residence or any information that could lead to the discovery of her location because of the death threats against her."

The statement continues, "Therefore, she will not be identified in our database, nor will her probation officer’s name or probation location be made public."

As we previously reported, this morning Anthony checked in to serve probation for her check fraud conviction.

"Fat, drunk, and stupid is no way to go through life" -- Dean Wormer, "Animal House."


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Rogue Warrior    

For those of you wishing her dead, I'd H8 to see it but if the person responsible took out at least 50 nancy disgrace followers and their tots, it'd be respectful!

1152 days ago


Ok ,I will accept the secrecy..give ue valid reason's..not just someone saying she has threats against her..Name's ,source of threats, or is this some of Bozo's horse chit nonsense..

1152 days ago


So glad they are "keeping her safe" I mean after all they did such an amazing job keeping her daughter safe and rewarding her for killing her. Awesome. Way to keep it classy FL thanks for making the US look even stupider.

1152 days ago


$10.00 says Harvey finds her in a week!

1152 days ago


and those that are threatening her life are no better than she is....she was matter what people think....the law says shes innocent....the people that should be blamed for this is the Judge and The Prosecution...they did not give the evidence needed for a death penalty case.......they went on pure speculation with no physical evidence...they are to be blamed for her aquittal. So those that are threatening her are fools, cause like I said....MAKES YOU NO BETTER THAN CASEY!

1152 days ago

Steve Miller    

Casey Trackers just posted this on their Facebook page. It is really interesting.

"Casey Anthony's location or the location of her probation report will not become public! We believe we know where she is. We have had consistent tips coming in for which Probation office she reported to. We are currently researching and going to post as soon as we get something physical. We have posted a McIntosh, FL report. Really interesting!"

What do you guys think?

1152 days ago


Does she really deserve to be "kept safe"? Even if she didn't commit the murder, how safe did she keep her own daughter? Throw her to the dogs with the same care and respect she showed her daughter.

1152 days ago


I wish CA a long life filled with everything she deserves like pain, suffering, agony, running, hiding, poverty, hunger, thirst and then death.

1152 days ago


A if she did not murder her child she would not have to worry about death threats. B if the jury got it right the first time they would not have to worry and C all someone has to do is follow the whore from probation one day. If someone wants to do something they are going to do it.

1152 days ago


Just like a circus comin to town, with the freak tent set up
right across the street from you! Im exhausted of this bitch.please go away babykiller...please...and for Gods sake get spayed!

1152 days ago


and WHO was keeping her baby safe????

1152 days ago


not interested in the latest info on a baby killer

1152 days ago


I'm getting sick of all the special considerations shown to this piece of crap. She is being protected by everybody. Why? If she dies, she dies. She should have to take the same chances everybody else does.

1152 days ago


STOP giving this piece of human garbage ANY face time TMZ, I mean really ! Not guilty does NOT mean innocent.

1152 days ago


No special treatment huh?? I call bs on that.......go figure

1152 days ago
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