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Rep. Gabrielle Giffords

AZ GOP Auctions Gun Like

The One Used to Shoot Her

9/3/2011 6:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

So far ... this wins craziest story of the weekend ....The Republican Party in Pima County, AZ is raffling off a gun almost identical to the one used to shoot the Congresswoman in that very same county ... Gabrielle Giffords.

The online newsletter (see below) went out last Friday and features on page 3 a chance to win "a Glock 23 .40 handgun for just 10 bucks." But hang on -- if your name is drawn, you don't just win the gun ... you get "three 12-round magazines, adjustable grips, and a case."


A Glock 19 handgun was allegedly used by Jared Loughner in an attack on January 8, 2011 that injured 13 (including Rep. Giffords) and killed six.

Michael McNulty, Giffords' campaign manager, told the Arizona Republic he was "struggling for the words to describe my reaction" to the raffle.

The interim chairman of the Pima County GOP told the paper he was surprised at the reaction, saying Rep. Giffords owned a Glock herself and was an outspoken supporter of the Second Amendment. He explained, "That Glock is no more responsible for those deaths and the congresswoman's injuries than a Number 2 pencil is responsible for cheating on a test."

Translation -- guns don't kill people, people kill people.

Real translation -- This guy doesn't have a clue.

Interim Chairman Mike Shaw told the Arizona Daily Star that the raffle went so well ... they sold a deer rifle too. U-S-A!!!


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just me    

it is the people who have the guns who kill or harm; not the guns themselves who actually kill screw the crazy people who try to do that

1153 days ago


If Gifford had been run over by a Porsche , then yes I would find it tacky for that county to be holding a raffle for one.

1153 days ago


It's sick that Gifford's and those who lost their lives that day have now become weapons to be flung out when the tragedy comes in handy for political war fair.

1153 days ago

John Ramey    

This is the most clueless story ever posted by TMZ. I hate to tell you guys this but, there is more to America than just the coasts. Look on a map sometime and see all the places in "fly over" country that are full of people that might visit this site. Why insult them?

1153 days ago


How is this celebrity news?

1153 days ago


Maybe we should ban all blunt and sharp objects. Get real if all law abiding citizens turned their guns in only the criminals would be armed. That seems like a great solution. I bet when someone breaks in your house and ties your family up and rapes your daughter you'll wish you had a way to defend yourself. Anything can be used to harm others in the hand of a psychopath!

1153 days ago


Yah. Ban guns. That way we become like Mexico WHERE GUNS ARE VERY ILLEGAL!!! Mexico wouldn't be in the mess they are in if the people could defend themselves. Instead, just like it would be in the US, only the bad guys have guns and the good people are left to hope they aren't a target for kidnaping, rape, and murder. Get a clue you hopeless liberal piles of crap! Your 'feel good', 'can't we all get along?' BS has never worked, and never will as long as bad people exist. The guy who shot Giffords was a crazy liberal, and not a tea party member! You guys need to stop watching MTV and pull your heads out of your arses!

1153 days ago


Really TMZ??? The gun didnt shoot Giffords, Jared Loughner did. I own several glocks as well as other handguns, rifles and shotguns. Not once has any of my guns gotten itself out of the safe, driven into town and shot someone. Quit trying to push liberal agendas on the rest of us. I am a law abiding citizen and a gun owner who happens to believe strongly in the 2nd amendment. Remember, An armed society is a free society.

1153 days ago


It was a distasteful fund raiser ... actually kind of stupid, but they're right: People kill people, not guns.

1153 days ago


TMZ, if you bothered to check this isn't new. They have had these auctions with guns before. Plus Giffords being a life long proponent of the right to bear arms owns a glock herself. Try and do some research next time before you and other media just fan the flames.

1153 days ago


Evil Jon: 4 hours ago TeamNadya. You're right, guns kill. But they also protect. Get out of your bubble and see how the world works. Police take 10 minutes to respond if you're lucky and the criminal doesn't mind you making a phone call. It takes 2 seconds to pull out my concealed gun.
And a split second to take an innocent life, just ask Javaris Crittenton, that could have been your mother, son, daughter or other family members he shot and killed, don't you get it? Want to own a gun, fine... keep in your home hidden under lock/key and out of harms way. Take it outside the home and shoot somebody you'll end up just like Javaris Crittenton and so many others like him. That's all I'm saying...

1153 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

as others would chant in response to that: osama! osama! osama!!....

1153 days ago


Glock firearms are among the most popular-selling firearms in the world, due to their reliability and ease-of-maintenance, and are particularly popular among law-enforcement officers (the FBI offers two models to their academy graduates). As a result, I think that it's ridiculous that people are making a big deal about a raffle selling one--particularly when it's not even the same model or caliber (Laughner used a *9mm* Glock 19 and the *local* GOP is raffling off a *.40 caliber* Glock 23).

People angry at the local GOP are reacting in a knee-jerk fashion or they are so easily politically manipulated that they'll get outraged over anything remotely innocuous. If Laughner used a Sony or HP laptop to stalk Giffords and the GOP auctioned one "just like the one Laughner used", they could probably be manipulated into complaining about that.

What people forget is that one of the individuals that Laughner *killed* that day was John Roll, a serving *Federal District Judge and conservative Republican*. As such, the GOP was hurt even more than the DNC, if people could be bothered to think about it. Of course, people rarely think--which is why someone can write a nonsensical article like this one and get people acting outraged over a fund-raising raffle.

1153 days ago


Any person who has a problem with this is a complete moron.

1153 days ago


Evil Jon, I just want to say I truly see your side in this gun protection thing, I do. But when I think of guns all I see is senseless death and lots of grievers. That innocent young woman Javaris Crittenton shot had 4 small children that has to grow up without her, because someone decided to take the law into their own hands, buy a gun and take it out of their home and onto the streets, firing it at someone, missing and shooting an innocent bystander. How fair is that? Just think about that for a moment.

1153 days ago
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