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Mel Gibson vs. Oksana Grigorieva


8/27/2011 7:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Mel Gibson and Oksana Grigorieva have finally settled their custody war.

After days of negotiations at the downtown L.A. courthouse, the court announced that the former lovebirds turned mortal enemies struck a deal. 

Sources say the agreement covers custody of Lucia, as well as support.  As we first reported, Oksana was asking for enormous sums of money, but we're told her demands just didn't fly.


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Oksana's demands for huge amounts of money "didn't fly"...GOOD !
Now maybe Oksana will fly away on her broomstick !

1153 days ago

What You Really Want To See    

TMZgossip: 12 hours ago
17 fraus are getting their walking papers... thank gawd amazon has released the gibletz swan song "The Flopper" on DVD just in time for a K-Mart Blue Light "Back to Drool" Sippy Cup Special.

gosh, you're a bitter piece of tripe. Got a bit of the, 'Kelsey Grammer's' about you?

1153 days ago


It will never be over with this one. Trust me, she'll be back.

1153 days ago


This is no truce between Gibson and Ox. He still won't even be in the same room with her. Say what you want about Gibson, he never denied Lucia as his daughter. By the same token he doesn't want to get financially raped. Who would. Who woldn't be really pissed off. $20,000.00 per month just because he 'earned' his money and has money. I still think when Gibson got really pissed, he knew Ox was going to use the baby as a money pawn and he flipped out. Ox recorded the phone calls and sold them to Radar.

Timothy Dalton pays $2,500.00 per month for Alexander. (Gibson pays $20,000.00 per month for little Lucia) Ox, Alexander lives in a house Gibson pays for because of little Lucia. Ox is a pro. Gibson was a bigger fish.

Ox knows she won't be able to pull the pregnancy, kid for money anymore.

1153 days ago


rather agree with several of the comments about her getting her best payday. I also thought she was quite a b-tch, with no talent except for maybe b-owjobs, and anything she could do on her back

1153 days ago


Oksana the hoe loves to blow.

1153 days ago


The Bronze & Scags, ........getting hard to tell the difference anymore.......
.....I can see another film in the future, opening scene is on the beach in beautiful Costa Rica......& ...........

1153 days ago


Hope this agreement lasts. But, given Oksana's desire for more money may not last in the future. She is too old to have more kids with other men and this seems to be the way she secures funds.

1153 days ago


Stacy: 6 hours ago

Oksana's demands for huge amounts of money "didn't fly"...GOOD !
Now maybe Oksana will fly away on her broomstick !

I don't think she will fly away. aging whore need more botox/plastic serg. .it means more monetary
Her "********" cuold cost at least $150-200/per hour i guess. Oh, it's not enough for botox.
where is herzog wit his book? May be he has been paid for shut up??????

1153 days ago


J.F. "The Beaver"

i saw the puppet as the last socially interactive bit of w.b.,
(the only 'one' who really loved him, for better or worse)

the people in his life bailed on him, why, maybe because,
to them, he no longer fit into their ideal of life,
this is his family, as imperfect as he was/is he stuck with them,
they kicked him out of their lives whilst he was at one of the most testing points in his life,
he never stopped accepting/including them , in spite of all their faults
with such conditional 'love' it's no wonder he fell into that unhappy rabbit hole
maybe the beaver puppet was a 'third person' effort to reach the hearts of
those he loved, in the hope that they would (re)discover the true meaning of love

1153 days ago


Good morning, everyone...I hope that friends on the east coast are safe. Thoughts and prayers [and the force -- :)] are with you.

I had a thought that I wanted to share about the recent 'truce' between Mel and OG. I think OG had to finally come to some sort o****reement, and her attorneys encouraged her to do just that. I believe that OG was taking a chance on losing more ground by going to court and have a full-blown trial over matters concerning Lucia. She was really taking a chance by going to court and trying to bring in witnesses, etc. to take custody from Mel. She would risk Judge Gordon giving Mel full custody. That might not have happened, but it might have happened; you never know. OG was really taking a chance by taking this matter to court for trial. Courts want children to be a part of both parents' lives and they don't look kindly on the parent trying to take time away from the child and the other parent. I have a feeling that after all of OG's antics, and especially her challenging Judge Gordon's ruling when he would not disqualify Kolodny from the case, that he was a bit put out with OG. I also think he may have been ticked off by OG wasting so much time and money with depositions and hearings AND THEN dropping her DV charges against Mel (remember when it was reported that Judge Gordon and Kolodny were 'visibily shocked'?). Courts don't look kindly on drama and wasting court time and money. I know lawyers like to make money and perhaps they don't care about doing all of tha work, but judges don't like it because dockets are full and their time is needed elsewhere. Judges earn a salary; they are not paid by the hour. Also, judges do try to make decisions about people's lives when parties can't come to an agreement, and they don't like drama and silly issues before their court. I think OG tested Judge Gordon's patience and I have a feeling that perhaps on some recent rulings, OG's lawyers could tell she was losing ground with the judge. I think Judge Gordon was willing to give her 'her day in court' but after all of the antics and drama, going on LKL after she had been told not to, etc., that Judge Gordon had had enough of OG. She also was not successful in arguing that she should not have to pay Eric George. Judge Gordon ruled against her in that also. That to me was a clear indication that Judge Gordon saw the 2010 mediated agreement as valid and that Eric George did his work and should be paid for his services. Anyway, I just think that OG's lawyers had finally realized that they were losing ground with the judge and that OG better settle before she ended up losing in the end.

1152 days ago


Good Morning Fuddy!!The news from the East Coast is not good this morning. But it could be worse.

I liked your post. If the judge is saying enough of your foolishness it is about time. Should have done it 6mos ago.

I hope you and your son are still doing well. Things will never be the same for you but hopefully it will be better.I have been in two tornados. Once trapped in a cellar for a while.Not fun!!
Hugs to you


1152 days ago


Hello, Kelly81! Thank you for your kind words for me and my son. We have had a time of it, but the kindness of many and words of support and encouragement from people like you and others on this board mean so much. It makes me feel not so alone, you know? I'm glad you made it through your ordeal also. Trapped in a cellar? That would be hard to go through also. Oklahoma gets a lot of severe weather. Maybe not hurricanes, but OKC is known for the winds and tornados, and the bad weather can come on very suddenly. I remember years ago speaking with an elderly person about that and they believe that all of the man-made lakes in Oklahoma may have had something to do with it. They said that weather was never that severe years back.

Yes, I agree that Judge Gordon should have put his foot down sometime ago, but then he would run the risk of OG jumping up and down screaming that she was being discriminated against because she was a foreigner and not a celebrity and that Mel was getting preferential treatment. I could see her making a big stink along those lines. Judge Gordon gave her every opportunity to try her case in a court of law fairly, but in the end, I think she didn't have much of a case. Lawyers don't usually try to get clients to settle because they want to be paid; they usually want to settle because they don't want to lose. I think her lawyers could see they weren't gaining much ground, even though they gave it their best shot.

A big hug to you, Miss Kelly, and I'm glad that you are doing well these days. I admire your courage to use a computer because so many people your age don't. Big hug to you.


1152 days ago


Hi fuddy and kelly

Oh kelly that sounds nerve racking. We always want to run down the basement in an emergency thinking we will be safer.

I'm up just outside Montreal and it's getting windy outside. They are calling for heavy rain here later in the evening. My only concern is that I am surrounded by mature trees. They were the reason I bought this place, but in a storm it always seems more intense because of these huge trees blowing around. I have seen huge pine trees uprooted in bad storms. I think wind scares me the most, and I think tornados are the worst of all, they hit hard and fast with very little warning. I still can't imagine what you went through fuddy. You're one tough lady and a dear heart because as I remember you even went outside to get your animals.

1152 days ago


Howdy Folks :)
Jumping up and down and waving frantically to friends not seen in a while - Tell, Shuffle, Majestik, Midwesterner, Miss Kelly, Muppet. Hell, I'm even glad to know Gossip is ok.

Having many thughts about this - I'll see about posting a few after I'm done LMAO-ing=D

1152 days ago
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