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Rep. Gabrielle Giffords

AZ GOP Auctions Gun Like

The One Used to Shoot Her

9/3/2011 6:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

So far ... this wins craziest story of the weekend ....The Republican Party in Pima County, AZ is raffling off a gun almost identical to the one used to shoot the Congresswoman in that very same county ... Gabrielle Giffords.

The online newsletter (see below) went out last Friday and features on page 3 a chance to win "a Glock 23 .40 handgun for just 10 bucks." But hang on -- if your name is drawn, you don't just win the gun ... you get "three 12-round magazines, adjustable grips, and a case."


A Glock 19 handgun was allegedly used by Jared Loughner in an attack on January 8, 2011 that injured 13 (including Rep. Giffords) and killed six.

Michael McNulty, Giffords' campaign manager, told the Arizona Republic he was "struggling for the words to describe my reaction" to the raffle.

The interim chairman of the Pima County GOP told the paper he was surprised at the reaction, saying Rep. Giffords owned a Glock herself and was an outspoken supporter of the Second Amendment. He explained, "That Glock is no more responsible for those deaths and the congresswoman's injuries than a Number 2 pencil is responsible for cheating on a test."

Translation -- guns don't kill people, people kill people.

Real translation -- This guy doesn't have a clue.

Interim Chairman Mike Shaw told the Arizona Daily Star that the raffle went so well ... they sold a deer rifle too. U-S-A!!!


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Here's my view. No matter where you stand on guns or gun control, this entire raffle seems designed to deliberately fan the flames. Whether or not it is illegal, it IS insensitive in light of the recent tragedy in that area. Worse, it is flat out stupid to be raffling off WEAPONS of any kind--guns, knives, grenades, etc. (Remember that a car--for those who are going to use that lame argument--isn't designed primarily AS a weapon; that's the difference.) I don't know for sure what a weapon like this would cost--although a google search indicates about $500. So, why not raffle off something like an iPad2 instead? More potential ticket buyers, less controversy, etc. (Frankly, I think I know why. They ARE deliberately trying to be controversial, which is pathetic.)

1110 days ago


I would guess this move by the GOP 'backfired'. Yes the gun is somewhat different than the one used in the attempted assassination and yes the raffle is completely legal, but the timing remains insensitive. Keep in mind this gun was raffled not just in the State of Arizona but in the very county Ms. Giffords represents. And the level of insensitivity continues--the announcement of the raffle coincided with a trip home to Tucson by Gabrielle Giffords this Labor Day weekend. The timing is no accident--shame on you GOP, you have no heart.

1110 days ago


Isn't there enough trouble in the world without trying to stir up controversy? This auction has nothing to do with Rep. Giffords. If an individual decides they are going to cause harm to someone they can find any number of ways to do so. It's a matter of morals, respect for life and sanity not objects that could potentially cause harm.

1110 days ago


What doesn't he have a clue about? It's just a gun. If they had a golf club for sale at the auction, would you say "Oh my gosh, that's the same type of golf club that Elin used to to smash Tiger's back window with!!" Just because you are a liberal prick that doesn't beleive in the constitution, that shouldn't allow you to make idiotic comments about guns and gun control.

1110 days ago


You right wing gun/war lovers are a joke. Bush and now the ******gers ruined the world. You make me sick!

1110 days ago

Jack Fosters    

It's just a gun. To protect yourself from the s*** on this earth...

1110 days ago


Its not even the same gun or close to it. Its made by the same manufacturer, that's it. They don't even use the same ammunition. This is a fabricated non-story made up by the media. The story states that the Glock 23 is a 0.40, but then fails to note that the Glock 19 is a 9mm.

1110 days ago


Its not even the same gun or close to it. Its made by the same manufacturer, that's it. They don't even use the same ammunition. This is a fabricated non-story made up by the media. The story states that the Glock 23 is a 0.40, but then fails to note that the Glock 19 is a 9mm.

1110 days ago

Jen O.    

"If guns kill people, pencils misspell words." Taking guns away won't stop bad people from getting them. I hold dearly the United States Constitution.

1110 days ago


This is the dumbest story! The guns aren't alike at all except the brand. Glock makes lots of different guns, the one being auctioned off is a completely different caliber and size. And most new guns when bought come w/ additional magazines and case, etc. And for only $10, wish I lived in Pima county to have a shot at winning it!

1110 days ago


This is stupid, it wasn't the guns fault, is was the idiot in control of the gun. Thats like blaming drunk drivers on cars. The GOP has to stand up for gun owners rights. Remember, to enslave a nation, disarm it's citizens.

1110 days ago


What a bunch of hyprocrites at TMZ. They blame the violence on guns, meanwhile everytime they purchase weed and other drugs, they are contributing to the widespread violence and death caused by the drug cartels.

1110 days ago


If the TMZ staff had their way, the whole world would be Gay, feminine, PETA members that use drugs. Typical California low lifes. What agenda will they push next? Legalization of Beastiality?

1110 days ago


I hope whoever wins the gun still has to have background checks etc..before they take ownership or do they not do that in AZ. Again the right to own a gun is not the issue having it as a prize in a raffle is. Who is to say one of those people you are supposedly protecting yourself from by owning a gun wins the raffle? Another reason for me to stay out of AZ.

1110 days ago


We live in a free country and I guess they can raffle off anything they want..Doesn't mean they should. Shows lack of good judgement and is just plain tacky and tasteless.

1110 days ago
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