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Petra Ecclestone

The Wedding You Could

NEVER Afford

8/28/2011 7:34 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's amazing ... Petra Ecclestone blew $85 million on Candy Spelling's 57,000 mansion, and she could still afford a wedding that rivaled the one recently thrown for those 2 kids in England.

Petra tied the knot with businessman James Stunt in Italy yesterday, in the same village where Tom and Katie got hitched.  But this wedding was a lot more expensive -- reportedly more than $5 mil -- and a lot grander.

For starters, Andrea Bocelli was there performing "Time to Say Goodbye," the first dance was courtesy of Eric Clapton, and the crowd then danced to The Black Eyed Peas.  BTW, Peas don't come cheap -- $2.4 million for the live appearance.

Petra -- the daughter of Formula One billionaire Bernie Ecclestone -- was decked out in a $130,000 Vera Wang special.

Guests guzzled wine at $6,500 a bottle -- Chateau Petrus, of course.

And, of course, Paris, Nicky and Kathy Hilton were there.

Wait till Petra Petra's dad gets the credit card statement. 


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People are starving, soldiers are dying, children are being abused, unemployed people can't feed their families and are losing their homes, shelters need funds, there is mass murder and genocide in some countries, Africa is in an AIDS crisis where little girls are being raped for a "cure", and this IDIOTIC family blows millions of dollars on a wedding? How about taking some of that money and helping people in need instead of being selfish, greedy, vapid losers who care more about their fake boobs than about people around them? I'm pretty sure a starving family somewhere could have used that $6500 spent on a bottle of wine for their household. Sickening. If you have earned money, good for you, spend it. But this show of over the top extravagance just for the sake of extravagance makes me ILL.

1097 days ago

don juan    

i hope these people give money to charity, and to the guy complaining about president obama taking a vacation, how many times did bush go to his texas ranch for a so called WORKING vacation???

1097 days ago


She sure makes a good case for (much) higher taxes on the rich doesn't she?

1097 days ago

Not Jew    

hmmm... I guess that's why never a rich person is remembered or Admired. I'm not a religious man but sometimes i hope there's something that make this kind of people help others. Maybe i imagine a world that doesn't exist.

1097 days ago


Over the top? Too much luxury? Not much different from ordinary folks who go on cruises..bathing in the lap of luxury while children are dying of hunger in Africa. How do they sleep at night?
(ok...ok...I know, they don't even give it a thought..)

1097 days ago


I don't understand the hateful comments regarding this young lady. She has done nothing to warrant the hateful remarks. Unlike the Kardashians, she is not a fame whore or does she act like a whore. She comes from money and the money bought a nice house and paid for a great expensive wedding. Hating her because she has money is not a reason to be so hateful. Hate the Kardashians. They deserve to be hated on because they are nothing but greedy little bitches who do nothing for anyone but themselves.

1097 days ago


Oh I can't wait another eight years or so, when this bimbo realizes that all the money in the world can't keep her looks from turning to *****e and she wonders why no one pays attention to her anymore.

1097 days ago


The Black Eyed Peas and David Guetta? Too bad for them that you can't buy good taste.

1097 days ago


I don't know who this girl or her father are, but it's a perfect example that money doesn't buy good taste...

1097 days ago


Wonder how many average joes slaved away for peanuts so she could roll fat without ever having to work? Do we have to worship people just becuase they are rich? Shes not a celebrity shes only known becuase of money her parents made. big whoop.

1097 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

Here we go again... TMZ trying to make this girl relevant in America. Good Luck, idiots.

1097 days ago


God TMZ...enough with the annoying "Poor Little Rich Girl" stories alright?. Bruno, no one said that these rich people are supposed to be the ones to "solve all the problems with their checkbook..." **** Petra and her over the top ******* wedding and buying a big ass house that she'll never fully use.

1097 days ago


These are Indeed difficult times.... I hope she and her husband can find happiness considering they had such a modest wedding. My heart goes out to the couple.

1097 days ago


Awesome. I love how for my wedding I'm resorted to making my own food/cake and have started a "fundraiser" to help pay for my dress, yet she can throw all of her money to the wind. Her one bottle of wine costs 30% MORE than my ENTIRE wedding budget!

(Before anyone jumps on me about the "fundraiser", it was my family and friends who convinced me to do it. People can donate a buck or two and I would be forever grateful.)

1097 days ago


So when is her new reality show going to air?

1097 days ago
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