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Michael Jackson's Birthday

Katherine Attends Celebration

8/29/2011 4:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson's mother, Katherine Jackson, was among those gathered yesterday at the Jackson family home in Gary, IN to celebrate Michael's birthday.

He would have been 53 today.


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Last night on tv I saw a tribute for Michael Jackson at his childhood home in Indiana. It was nice to see lots of his fans there honoring him on what would have been his 53rd Bday! Without a doubt I was really happy to see Michael's beautiful chilren (in every way) was also there to honor their Father. Not only did they speak and interact with the fans, but they(even shy Blanket) actually spoke to a reporter. It is more than obvious what a great Dad he was to them in how they present themselves. Their love for him will be forever, and it is obvious they will continue to honor his legacy!

1119 days ago


Happy birthday king of Pop, Happy birthday king of entertainment and happy birthday to the greatest celebrity of all time! I am sure you a enjoying your birthday bash in heaven.... don't entertain the angels today MJ , relax and let them entertain's your day don't forget. Enjoy every bit of it!!! Love and miss you dearly MJ.

1119 days ago


Angela C, I saw Michael's children on t.v last night being interviewed at their Dad's childhood home in Indiana. They are beautiful in every sense of the word. It is more and more obvious how much he loved them and they he. They will forever make their Dad proud and continue with his legacy. It made me happy and yet sad at the same time seeing and listening to them. May they always continue to be strong!

1119 days ago


Happy Birthday to a multi-talented artist who will always be recognized as a true legend. One of the greatest and youngest humanitarians, and a spectacular father. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MICHAEL JOSEPH JACKSON from one who admires true, honest talent. Prayers for the Jackson family and Michael's children. May their bond of love keep them united and strong. Love Always and Prayers. Keep the faith.

1117 days ago


Thanks, Phantom. Enjoyed.

1117 days ago


If you have not seen this yet, please watch. Is a little length but well worth it. "Man behind the Myth". and please share afterwards. This video is for everybody fans or non-fans. Very enlightening.

1114 days ago


Happy belated birthday to the fabulous Michael Jackson. Gone too soon. :´(

1114 days ago

check yourself    

Happy Belated Birthday sweet man... **sigh**... doubt I'll ever stop missing him. Sure we have his music, just... when you know there's never a possibility of seeing him alive, or just knowing that he's living and breathing living life enjoying what he loved. Bleh. Remembering him on his birthday is bitter sweet. Maybe next year it'll be more sweet then salty? Hopefully. Let's get through the trial first, right.

Yeahhhh... good ol saint KJ is enjoying spending the $5K she paid herself per "Katherine's Secret Contract" where she ILLEGALLY binds PPB for whatever she feels like exploiting them for with her partner PAYING HER just to show up at whatever MJ public occasion there is to show up for. Just too classy. GAG.

So sorry that's what it's all really about sweet man, but somehow you knew, didn't you. You were NOT your mama's fool, not anymore... not for decades. That's why you allotted her only the INTEREST of the 40%, and in monthly allowance allotments ta boot, of which the principle reverts back to PPB. Entitlement issues would come to the forefront in a big way. Money is on that you knew that too. Rose above and took care of her before and after because you were taught by they toxic illness how NOT to be. WE know that, and love you the more for it.

I don't know that there WAS a larger man, then MJ. "King" of hearts, of Pop... king, on so many levels.

"Katherine's Secret Contract" with Howard Mann. Anybody reading this doesn't like it: Hey wasn't ME that drew it up and signed it. You all's "Saint KJ" is a nasty pow. If she didn't already prove that way back when she turned her back on him with Thriller, and again against him with NO proof accusing him of being a drug abuser listening to him TELL her "my own mother doesn't believe me". HE WOKE UP a looonnggg time ago. You FOOLS have it in black and white print signed sealed and delivered -- the contract even right here on TMZ in an attachment to the article.

Didn't celebrate his birthday when he was alive (as per JW doncha know) but sure as hell has no prob showing up for even a PUBLIC BD celebration specifically against her religious beliefs (same JW beliefs she sided with when they shunned him, but sucked up living on his $$$ while denouncing him by her stance ... stay classy KJ. NASTY) now he's DEAD, and the bogus low rate GLE/LATOYA JA_TAIL "tribute" - same deal. Show up for THAT cha ching, TRIAL be damned. P&P are WITNESSES in the trial. Guess they're bitching about having to make room for that bit of peskiness, at dinner. Same as he accurately guessed she would. His will says it in the same plain language. How could he guess wrong after the emotional blackmailing she kept at him with over the yrs with him rejecting it every time - working WITH JJ in committing him to a "family reunion' concert - he refused, but they figured THEY own him so promise him to them anyway, so now she's getting sued for when MJ found out said NO WAY - then, now, EVER! - wow, what part don't you get?!" and told them they were on their own when he balked and made clear he wanted no part of it when they tried to come after HIM. Seyge anyone? There ya go. Old news. Older news then most care to GET REAL with. Too bad.

Love the man? THEN DEAL. Otherwise, stfu sit down and keep it shut. To support this toxic fake azz leach clan you had NO love for HIM, and need your own parenting investigated as your kids, and grandkids, deserve way better as he did. BIGTIME. Simple as that.

R.I.P Beautiful Man, you more then deserve it. Just wish you could have found it, MORE OF WHAT YOU NEEDED, while still with us in the flesh. At least to a farther extent then what you stood a chance at while you were here.


Any which way you look at it, ANY time would have been too soon. Damn I hate it.

On to Murray... So now there's a new excuse for a postponement with the appeal to sequester the jury bs they trumped up, eh. Brainstorming with POS Baez, doncha know. Disgusted, but not surprised... per usual with these skanks.

Ugh. Enough! G'nite.

1114 days ago
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