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The Salahis to Montel:

It Wasn't Us!!

Our Customer Invited You

8/25/2011 8:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0825_salahis_montel_exMichaele and Tareq Salahi say Montel Williams is angry at the wrong people -- and they want to make it 100% clear they had nothing to do with dragging his name into an upcoming event at their winery.

Late Thursday, Montel's rep says he sent a cease and desist letter to the Salahis demanding Montel's name be removed from a website promoting a charitable event being held next month at Oasis Winery in Virginia.

Michaele tells TMZ ... "DC's Most Fabulous Magazine" is actually organizing the event -- Oasis is merely the venue -- and she thinks Montel's beef should be with the magazine.

Michaele says, "The website Montel Williams is referring to is NOT a Salahi website. We don't get involved with what customers of our winery do or who they invite."

She adds they, personally, have never stated that Montel was attending the party -- and "if [Montel's reps] have an issue with what one of our customers does at the winery, they should contact that customer.


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And if you believe one word these fame wh*re losers say, you as nuts as they are. BTW, what happened to the $20k a month mansion in BH?

1156 days ago


Does anyone remember her first episode on RHODC? Love you love you I love you You're beautiful love you I love you I love you love you... Talk about a freak!

1156 days ago


they are behind it somehow all right
they maybe figured that since Montel doesn't have the same high profile (now that he's retired from his show) that they could get away with it!

1156 days ago


Bullsh*t. Hey TMZ, all those ads on this site? TMZ and not the advertiser writes the content in the ads, right? Huh? Huh? That couple is so full of bullsh*t.

1156 days ago


Prime example TMZ. I just did a google search for David Mortz - this isn't rocket science ppls. As I stated in my previous post, all anyone has to do is simply google the Salahi's to get a clear picture of what their about. The info's accessible to anyone with internet connection.

1156 days ago


I guess he's mad 'cause he has to take time out of his busy infomerical and pot smoking schedule to deal with someone using his name without his permission. How come he didn't see this coming? All he had to do was ask his best buddy Sylvia Browne, since she's such an accredited psychic and all. LOL.

1156 days ago


Montel takes his MS very seriously, this is nothing more then the Salahi's taking advantage of his name. They are publicity seeking whores who need to go away, yet they seem to always find a way to get on some website looking like fools!

1156 days ago


The White House Crashers are at it again. They will do anything to remain on TMZ, lol. The Salami's need some cheese to go with that whine.

1156 days ago


These two pigs belong in prison! Not to mention that fact that he supports a Palestinian, anti Jewish organization. He is a piece of garbage and she just follows for the attention.

1156 days ago


Hey Montel you're a shill for a payday loan company no one cares if you will be at a winery opening, get over yourself, hey Salahi's you got a free meal you're 15 minutes are over get over yourself

1156 days ago

Bad Reporting    

"Our winery" - THEY DON'T EVEN OWN THE WINERY! Get ready to lose your money people when they cancel this nonrefundable (and non existent) event!

1156 days ago


Why this fat little porker and his anorexic pasty bleached blond wife are such attention whores is just beyond me. Damn, just go away for good and take any of the Kardashians, preferably all of them, with you.

1156 days ago


They are lying!! This is not the first time they have done this several times!!

1156 days ago


Double talk

1156 days ago


Yeah and who do you think GAVE them Montel's name hmmmm? Not buying their "it's not us" excuse. As if.

1156 days ago
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