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Kris Humphries

What Have I Gotten Myself Into?

9/1/2011 12:02 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Kim Kardashian dragged new hubby Kris Humphries along to tape her reality show in NYC and you could almost see him thinking ... "What have I gotten myself into?" Or maybe we're just projecting that on him.

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I watched the Bora Bora show. There is something uncomfortable about him, he has an awkwardness, seems to say the wrong things at the wrong time, and gets into peoples personal space. He is not a very gentle person, I am surprised at KK letting someone treat her in this way. But he is very young so he is a "wait and see Kardashian project".

1112 days ago

JR Jake    

Kris, she sucked you into her world like the vamp she is. Wanting kids and a family right now IS NOT what you want to be thinking. Two years and then decide. Love is blind but stupidity may sometimes be forever. Don't be stupid, feel it out (figuratively) and CYA.

1112 days ago


good grief! 6 months, tops! And i must say, she is a BIG FAT COW now...MOOOOO

1112 days ago

mary jo     

This marriage is a complete scham, they do not even look like they are in love. They act like maybe he just meet her.
And he did not know what he was getting into. Please he is another one that saw the money signs and agreed enough of the BS I am out of rubber boots

1112 days ago


Kris Humphries, kissed his Freedom good bye when he married that thing!! He'll soon realize that all the money in the world, which ultimately only buys you more **** isn't worth it!! Kim has paved a nice reality career for herself though, Kim will get pregnant, then get divorced, a new show will come of it..."Kim's single mommy life", all the riches that will follow, for this despicable, materialistic, representation of what our dumb down society has become. She doesn't love Kris, he's a prop and the only one dumb enough to ask her to marry him.

1112 days ago


I don't think he thinks...he looks totally brainless and he marries into that family?

1112 days ago


Remember KK saying she didn't like bball players because they were to tall for her? Well after Mr Bush , and the other football players escaped all of a sudden she's in love with this 3 year old. Poor Kris H, your children will be forever cursed.

1112 days ago


If they moved the show to Cinemax it might be worth watching.

1112 days ago


Oh sh*t did yall see him wiping off the kiss, or is it just me.

1112 days ago


Uh....a little late for that isn't dum dum ?

1112 days ago


If scotty disprick takes him under his wing and teaches him the ropes, he might make it a couple of years: (1) always kiss herass; (2) don't let the papps catch you with a street whore; (3) knock her up; (4) bank all your money, the well is running dry.

1112 days ago

Saul Richman    

Chriss get a Vasectomy!!!! If you end up having a child with this reality tv whore you will be stuck with this horrible greedy family for 18 years! That is a lifetime man. Even if you have to do it in secret, do it get clipped. Take my advise, I hope you did not sign a pre-nup because I know the divorce will happen in about a year and since you dont really play basketball you will need to cash in on this fiasco.

1112 days ago

Duke Steele    

So Lurch knew about the sex tape and he STILL married this whore? He got what he deserves.

1111 days ago


I felt the same way when I bought a new car recently and now I regret it. Yes Kris you made a big mistake homie and you'll pay for it just like I am!

1110 days ago


Feel sorry for you manyou don't know that clan the mama a pimp the stepfather another pimp,the dirty mouth of your sisters in lw,your lazy disgusting brother in law I just feel so sorry for you and finally the porno sex tape,shallow ,nasty, not smart,not brains,spoil ,liar,narsiccistic wife.nothing more to say I wonder how short will be that marriage ,I feel sorry for your family knowing what kind of whore you marry!

1109 days ago
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