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Chaz Bono

Too Hot for TV?

9/3/2011 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chaz Bono
has triggered predictable controversy after signing on to do "Dancing with the Stars" -- just as producers hoped. So what will be the fallout? We gotta ask ...


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Sorry but we will no longer watch DWTS. They have stepped beyond the bounderies on this one. I'm sorry for the dancers as this use to be a good show to watch.

1115 days ago


One question you missed. Will Chaz and/or Nancy Grace make me more or less likely to watch? This season's crop of losers and unappealing people will give me more free time in the fall. I can't stand watching either one of these two. It will be like the Chloris Leachman season for me. I just won't be bothered.

1115 days ago


Good thing that DWTS stepped up their game and got "real" stars. What is Chaz a star o****ain?

1115 days ago


Lekilli.....quit making this about minorities and "open your heart Crap !
Somep People are just don't want to see Chaz used and exploited .
You open your mind !

1115 days ago


Make it a trifecta - have Harvey dance also!

1115 days ago


If Chaz were convicted and sentenced for a crime would she/he go to a male or female prison. Just wondering.

1115 days ago

got it like that!!    

Why the hell is Nancy Grace more offensvie than Chaz? All Nancy does is take up for murdered kids! Bunch of dumb people in this world

1115 days ago


I'm for him doing his thing, but lets be honest. To lift a grown woman in the air while dancing requires great upper body strength. Sure female cheerleaders do it all the time but they are in top physical condition. His torso and arms just look fat to me. Unless the doctors were also able to inject some muscles, he probably still has the strength of a fat woman. I wish him well and hope the extra testosterone helps out.

1115 days ago

What I Think    

I have always considered reality tv to be nothing but garbage and Dancing With The Stars is exhibit A.

1115 days ago


Chaz wants "adda****tome" surgery

1115 days ago


Just shove this idiot she/he into a f'g barrel... a BIG barrel and toss it of the end of Niagara Falls.

1115 days ago


It looks like jabba the hut, can't wait to see it dance? LOL

1115 days ago


Let me just say, if they are making laws in California that it is mandatory for LGBT history to be taught in schools and people want Bert and Ernie to be gay and get married, then what is the problem with Chaz Bono being on dancing with the stars. People are going to be intolerant or tolerant. They are going to leave the tv on or they are going to turn it off. There will always be controversy regarding these matters. It's just one ****-hole after another. I for one will try my hardest to teach my children about these issues myself. I don't want people forcing this down their throats and I don't want a pro-gay agenda behind it. My kids will be taught to be open-minded and to make their own choices and opinions. So let him dance with a woman. next thing you know, men will be dancing with men and woman with women. There isn't anybody in this cast this season for me to even turn the channel

1115 days ago


If ABC is guilty of cheap pandering they are encroaching on TMZ and Harvey Levin's territory. Harvey Levin is the King of Cheap pander-ers.

1115 days ago


Once again, how does Chastity's life effect others on here? Somehow, if people are truly losing sleep over another persons decision on how to live their life then they themselves have mental issues. Not the other person. Atleast with Chastity, SHE is about as much of a celebrity as Audrina Patridge, Heidi Montag, Rob, Kardashian, Karson Kressley, Nancy Grace, Kristin Cavallari, and Kate Gosselin. Anyone that you have that is nothing more than a "Reality TV Show" star is not a celebrity. If your not a person that has either been in movies, sports, true television shows...your not a celebrity. Your a reality star and nothing more.

1115 days ago
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