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Chaz Bono

Too Hot for TV?

9/3/2011 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chaz Bono
has triggered predictable controversy after signing on to do "Dancing with the Stars" -- just as producers hoped. So what will be the fallout? We gotta ask ...


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While ABC is guilty of using Chaz to get ratings (we all already heard that this show was in the toilet with ratings anyway) I personally find Nancy Grace to be far more offensive than Chaz Bono!

1055 days ago


they need to have more options to include a "this will have no effect" type option or "This will not influence my decision to watch" or "I could care less" or "the issue shouldn't be his gender change, but that he is the child of stars and not actually a star so why the heck is he on a show called Dancing With the Stars?

1055 days ago


If Chaz wears a tight outfit then we will be able to tell if he has had a penis surgically attached. I think Chaz is hot. He makes me wet between the legs.

1054 days ago

two cents    

Instead of people voting for the best dancer (like it SHOULD be) they're going to be voting on the gay lifestyle. She should never have been brought on, the game is not tainted.
Nancy grace haters! She is DONATING all of her money to help missing and exploited children. What are the rest of them doing with their money?
BTW, she has stated she is not getting surgery to create a penis because her partner is a lesbian and if she gets "one" then her partner not want to be with her. So all she did was take some hormones and cut off her breasts. Are we going to see her topless on the dancefloor? ***gag**** What an insult to women who have had breast cancer now if people them as male only because their breasts are removed. Freakshow.

1054 days ago


Everybody is complaining that this is a family show and Chaz is offensive- But no one seems to be offended that they casted that crackhead David Arquette.

1054 days ago


Awesome. I just heard that in his first week of competition, Chaz will be dancing topless and with very tight fitting pants so that we will all be able to get a view of his new surgically attached penis. I keep getting wetter between my legs.

1054 days ago

What I Think    

"Chaz" is and will always be a woman. Having herself sexually mutilated by chemical and surgical means doesn't change that fact. And yes. She is a lesbian. Not a transgendered whatever it is she calls herself.

1054 days ago


I don't care about Chaz. She is a non-issue and the only medical intervention she needs is mental help. But the real issue is her dance partner on DWTS. Why should she be made to dance with a woman? Now that's just wrong. She should be getting paid big time for that tomfoolery.

1054 days ago


Become 'more tolerant' of a clearly mentally ill woman who is destroying her life and body? She's an unwelcome freakshow.

1054 days ago

♥TMZ but ...    

If I hear one more time that he is dancing with a woman I am going to scream

what do you expect him to do ???? he is a man now ... get OVER it and let him live the life he wants

1054 days ago

some guy    

I don't know what the big deal is. I think Chaz is gonna be one of the first people voted off. I've seen porto-potties that look more graceful.

1054 days ago


There is absolutely nothing DWTS did right for upcoming season. This will be their last season. They want shock factor well they overdid their lineup and have lost any fans they had acquired previously. You will note all the new dancers on agenda because the normal cast I am sure refused to be a part of the side show. I just find the whole deal pathetic and does not trigger curiosity to even tune in for a peek. This has nothing to do with dancing or talent but falls into the category of just another sickening reality show. I have lost all respect for ABC for allowing show as well as normal cast. I hope sponsors pull their advertising and show gets dropped. I cannot really say anything but it is just sad. This is why I have reverted to listening to radio and avoiding all the unnecessary nonsense public is being subjected to.

1054 days ago

yenny snyder    

REALLY PEOPLE...Don't you have better things to do than bitch about something you can't change anyway..Times are changing..change w/them or be left behind..give Chaz a chance,he may surprise you! I hope you win chaz and make all the bigoted hater's eat crow!!!!

1054 days ago


Exec producer made the wrong call on this decision. Up to now, I found this to be a safe, wholesome program and watched it routinely (somewhat like watching America's Funniest Home Videos). Change the channel. I will.

1054 days ago


Probably fewer people will watch this show. I had read where they were going to try and get bigger stars but don't think this happened.

1054 days ago
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