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Chaz Bono

Too Hot for TV?

9/3/2011 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chaz Bono
has triggered predictable controversy after signing on to do "Dancing with the Stars" -- just as producers hoped. So what will be the fallout? We gotta ask ...


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i love the way "cheap pandering" sounds

1146 days ago

American Mom    

Abc said having chaz on has nothing to do with sexual prefrence...then why do they introduce it as ,"Chaz Bono, the first transgender blah blah..."? They're bringing it up to boost ratings and be politicaly correct. This use to be a fun family show that is now a joke at the expense of chaz. Why is abc changing everything, getting rid of the soaps all but for one, forcing other peoples life choices? Some things should be left alone and never changed. Abc is itchy people! Settle down Abc! America wants stuff back to the good ol fashion days when people were entertaining because they had talent.

1146 days ago

Bonnie & Clyde    

Why is the emphasis on sexual organs? When a celibate chooses not to engage sexually, does that make him less of a man or a woman. Does a woman ejaculate sperm? Does a man get his period? Does a man make 80 cents on the dollar. Does a man understand ERA and the issues that Gloria Steinam and other women fought for. Does a man understand domestic violence or rape? And excuse me, but a man wants to be a woman and vice versa? There was a HBO do***entary about a woman who became a man. Unfortunately, in the end, she died from ovarian cancer. How ironic... trying so hard to be a man and dies from female cancer. Will a man ever produce breast milk? Are these cases of sexism? Not liking one's sex? I agree with a lot of the comments of DWTS having an agenda. I choose this season to no*****ch or support advertisers. Wearing make up or evening gowns like Ru Paul and such doesn't make you a woman. And why is when Ru Paul dresses up it's entertaining and a fashion statement. But, when Miss America contestants compete or scholarship monies, it's exploiting women. Let's get something straight here, yes, Chaz/Chastity Bono is not a star. Being a woman or man is more than the estrogen/testerone and mechanical parts that make us as female and male. Is Chaz going to use the men's bathroom? Wouldn't that bother her that she can't stand up like the men and piss through a penis?
If we just take science basic then XX chromosomes make women and XY make male. And there are of course social influcences, education, financial status, family background and religion -- these are other factors that make us into who we are.
If I had all the money that I needed, maybe I would be Donald "*******" Trump. I would buy a hair piece and start buying real estate in Manhattan

1146 days ago


On what planet is this woman a "he"? A female she was born, a female she is now, and a female she shall meet God. So please stop denigrating men by calling her one.

1146 days ago


Forget everything else. How about TOO FAT to dance.. Its dancing with the stars NOT Dancing with the 6 chins....

1146 days ago


Chastity is an abomination and trying to make a mockery of God. She should just go away and stay away. BOYCOTT DWTS!!

1146 days ago


Good for Chaz for exposing the hate, prejudice, persecution and intolerance of this land of the free.

1146 days ago


Look at all these Xtian hippocrates spewing their 'this is against god cuz he didnt make you that way' nonsense.
'god' made you be born naked and you defy him with clothing!
do you dye your hair?
pluck your eyebrows?
shave your anything?
wear makeup?
Come on! You all are dumber than a dumpster full of abortions

1146 days ago


Stop referring to this science project as a male!

1146 days ago


I don't care if it's a he or a she, but this person really needs to lose some weight or they'll be dead in a few years. How many old fat people do you see walking around? Not many.

1146 days ago


There are XY females that go on to give birth, so gender really isn't as clear as people want to believe. For those of you that think "god" made Chaz a girl, explain why "god" also made hermaphrodites (both male and female) and those without any sexual organs? That said, this isn't Dancing with the children of Stars, so why Chaz...heck why was Palin's kid (the one that got knocked up) on the show.

1146 days ago


I WILL NOT BE WATCHING DWTS... NOT b/c of this "issue"... DWTS fails to deliver the "family viewing opportunity" it DID in the first TWO "SEASONS"... once the "celebrities" AND professional dancers started getting too big for their britches we (our family) stopped watching it...

"CHAZ" Bono is PHYSICALLY a WOMAN... just b/c SHE had a mastectomy (removal of breasts and breast tissue)... takes HORMONE REPLACEMENT (TESTOSTERONE) and sports a "post menopause "BEARD" does NOT make HER a MAN...

If a MAN and a WOMAN are standing "sans clothing"... how do you know the difference between the two??? The woman has the VAJAYJAY...

I watched the DO***ENTARY on "CHAZ" (which I thought was VERY SAD)... the reason SHE gave for NOT having the final surgery is that "it hasn't been perfected yet"... and her girlfriend said "If "CHAZ" is a MAN what does that make ME? I AM A LESBIAN" (girl/girl)

Removing BREAST and pumping yourself full of TESTOSTERONE DOES NOT MAKE ("CHAZ") A MAN

And WHY is everyone so surprised at ABC/DISNEY for this "move"... DISNEY "hosts" GAL week every year at their theme parks...

1146 days ago


It's called tolerance, people. Try not to be afraid of someone so different from you. I think next season they should feature a Wiccan...that's another group that catches hell.

1146 days ago


Chaz has NO PENIS! So Chaz is NOT a man, period!
Just because Chaz has short hair and say's Chaz is a dude, does NOT make Chaz, a dude.
So 'Why' would Chaz be dancing with women, when Chaz has no penis?
Has not a thing to do with Chaz as a person, the only issue is, you don't pass off someone as something else because they say they are and take hormone pills.
If you say your 6 foot tall when your 5-1 does NOT make you 6 foot tall.
HELLO? Is this thing on??

1146 days ago

Studley Buck    

Better Chaz than Nancy Grace. At least Chaz is not a hater.

1146 days ago
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