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Rep. Gabrielle Giffords

AZ GOP Auctions Gun Like

The One Used to Shoot Her

9/3/2011 6:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

So far ... this wins craziest story of the weekend ....The Republican Party in Pima County, AZ is raffling off a gun almost identical to the one used to shoot the Congresswoman in that very same county ... Gabrielle Giffords.

The online newsletter (see below) went out last Friday and features on page 3 a chance to win "a Glock 23 .40 handgun for just 10 bucks." But hang on -- if your name is drawn, you don't just win the gun ... you get "three 12-round magazines, adjustable grips, and a case."


A Glock 19 handgun was allegedly used by Jared Loughner in an attack on January 8, 2011 that injured 13 (including Rep. Giffords) and killed six.

Michael McNulty, Giffords' campaign manager, told the Arizona Republic he was "struggling for the words to describe my reaction" to the raffle.

The interim chairman of the Pima County GOP told the paper he was surprised at the reaction, saying Rep. Giffords owned a Glock herself and was an outspoken supporter of the Second Amendment. He explained, "That Glock is no more responsible for those deaths and the congresswoman's injuries than a Number 2 pencil is responsible for cheating on a test."

Translation -- guns don't kill people, people kill people.

Real translation -- This guy doesn't have a clue.

Interim Chairman Mike Shaw told the Arizona Daily Star that the raffle went so well ... they sold a deer rifle too. U-S-A!!!


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The REAL translation is that TMZ is clueless and obviously socialist, marxist, fascist, commie bastards who are furthering the agenda of dismantling the constitution of the United States. We have a right to own and buy guns. TMZ you are idiots. Venezuela or China. Stick to your stupid Hollywood news and stop pushing your political views.

1115 days ago


Don't forget, the killer was a DEMOCRAT, not a republican. So Harvey using your logic on this story: All democrats are murderers.

1115 days ago


Harvey, what a stupid story! Now if the rep selling the weapon said in the ad that it was the same model of gun that caused the devastation, I could understand why you printed this story. Selling guns is legal. You are trying to usurp our rights by printing such drivel. You should be ashamed of yourself.

1115 days ago


They are aware she's a DEMOCRAT right?

1115 days ago


Good old internet crazies love their guns. Probably gearing up for the race wars! haha ******* dip**** gun lovers

1115 days ago


This raffle has been going on for years!!! Laughner shot Gifford and killed 6!! not the gun!! if someone puposely ran her over in a Ford truck would it be bad to raffle off Ford trucks? If everybody had guns this would not have happened but if you outlaw guns Laughner would still of had one. Get a clue people!!!

1115 days ago


Really bad taste.

1115 days ago


I'm not sure what's worse - ignorant republicans or internet trolls.

1115 days ago

Mr. X    

I'd like to bring something to LH's attention.

There WAS another gun owner who attempted to stop the carnage, but nearly mistook one of the victims of said carnage for the shooter. Luckily, he didn't make an already bad situation worse.

And THAT should put an end to any simplistic fantasies about how if all of us have guns, we can stop any massacre just like that. It's just another part of living in Idiot America. Which includes some of the comments on this board. And YOU know who you are.

1115 days ago


If guns kill people, then pencils misspell words, cars drive drunk, and spoons make people FAT!!

1115 days ago


Only in America

1115 days ago


Thanks for the liberal retardery TMZ. Glock is one of the most sold guns in the world. Should they stop selling them because some nut job decided to shoot her with one?

1115 days ago


Mexico has tight gun control laws. Guess who's running around with all the guns down there...

1115 days ago


They sold or auctioned a deer rifle? It doesn't make any sense.
This stunt was used to call attentions to the fact that Giffords owns a gun. How do they even know what kind she has unless they went digging. They probably would have done this even if she died.

1115 days ago


wow this is a hysterical stretch

1115 days ago
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